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25: What About Me?

“Why do you have to be away right now? My next meeting isn’t for another week and I was sort of looking forwards to spending a little time with you” Imelda complained softly as she rested her head back against her pillow, her phone cradled gently against her ear. She didn’t like it, with Gerard on international duty with Spain out in Macedonia, she hadn’t seen him in a while and she was starting to get a little bored, even if she didn’t want to admit it aloud, she had run out of work to do or people to bother. It was a little stupid, she had seen him a few days previous when Spain had played Slovenia in Madrid, but she kind of missed him. His infectious personality and insistence that they always be doing something would have been welcome to Imelda who had a week before she started planning her next event.

“I do not control UEFA scheduling, Immy” Gerard chuckled in return “They’ve had this game booked since the draw was made, but it is only a little while longer. I ought to be home in the next few days” he explained.

“That doesn’t help my boredness levels right now, Gerard” Imelda returned.

“Aww, you’re bored without me” he teased.

“I am bored. You being here is not relevant to that” Imelda returned, rolling her eyes.

Gerard chuckled. “Nena, it is OK to say you miss me. I am quite great and therefore you should miss me when I am not there” he noted, arrogance spilling off of his words.

Imelda shook her head. “Do you say these things to other people or is it just me?” she quipped.

“You’re the special one, Immy” he noted “I save my best lines for you” he teased.

Imelda went to retort, but stopped as she heard the doorbell ring, something which made her sigh. “As much as I love speaking to you when you get like this, I have to get the door, so I will call you after the match tonight” she explained.

Gerard hummed in agreement before he murmured a small ‘love you’, something which made Imelda bite her lip. She couldn’t get over the butterflies that filled her stomach whenever he said it to her. Smiling a little, she returned the words before she placed the phone down, quickly gathering a light jump from the side before she padded down the stairs, pulling the door open to Thalia who smiled at her.

“Lia?” Imelda mused “What on earth are you doing here? I thought you were next coming over for my birthday next month?” she posed gently. She was pleased to see her sister, as annoying as she could be, Imelda loved being around Thalia, but she was a little caught off guard. She had expected that the next time she saw her older sister would be at the end of October when she turned 25.

Thalia smiled. “I know, but something happened and I would like to talk to you about something, something which would have been wildly inappropriate over the phone” she explained, trying to keep the little quiver out of her voice.

Imelda noted it and frowned. “Lia, do you want to come and sit down?” she poked.

Thalia nodded her head and skittered over the threshold, quickly making a beeline for the small table that sat in Imelda’s kitchen.

Imelda watched her sister and frowned, taking the seat opposite her. “Lia, what the heck is going on? You were fine last week when I spoke to you on the phone” she noted.

Thalia nodded. “That was before I found out” she sniffled.

“Found out what? Is Cesc cheating on you? If he is I will have Gerard…”

“I can’t have children” Thalia interjected, causing her sister to stop talking “We’ve been trying for over a year now and we went to see our doctor last week. He explained that whilst we have all the components to make a baby, I do not have a womb capable of housing it” she explained.

Imelda swallowed. “Lia, I am so sorry” she whispered.

Thalia sighed. “Me too” she murmured “But I needed to tell someone and I thought no one would be better that my little sister” she added, reaching out and squeezing Imelda’s hand.

Imelda squeezed back and smiled weakly, trying to offer some sort of comfort to her older sister. “Have you thought about what you want to do next?” she posed softly.

Thalia nodded. “We’re going to start looking at surrogates. We still want a baby and, even though it will be hard watching some other woman be pregnant with them, it is the way we think is best” she explained.

Imelda nodded. “Have you got anyone in mind?” she poked.

Thalia shrugged. “We were going to start looking at brochures and conducting interviews in the next few months” she explained gently.

Imelda nodded her head a little. “What if I did it?” she whispered.

Thalia stiffened. “What?” she squeaked.

“I would have to have medical tests and I would certainly have to talk it over with Gerard, but what if I was the surrogate, Lia? What if I carried the baby for you?” she explained, her green eyes looking nervily over at her sister who looked dumbfounded by the mere idea.

“Y…you?” she stammered.

Imelda nodded her head shyly. “I would like to” she noted.

“But you would be giving up 9 months of your life” Thalia protested.

“To ensure that my sister and her husband get something that they clearly want very much. Lia, 9 months is nothing if it means you and Cesc being happy” Imelda explained with a shake of her head.

“You would have to give up the baby” Thalia pointed out.

“To my sister and a man I know loves her. Lia, I would be the baby’s aunt” Imelda replied.

“Immy, I can’t ask that” Thalia sighed.

“You’re not asking, I am offering. I want to do it for you” Imelda retorted, squeezing her hand a little.

“Immy” Thalia whispered.

Imelda smiled. “I know what I am doing, Thalia” she noted “I would like to help and this seems the most logical way of doing it” she explained.

“Are you sure?” Thalia whispered.

Imelda nodded. “I am, but I would have to talk to Gerard about it, I can’t exactly make this sort of choice without him” she explained.

Thalia looked at her little sister for a moment before she wrapped her arms around Imelda’s frame, hugging her tightly as she murmured a series of small ‘thank you’ in her ear. Imelda hugged her back tightly and closed her eyes, wordlessly hoping that Gerard would be supportive of her.
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