We Might Just Be

26: Serious

Standing on the porch of Imelda’s home, Gerard smiled to himself, his mind whirring at the thought of seeing his girlfriend again. It had only been days, Gerard had spent the majority of the last week on the road with Spain to play Macedonia, but he was glad to be home. Hearing Imelda’s voice on the phone was nothing like seeing in her person and bore absolutely no comparisons to when he got her on her own. Smiling a little at the thought of Imelda clad in nothing but his shirt, Gerard leant down towards the plant pot that existed by the foot of the door, collecting the spare key from beneath it.

He knew she didn’t like it, Imelda had told him on more than one occasion to stop letting himself in, but he couldn’t resist. There was something about sneaking up on her that made him grin and he couldn’t turn down a chance when it arose, even if it did land him with a lecture, he saw it as entirely worth it. Smiling to himself, he placed the key into the lock before he pushed the door open, following the distant hum of the radio towards the kitchen where he rested against the door frame, smiling as he watched Imelda sway her hips in time to the music.

“Dios mio” he murmured, causing her to drop the spoon she had been holding her hand.

“What the heck, Piqué?” she hissed, her hand resting over her heart in an attempt to soothe it “What have I told you about letting yourself in with the spare? You’re going to kill me” she grumbled, leaning down to collect the spoon.

Gerard laughed softly and stepped towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist gently. “You know you love it really, Immy. By scaring you, I get to hug you better and I know that you love that” he grinned, hugging her closer to him.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “You could knock and I would still hug you” she mumbled.

“That isn’t nearly as fun, Immy” he grinned “Besides, you walk into my house all the time without knocking” he added.

“Only because you refuse to answer the door” Imelda mused “Unless it is the pizza guy or your parents you have a strict policy on not wearing any trousers and not getting your lazy ass up” she replied, tapping the end of his nose playfully.

“Excuse me for being an athlete” Gerard scoffed.

Imelda giggled gently and shook her head, pecking his lips. “What are you doing here anyway? I thought we were meeting later for dinner” she mused as she padded back over to the stove, stirring the bubbling pot of pasta that sat atop it. She was pleased to see him, it had been a few days since they had last been face to face, but she was also a little hesitant. She knew she had to tell him about Thalia and the offer she had made and the idea that he could tell her not to do it scared her. She only wanted to help her sister and didn’t want to lose him because of it.

“We were” Gerard mused, padding up behind her “But the flight was earlier than I thought it would be so I thought I would pop by and surprise my beautiful girlfriend. Why, you disappointed to see me?” he mused, kissing the spot behind her ear.

Imelda shook her head. “Never” she murmured “But I thought I would have a little more time to get ready. I spent the morning baking cakes and am still covered in flour” she noted, gesturing to the front of her shirt.

Gerard smiled. “You’re still very pretty” he grinned, kissing her cheek.

Imelda’s cheeks warmed a little before she shook her head, moving to drain the pasta.

Gerard watched her and lifted his weight onto the counter, stealing an apple out of the bowl on the side. “So, how was your week without me? Terrible right?” he noted.

“It was alright” Imelda commented “Lia came over a couple of days ago though. She and Cesc got some pretty bad news” she added, gently tipping her pasta into a bowl.

Gerard nodded his head softly. “He told me” he murmured.

Imelda sighed. “They’re looking at surrogates” she mused.

“He said that too” Gerard replied “I just hope the girl they get is nice. I would hate for them to have things made any more difficult for them” he added with a little shake of his head.

Imelda shifted her feet a little. “What if I did it?” she murmured.

“What?” he murmured.

“I asked how you would feel about me carrying their baby” she mumbled “I mean, nothing is set in stone, but I mentioned it to Lia and I said I would talk you you about it” she rambled gently.

Gerard shifted a little before he sighed. “Im” he murmured “It’s a sweet thing to offer, but I don’t know how comfortable I would be with it. I want them to have a baby, probably just as much as you do, but I don’t think I could be OK with you having it” he explained gently. He didn’t want to upset her, she clearly felt strongly about it, but he didn’t like it for a second. It just made him a little uncomfortable.

Imelda sighed. “Is there nothing I can say?” she murmured.

Gerard shrugged. “I guess I kind of imagined, that if you had a baby whilst we were together, it would be ours and that we wouldn’t give it away to someone else. Immy, you’re wonderful for offering, but I think I would have to say no. I am sorry” he whispered.

Imelda shook her head and smiled at him, her hand gently cupping his cheek. “It’s OK” she mused “I told Lia that I would have to think about it and if it makes you uncomfortable, then there is nothing else to think about” she smiled.


“Gerard” Imelda returned gently “We are a team now, baby. We make our decisions together and if one of us has a problem, then we tell the other. It guess that is what comes with a serious relationship” she cooed gently.

“Serious?” Gerard pressed “We’re serious?” he added.

Imelda scoffed playfully. “No Gerard, we’re really keeping this relationship casual” she quipped with an eye roll.

Gerard shook his head and reached out to her, wrapping his hand around her wrist. “Imelda, I love you” he murmured “And I love that we are doing this and that we are so happy. These four months have been amazing” he rambled.

“Well let’s hope for a few more yet” Imelda cooed “Now, I have to call Lia and tell her, but you should make yourself comfortable. We can spend the day doing nothing if you want to” she smiled.

Gerard grinned back at her and pressed a little kiss to her forehead. “I am sorry about being uncomfortable” he mumbled.

Imelda shook her head. “It was a spur of the moment offer anyways” she murmured “I saw the look on Lia’s face and knew that I had to do something to help her. She’s my big sister, the only one that was on my side during the Antonio fiasco and I want to help her, but I can do that in other ways. I don’t have to give myself up for it” she explained with a gentle shake of her head.

“You’re sure you don’t mind?” Gerard mused.

“They’ll find someone great, Geri, I know it” she cooed before she stepped away, preparing to call her sister.

Gerard watched after her and smiled slightly to himself. He couldn’t help but wonder how he had gotten her.
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