We Might Just Be

20: Without A Fight

Stirring a little, Gerard wrinkled his nose, his ears doused by the sound of his phone ringing. It was early, too early on a Sunday morning for his phone to be ringing, but he doubted he could just ignore it. Someone clearly wanted to talk to him and he didn’t want the phone call waking Imelda up. It was the first morning in a couple of weeks where she had just been asleep beside him and he didn’t want her disturbed. She looked contented and he liked that look on her face. Yawning slightly, he took his phone from the bedside table and padded into the hall, resting against the wall outside. “Hola?” he mumbled sleepily.

“Gerard, it is 10am, why do you sound like you just rolled out of bed?” his mother inquired, something which made him sigh.

“Madre, to what do I owe the pleasure of your call this morning?” he mused.

His mother gave a little laugh. “It has been weeks since we have spoken” she noted “And even longer since I saw you last. Your father and I were hoping you would join us for dinner today” she explained.

Gerard sighed. He and Imelda had had plans to spend the day doing nothing. “Ma, do I have to?” he grumbled.

“Gerard, we would like to see you at some point” his mother replied “Why do you not want to come?” she added.

“I sort of had plans” he muttered.

Montserrat let out a small knowing sound. “Your girlfriend?” she posed.

Gerard felt his cheeks warm. “You know about her?” he murmured.

“Gerard, sweetheart, you have been in magazines with her, though other than that she is quite pretty, I don’t know anything about her. Why don’t you bring her to dinner?” she posed.

“Ma, we have only been dating for two months” he murmured “I don’t want to scare her off” he added.

“Gerard, we’re not going to go out of our way to make her uncomfortable. Bring her to dinner, your father and I would love to see her” she noted before she hung up the phone, making Gerard sigh gently. He knew that it was going to happen, he and Imelda were quite serious and were only going to more so, but still it made him nervous. His parents didn’t go out of their way to cause problems for him, but still he worried. Imelda was perfect through his but there was simply no gauging how his parents would react to her.

Staring at his phone, he swallowed a little before he padded back into Imelda’s bedroom, noting her sat up in the bed. “You were asleep when I left” he noted.

Imelda nodded. “I was, but you don’t exactly have a quiet voice and you were outside of the door” she noted, offering him a wide grin “Who was on the phone?” she added.

“My mother” he replied “She wanted to invite me over for dinner” he added.

Imelda nodded. “You going?” she quipped.

Gerard sighed. “We’re going” he admitted gently.

“We?” she teased “Did I just get the formal invitation to meet your parents?” she noted.

“Yes” Gerard replied “Why are you so calm about that?” he added.

Imelda giggled gently and climbed out of her bed, pressing a small kiss to his cheek as she moved to walk past him “Because I love you” she quipped over her shoulder.

“We could just go home” Gerard murmured as he held Imelda’s hand tightly. He was nervous, the idea of his parents disliking the girl he was so taken with made him feel a little sick. He adored Imelda and didn’t quite know what he would do if his mother and father didn’t.

“We could, but then I would look bad, not you” Imelda commented, her hand little tapping the door ahead of them.

“We could tell them you were sick” Gerard suggested “Or that something came up” he added.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “We’re going to be fine. Do you think your parents will dislike me or something?” she asked.

“No, of course I don’t, you’re lovely, but they are parents. They are never normally rational in this sort of situation” he rambled.

“Is that so, Gerard?” Montserrat quipped as she looked at her son.

“Mama” he bumbled out “I was just explaining…”

“That parents aren’t rational? I heard, mi hijo” she commented with a grin.

“You must be Gerard’s mother” Imelda commented, a pleasant smile on her face.

Montserrat nodded her head and smiled, her eyes scanning up and down the petite girl’s frame. “Montserrat” she noted, her hand reaching out ahead of her.

Imelda shook it. “Imelda Torres” she noted.

“Well, it is nice to finally meet you Imelda. My son apparently has tried to keep you a secret from us” the older woman teased.

“He’s not the greatest secret keeper” Imelda played along.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I am going to hate this aren’t I?” he muttered.

Imelda giggled. “Probably” she grinned before she followed Montserrat into her home.

“This one is of Gerard on his first birthday” Montserrat cooed as she handed the photograph over to Imelda who grinned at the sight of it. It had been a nice day, even despite Gerard’s hesitations, and he was pleased by how well his parents had adapted to Imelda. They appeared smitten with her and he knew that only boded well for them.

“Aw, he’s so cute” Imelda giggled “whose idea was the little sailor’s outfit?” she added, causing Gerard to roll his eyes.

“Mama, you promised, not stupid pictures of me” he whined.

Montserrat shook her head. “It isn’t stupid, it’s cute” she defended “And, he loved wearing that outfit” Montserrat added, smiling at Imelda.

Imelda grinned back at her before Joan stepped into the room, a tray of coffee in his hands. “How are you embarrassing our son now?” he poked.

“I am not embarrassing him” Montserrat noted.

“I beg to differ” Gerard returned.

“She is showing me some of his baby pictures, something I know my mother is itching to do the next time I take him over to dinner” Imelda smiled.

“He’s met your parents?” Montserrat noted.

“Yes” Imelda noted “My sister is married to his best friend” she added.

“You’re Lia’s sister? That is why you look so familiar” Joan announced.

Imelda nodded. “She’s my big sister, one of three older siblings that I have” she explained.

“You’re the baby?” Montserrat posed.

Imelda nodded. “I am the youngest by 3 years” she noted.

Montserrat smiled at her before she turned back to her photos, handing yet another relatively embarrassing one of her son over to his girlfriend.

Joan, who was watching the little scene, gently patted his son on the shoulder. “She’s a good one” he noted.

Gerard nodded. “I know” he replied.

“You make sure you keep hold of her. I have not seen your mother so smitten by any of your last ones” he added.

Gerard smiled sheepishly and nodded his head. “I know, papa, I don’t intend on letting her go without a fight” he enthused gently.

Joan nodded and patted his son’s shoulder before he padded over to the sofa, joining his wife and Imelda.

Gerard looked at the scene ahead of him and shook his head, not quite sure why he had worried.