We Might Just Be

02: Ditched

“Remind me why we are having a celebratory dinner without Cesc?” Imelda quipped as she peeked up at her sister, her green eyes watching as Thalia smoothed out the pretty grey dress she wore. It had been a few days since Cesc had proposed and, as she had promised, Thalia had arrived in Barcelona to commence the planning of her wedding with her sister. Imelda was still a little surprised, she had always thought that Thalia would be the type of girl to drag out her engagement, but she had been insistent. She wanted to be married to Cesc before the start of the next football season and had decided that June was the perfect time for a wedding.

“Because he is still playing for Chelsea” Thalia quipped as she turned to put on her shoes “And for the hundredth time, it isn’t a celebratory dinner. It is me, you, and the best man getting together to start planning” she added, her eyes glancing back at Imelda slightly. She was wary, Imelda had never appreciated people messing around with her love life, but Cesc had managed to convince her that it would be good for her little sister. Imelda was shy, she wasn’t the most girly girl either, and Thalia only wanted to see her happy, something she could easily be with Gerard. She hadn’t spent a great deal of time with him, her friends and Cesc’s friends had always been largely kept separate, but she knew that he was a good man and that he would treat Imelda right if they got it together. He was a sweetheart and would have Imelda swooning in moments if he wanted to.

“Why are we taking the best man?” Imelda quipped.

“Because Cesc asked us to” Thalia replied “He wants Gerard to feel involved. The poor guy has just been through a tough break up and Cesc wants to make it easy on him” she explained.

Imelda nodded. “Alright” she noted “But if he gets on my nerves, I get one free hit of your fiancé” she warned.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “He’s a nice guy, Immy” she quipped, peeking down at her watch.

“I am sure he is” Imelda returned “But I am not going to listen to him mope about his ex. I haven’t got the energy to force a smile and nod” she quipped.

Thalia rolled her eyes. Sometimes Imelda had a habit of getting in her own way.

“Gerard” Thalia smiled as she spotted the defender “You made it” she added, greeting him with a slightly awkward hug.

“Cesc told me that I had to” Gerard grumbled as he returned Thalia’s hug. He didn’t want to be there, if he had had his way, he would have merely turned up for the wedding day and nothing else, but Cesc had been insistent. He wanted the defender involved for reasons that were beyond Gerard and the defender hadn’t put up much of a fight. Cesc’s wedding was about the midfielder and Thalia and Gerard just wanted to make it a good one. Cesc and Thalia deserved that.

Thalia shook her head a little before she pulled away, allowing Gerard a glance at Imelda who stood behind her. She was a pretty girl, her soft black hair fell around her face and down to her shoulders in gentle waves that made Gerard itch to touch it, her green eyes were soft and curious, and for a moment, Gerard didn’t quite know what to do with himself. It had been a while since he had been near a pretty girl that he didn’t know to be married or dating one of his teammates. Thalia noted the look on Gerard’s face and smiled. She knew that look well.

“Geri, this is Imelda, my little sister and the maid of honor” Thalia grinned.

Gerard nodded. “Hola” he quipped, reaching his hand out to the dark haired girl.

Imelda, who had been staring at her feet, looked up, her eyes widening a fraction when she noticed the face of the man ahead of her. “H…Hola” she stammered out. She felt like an idiot, stammering was something she had gotten over when she was younger, but just one look at Gerard’s face had brought it back. He was remarkably handsome and that unsettled Imelda slightly.

“We should get to our table” Thalia mused as she stared between the pair, a tiny smile playing on her lips.

Gerard nodded. “We should” he quipped before he pulled the door open, allowing Thalia and Imelda to pass through before he followed, his blue eyes still working their way down Imelda’s petite frame.

“So, we were thinking June 15th for a wedding date” Thalia mused as she picked at her starter, her brown eyes flicking between the others who both sat quietly at her side, chewing on their food. She thought it was cute, Imelda’s shyness and Gerard’s apparent uncertainty, and she could only hope that they figure it out. They would be good together, she knew they would be, and she could only hope that they would figure it out with a little help. She wanted her baby sister happy and knew for a fact that Cesc wanted the same thing for Gerard.

“That sounds nice” Imelda murmured, her eyes glued to her bowl of soup.

Thalia smiled a little before she heard her phone buzz, something which made her smile. “I have to take this” she commented as she picked up her bag “You two should talk whilst I go outside” she added before she skittered away.

Gerard watched after her before he turned his eyes to Imelda, offering her a slightly restricted smile. “I wonder who called” he murmured, his voice a little uncertain.

Imelda shook her head. “There was no one” she commented “My sister had set an alarm to go off so that she could ditch us” she added.

Gerard frowned. “She ditched us?” he posed.

Imelda nodded.

“Why?” he poked, leaning forwards slightly.

Imelda swallowed a little before she lifted her head, her stomach twitching nervously as she met Gerard’s stare. She didn’t know what it was about him, she had met other men just as handsome before, but with him around her, Imelda couldn’t quite focus, something she already knew she didn’t like. “I…I think we may have been played” she stumbled out.

“Played?” Gerard poked, his head tilting.

“I think between my sister and Cesc, they concocted a plan. They seem…they seem to want to set me up with you” she murmured before she looked back down at her feet.

Gerard frowned. “This is a date?” he poked.

Imelda nodded. “It would appear so. Thalia’s not coming back, she took the keys” she added.

Gerard thought for a second before he shook his head, wordlessly vowing to kill Cesc the next time he saw him. “I will drive you home” he insisted, moving to climb out of his chair.

Imelda looked at him before she nodded. “Gracias” she quipped.

Gerard shook his head. He wasn’t going to be set up on a date with a girl that seemingly didn’t want to be there.
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