We Might Just Be

18: It Isn’t A Trick

“Imelda” Gerard mused as he padded through the hotel lobby. It was still early, after troubled night’s sleep, Gerard had escorted Cesc to the room that they would use to get ready before he had left him there, a little desperate to see his own girlfriend. It was stupid, it had barely been 10 hours since he had seen her last, but he just wanted a little look to get him through the morning. It was bound to be a long day and Gerard doubted that Imelda would be able to relax until she was sure that everything had gone off without a hitch.

Imelda, who had been directing the florist, turned at the sound of her name, smiling a little at Gerard who had moved to weave his way into the reception room. “What are you doing down here?” she poked as she padded towards him, greeting him a gentle kiss “I thought you would be ensuring that Cesc doesn’t run off” she added, offering him a teasing smile.

“I have his sister babysitting him right now” Gerard returned “I just wanted to see you before it all got started. I know today is a big day for you too and I don’t want to get in the way” he added, his arms gently wrapping around her waist as his eyes marveled at her.

Imelda shook her head. “Once it is all set up, I will be relieved. I just hope that it all goes alright for Lia and Cesc” she noted, cuddling into him a little more. It was silly, but with him not beside her the night before, she had struggled to get off to sleep and it had left her a little tired, something which his hug was helping to alleviate.

“I am sure it will be fine” Gerard murmured as he rested his chin against the top of her head “You’ve done a remarkable job with all this planning in such a short time and, even if something does go a little awry, I will still be immensely proud of you” he murmured.

Imelda blushed a little and leant back slightly, pulling out of their embrace. “You’re proud of me?” she poked.

Gerard nodded. “Of course I am” he noted as though it was the most obvious thing in the world “You’ve done amazingly” he added with a smile.

Imelda’s blush darkened a little. She couldn’t quite remember the last time someone had said they were proud of her.

Gerard noted the look on her face and shook his head, kissing her lightly. “You’re fantastic, Miss Torres, and I am sure the day will go perfectly” he noted as he felt his phone buzz against his leg “I have to get back to the groom, but I will see you at the altar later right?” he teased.

Imelda giggled and nodded her head, pulling him into a light kiss before she heard Cesc’s sister’s voice moving towards them. “You should go and keep an eye on him” she noted.

Gerard nodded. “Sadly, I must, but you need to promise that once the ceremony is over, I have you all to myself” he noted.

Imelda nodded. “I promise” she smiled.

Gerard grinned back at her before he sped out of the room, greeting Cesc’s sister in the hall way.

“Do I look alright?” Thalia fussed as she stood just outside of the room where the ceremony would take place, her hands nervously running over her wedding dress. She was scared, Imelda had been trying to calm her down all morning, but she was sure that things would go perfectly for her older sister. She had already seen Cesc and Gerard stood at the top of the aisle and knew that there was nothing to be worried about, she looked stunning and was sure to take away the breath of her soon-to-be husband.

“Thalia, you look perfect” Imelda mused “Cesc will be bowled over when he sees you” she added.

“Are you sure?” Thalia replied.

“Lia, you’re stunning and I am sure every man in the room will be envious of Cesc for getting to marry you” Imelda mused gently.

Thalia quirked a little nervous smile before she shook her head. “One man won’t be” she mused.

Imelda frowned. “What are you talking about?” she posed, her eyes glancing over to the colleague of hers that she had put in charge of timings. It surely wasn’t to be long before the wedding procession started.

“You boyfriend” Thalia noted “He will be looking at you every second you are in sight” she noted.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “I cannot believe that on your wedding day, you still want to fuss over me and him” she mused, a little sarcastically and a little embarrassedly.

“It settles me down” Thalia noted with an impish shrug.

Imelda looked at her sister before she heard her colleague call for the start of the ceremony, something caused her to kiss Thalia’s cheek. “Congratulations, Lia” she murmured “You’re marrying a lovely man and I am so happy for you. I can only hope that this day is good enough” she rambled.

Thalia kissed her cheek in return and nodded. “Little sister, it already is” she cooed before she dismissed her, moving to find their father. Imelda watched after her sister before she took the bouquet of flowers that was being held out to her, starting her way up the aisle.

Padding up the aisle, she scanned the crowd briefly before she flicked her eyes up towards the front of the room, her stomach jumping at the sight of Gerard who looked remarkably dapper in his navy suit as he looked straight back at her, quirking a little smile that made her cheeks warm.

“It is my pleasure, as the best man, to introduce to you for the very first time as husband and wife, Thalia and Cesc Fabregas” Gerard grinned as he stood on the stage ahead of the band, a glass of champagne clutched in his hand. It had been a beautiful ceremony, Cesc and Thalia had looked utterly perfect together, and it made Gerard a little envious. They had found each other and, although he was with Imelda, he couldn’t help but wonder if he would ever marry.

Offering the couple a little smile, he padded off the stage and allowed the band to start playing to commence the first dance. Gerard watched them briefly before he padded over to Imelda, his arms wrapping around her waist as she watched her newly married sister dance. “They look so happy” she murmured with a little look up at him.

Gerard nodded. “I think I would be happy too if I had just married the love of my life” he noted gently.

“Do you think about marriage?” she posed.

“Why? Are you going to propose?” he teased, earning a little eye roll from his girlfriend.

“Seriously, Gerard, have you ever thought about marriage?” she posed.

Gerard smiled. “Of course I have, I am just waiting on the right girl” he noted, pressing a little kiss to her temple.

“Do you think you will find her?” Imelda posed interestedly.

Gerard smiled against her temple. “Nena, I may have already found her” he whispered, causing her to look up at him with a little frown on her face.

“What did you just say?” she murmured.

Gerard shrugged. “I said I may have already found the right girl” he noted, his face innocent.

Imelda looked at him, her face contorted as though she was attempting to figure something out, a sight that made Gerard chuckle. “Don’t hurt yourself, Immy” he teased “It isn’t supposed to be a trick statement” he added.

“What are you saying?” she posed.

“Imelda” Gerard murmured “I am trying to say that I love you” he added, a coy smile on his face as he watched Thalia and Cesc finish their dance, something which meant he and Imelda were due to join them.

“You what?” Imelda whispered, trying to wrap her head around what he had just admitted.

“I. Love. You” Gerard enunciated cheekily before he took her hand, leading her onto the dancefloor.

Imelda followed along with him, but still frowned, her heart racing at the words he had said to her.

Gerard chuckled at the look on her face and pressed a kiss to her cheek. “Imelda, it isn’t hard to understand. I liked you and then, somewhere between the fake relationship we had and the wonderful nights I have spent in your bed, I fell for you. It is kind of how these relationship things are supposed to go” he grinned.

“I know that” Imelda replied, following him as he began to dance with her “I just don’t understand…”

“If you say ‘why you’ then I am going to walk away right now” he interjected with a smile “Immy, you’re fantastic and I don’t want to hear you question it. I fell for you, nobody else” he quipped.

Imelda nodded her head slightly before she looked up at him, a tiny smile on her face that was barely noticeable. “I love you” she murmured.

Gerard nodded. “Oh, I know that” he noted with a wide grin.

Imelda scoffed. “How?” she posed.

Gerard smiled and leant a little closer to her ear. “I just do” he noted lowly.

Imelda laughed and hit his shoulder before she hugged him close.

Gerard hugged her back and shook his head. He could only hope that it kept working for them.
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