We Might Just Be

22: I’d Do It For You

Pulling her hair brush through her dark hair, Imelda swallowed a little, her stomach still turning at the thought of Shakira being pregnant. She knew that she had to talk to Gerard, even if the baby wasn’t his, she needed to make him aware that there was a chance that it could be, but still the notion unsettled her. She adored him, she had done for over two months and the thought of sharing him with Shakira, and latterly with a baby, worried her. She had always assumed that if a baby was born whilst they were together, then she would be their mother, not Gerard’s remarkably pretty ex-girlfriend, something which was bound to cause complications.

Imelda wanted Gerard happy, and if the baby was his, she wanted him to know it, but she was scared. Gerard had never denied that Shakira leaving had hurt him and Imelda was concerned that the baby would only serve as a connection to the woman that she couldn’t be sure that Gerard didn’t love any more, something which almost certainly spelt the end of anything that she and Gerard had.

“Amor?” Gerard murmured as he padded into the bedroom, his blue eyes glancing over at her “Why are you up here? I thought we were going to watch that documentary that you wanted to see?” he added, a small frown on his face. There was something on Imelda’s mind, she hadn’t been herself since they had had lunch with Cesc and Thalia, and the defender couldn’t help but be a little curious about it. Imelda had been quiet and he didn’t like it for a second.

“I was just feeling an early night” Imelda mused, setting her hair brushed down.

“You could have told me that” Gerard mused “I would have got ready for bed too so that we could cuddle” he added with a wide grin. Imelda tried to return it, but Gerard noted the smile as fake immediately, something which made him shake his head. “Immy, what the heck is going on with you today?” he whispered “You barely spoke to Cesc and Lia at lunch and since we have gotten back here, you’ve been distant with me. Is this about me having to go to work this morning?” he posed.

Imelda shook head. “You’ve not done anything wrong” she returned softly “But I do need to talk to you about something” she added, her green eyes shyly looking up at him.

“You can talk to me about anything, Immy, you should know that by now” he replied as he padded over to her, his arms gently enveloping her frame in a warm hug.

Imelda swallowed gently before she took a pace backwards, her eyes meeting with his. “I saw Shakira today” she murmured shyly “She was at the restaurant where we had lunch and she was looking at me funny, but that isn’t important. Gerard, when she stood up, she had a bump” she murmured, tears stinging her eyes.

Gerard frowned. “A bump?” he posed.

“A pregnancy bump, Geri, and a fairly sizeable one at that. She looked easily 4 or 5 months gone and that is why I had to tell you. Gerard, she could be…”

“It isn’t mine” the defender interjected.

Imelda stiffened. “What?” she quipped.

“Shakira’s baby isn’t mine” Gerard repeated “If she is four or five months gone, then there is simply no way that it is mine. We hadn’t had sex in months before we broke up, at least seven months” he explained.

Imelda looked at him. “You…?” she mumbled.

“Immy, my relationship with Shakira fell apart at the seams. She started to travel more for concerts and television work and showed very little interest in me and her having sex for months before she walked out on me. We hadn’t slept together for over seven months, but I learned to cope with it because I was so besotted with her. Imelda, there is no way in hell that any baby she is carrying right now is mine” he explained, his hands gently cupping her cheeks.

Imelda sniffed, hating that it had made her worry and cry.

Gerard smiled at her gently and pressed a little kiss to her forehead. “You’re sweet for worrying” he murmured “A lot of girls wouldn’t have even contemplated telling me that my ex was pregnant, but you did and that, in a nutshell, is why I love you so very much” he whispered, tucking her dark hair behind her ear “Why did you tell me?” he murmured.

Imelda cuddled into him a little and sighed. “Because I thought it was your baby” she murmured.

Gerard chuckled. “I had gathered that” he teased “But even with that thought, other girls wouldn’t have told me, so why did you?” he posed, kissing the side of her face gently.

“Because a baby deserves to know their dad and I wasn’t going to be the reason that Shakira’s didn’t. I had my padre growing up and he, along with my madre, was the biggest influence on me and my life. I would love for every baby to have the same sort of thing and if Shakira’s baby was yours, I would have learned to deal with it because I would have wanted them to have their papa, even if it did mean sharing you with her and the baby. I would have done it for you and that baby” she explained.

Gerard shook his head. “You’re really amazing” he murmured, the widest smile on his face.

Imelda shook her head. “I am not” she muttered “I spent the whole day freaking out about this when, if I had just told you, you could have set my mind at ease. I am stupid” she muttered.

Gerard smiled at her and kissed her gently, steering her softly towards the bed where she landed with a little thump. “You, Immy, are easily the most fantastic human that I have ever met” he rambled, dropping kisses over her face and neck “You told me about your worries, about a problem you saw for me, and that makes me feel as though we really are going to make this whole thing work” he mused, his hand reaching for the bottom of her pajama shirt and pulling it easily over her head. “I love you, Immy, to the moon and back” he added softly.

Imelda giggled shyly and leant up, weaving her fingers into his dark hair, “I love you too” she whispered gently before Gerard kissed her once more, admiring just how wonderful a girl he had chosen to fall in love with. It was a big deal to him, that she had told him about her fears, and he couldn’t help but love her just a little more for it. A lot of people would have ignored it or lied and he was pleased that Imelda hadn’t.
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