We Might Just Be

24: I Swear

“So, how long do you think we will be waiting until you take a wife, Piqué?” Jordi Alba noted, nudging the defender’s ribs playfully. It had been a little while since the barbeque had gotten underway and the topic of conversation had moved to relationships, more specifically, Gerard and Imelda’s relationship, something which made the defender shake his head. He knew they were curious, a lot of people were about Imelda who had attempted to keep largely hidden in their 3 month relationship, but he didn’t like talking about it for a moment. Imelda was his girlfriend, he loved her, and that should have been more than satisfactory to his friends who, when they wanted to be, could be like a bunch of gossipy old ladies.

“I am not taking a wife, Jordi” he replied.

Jordi grinned. “Not right now you’re not, but I would like to know a time scale so that I can find the right suit” he teased, making a few of the other guys chuckle.

“Well, how about, it is none of your business?” Gerard quipped back, his eyes glaring up at the other man.

Jordi put his hands up. “It was merely a question, Gerard” he noted “Anyone who looks at you can tell just how besotted you are with Imelda” he added, a more earnest tone in his voice.

Gerard nodded. “I love her” he admitted gently “But that doesn’t mean I am going to get down on one knee tomorrow. We’re still young, I am not 30 for a couple of years yet and Imelda’s only 24. We can afford to wait” he reasoned softly.

“Do you see that with her?” Thomas Vermaelen quipped, his eyes looking at the other defender.

Gerard rested back in his seat a little and peered over the garden, his blue eyes landing on Imelda who was talking happily with Anna and Antonella. “I see a lot with her” he admitted gently “More than I saw with other girls, but I also know better than to jump in and freak her out. She’s special and I kind of want to keep her close for a while before I start getting bigger ideas” he noted.

“Aww” Jordi grinned “The big lump has feelings” he teased, causing Gerard to punch his shoulder as the others laughed.

“Gerard” Lionel mused as he padded out of the house and back towards the grill “Shakira has just showed up. I think one of the younger girls let her in and I am pretty sure she is here to bother you” he announced.

Gerard frowned. “Why would she want to do that?” he muttered “We broke up months ago” he added.

Lionel shrugged. “I don’t know, but just beware OK?” he noted

Gerard nodded his head, thanking Lionel lowly before he moved to turn back to the other, stopping as Shakira padded towards them. “Gerard” she enthused as she skittered up to him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Shakira, why are you here?” he murmured.

“Can I answer that in private?” she replied.

Gerard shook his head. “No” he muttered “I would rather stay here and I would rather you left” he added.

“Gerard” Shakira whimpered “Please, I just want to talk to you” she added.

“Shakira, we broke up 4 months ago. If you had wanted to talk to me, you could have done it then, but I am not interested right now. I am trying to enjoy a day with my friends and my girlfriend” he mused, stressing the last word for emphasis. He didn’t like it, the idea of her reappearing, and he couldn’t help but think it all seemed a little too coincidental. Shakira’s reappearance in his life seemed perfectly timed with his relationship with Imelda going from strength to strength and he didn’t like it for a second.

Shakira sighed and peeked down at her feet, murmuring something undecipherable.

“What did you just say?” Gerard muttered.

“I said I miss you” she muttered.

Gerard scoffed and shook his head in disbelief. “You miss me?” he spat.

“Gerard, I made a mistake…”

“You made more than one” Gerard interjected with a derisory shake of his head. “You cheat on me, fall pregnant, dump me and now you show up here to try and make some sort of play for me? What do you think I am? Some kind of idiot?” he hissed.


“It is done, Shakira” Gerard muttered, cutting her off once more “I have moved on with my life, I am happy with it and I am not about to risk it for you. You had your chance with me and now it is over with. Good luck with the baby” he added before he stepped past her, moving towards the spot where Imelda had been sitting.

“He left me” Shakira whimpered.

Gerard stopped briefly and looked at her. “What?” he muttered.

“Jonathan, the man I…”

“Cheated with” he muttered “He left” he finished.

Shakira nodded, something which made a sour grin appear on his face. “And you thought I would just jump in and pick up the pieces?” he posed sharply.


“Goodbye Shakira” Gerard muttered before he sped away, leaving her stood tearfully behind him.

“I can’t believe she had the audacity to show up here” Antonella muttered as she paced the kitchen, her eyes glancing briefly at Imelda who was mutedly sipping on a cocktail “I mean, they broke up months ago and then she just shows up? Who does that?” she ranted.

Imelda listened to her friend and shook her head, trying to ignore the little twitch that her stomach gave at the thought of Gerard being near Shakira.

“Immy?” Anna posed.

Imelda lifted her head. “Huh?” she poked.

“You OK?” Anna enquired.

Imelda nodded. “Fine” she noted “I mean, why wouldn’t I be? My lovely boyfriend is outside talking to his remarkably stunning ex, what girl doesn’t love that as an idea?” she poked, her voice twitching a little with sarcasm.

“My girl doesn’t”

Imelda’s eyes closed slightly at the sound of Gerard’s voice.

“Either that, or her sarcastic voice is very similar to her happy voice” Gerard continued, padding further into the room.

Imelda sighed. “Anna, Antonella could you give us a moment?” she mused, her eyes looking at her friends who nodded sympathetically.

Gerard watched them out of the door before he stepped up behind Imelda, wrapping his arms around her. “Why did you run off?” he muttered, kissing her shoulder softly.

“Why did your ex-girlfriend show up at a party she wasn’t invited too?” she murmured in return, her eyes closing gently as she felt his lips move across the skin that was bare apart from the straps of her swimsuit.

“I asked you first” Gerard replied “Im, I have never given any sort of indication that I want her back, so why did you run off? Did you think I was going to start making out with her or something?” he murmured, scattering kisses across her soft skin.

Imelda’s breath hitched. “I am insecure” she mumbled breathily.

“Why?” Gerard pressed, biting down slightly on the space between her neck and shoulder, earning a small whimper.

“It is my turn to ask a question” she replied “What did she want, Gerard?” she posed.

“To make a play for me” he admitted softly.

Imelda’s stomach turned.

Gerard noted a sudden stiffness about her and shook his head, gently turning her so that they stood face to face. “Im, I don’t want her” he mused, his eyes staring into hers “I want you and no matter how hard she tries, she isn’t going to change my mind about it. I love you” he whispered.

“But you were so upset when you two broke up” Imelda reasoned.

“So would you be if you broke up someone after 5 years” he replied “It hurts, but when you meet someone else, someone better for you, you forget about it. Imelda, I want you” he smiled, his hand gently tugging at the pins in her hair, letting it fan around her pretty face.

Imelda nibbled on her lip for a second before she sighed. “What if she tries again?” she muttered.

“Then the answer will still be the same. She broke up with me and I struggle to see why her mind would have changed other than the fact that she is going to have a baby that is seemingly not going to have a papa. Im, I swear, no matter what she does, I will still pick you” he whispered.

Imelda sighed. “Gerard…”

“No” he muttered “I don’t want to hear whatever line you are about to give me. You can give me the choice 100 times Immy and I will still pick you over and over again until you have no choice but to believe me” he noted with a little laugh.

Imelda smiled at the sound of it. “I am…”

“No saying you are sorry either. Neither of us were wrong” he noted before he pressed a little kiss to her lips “Now, we have a party to get back to and I for one am a little desperate for a swim. Would you join me?” he posed, twisting his fingers in with hers.

Imelda blushed. “You just want to see me in the pool, don’t you?” she quipped shyly.

Gerard offered her a small nonchalant shrug. “Perhaps” he quipped “Or perhaps I just want to spend a little time with you” he added “Either way, get that cute little butt of yours out of the door” he grinned before he slapped it lightly, something which made Imelda giggle.

She should never have doubted him.
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