We Might Just Be

27: The Next Step

“So, what are you going to get for Immy for her birthday?” Lionel poked as he looked at Gerard, noting the bright grin that was fixed on his friend’s face. It was immovable, it had been since the moment Gerard and Imelda had gotten together, but Lionel couldn’t help but admire it. The dark haired girl was easily the best thing for Gerard and that was easily the best thing for Barcelona. A happy Gerard was a focused one and a focused Gerard helped their goal difference out a lot.

“Her birthday?” Gerard poked.

“Yes” Lionel noted “The day on which your girlfriend was born” he added teasingly.

“I know that the word means, Leo, I just wondered why you are asking about it” Gerard replied, quickly pulling his checked shirt on.

“Because it is next week?” Lionel quipped.

Gerard tilted his head. “Next week?” he posed, causing Lionel to snort.

“You didn’t know?” he teased, his laughter echoing loudly throughout the room, causing the others to look at them “You’ve been dating her for almost 5 months” he added.

Gerard’s tanned cheeks warmed before he shook his head. “She never mentioned it” he mused.

“Did you ever ask?” Martin Montoya quipped.

“It is kind of a weird question to ask isn’t it?” Gerard posed, his nose wrinkled a little.

“Not if you want to know when to buy your girlfriend a present it isn’t” Ivan Rakitic mused “I bet she knows when yours is” he added, something which made the defender shake his head. He knew full well that Imelda knew precisely when his birthday was. “Ah, she does” Ivan grinned.

“How do you lot even know?” Gerard muttered, shaking his head “You didn’t all ask her” he added.

“No, but my wife did” Lionel smirked.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “What date?” he muttered.

“October 31st” Lionel smiled “Apparently, Anna and Antonella are planning to throw her a Halloween/ birthday party on Sunday given that we have a game Saturday night” he added before he padded out of the locker room, his hand teasingly slapping Gerard’s shoulder. The defender greeted the gesture with a slightly sarcastic look that only served to make more people laugh, making him roll his eyes. Sometimes, he hated his friends.

“How come you never mentioned that your birthday is coming up?” Gerard poked as he looked at Imelda over the rim of his glass.

Imelda frowned. “You didn’t know?” she posed, innocently picking at her salad.

“No, but apparently everyone else did” he replied “Was it just me not asking or did you not want me to know?” he added, making Imelda giggle.

“Why on earth wouldn’t I want you to know about my birthday? Gerard, that is irrational even for you” she teased.

Gerard shook his head. “I don’t know” he murmured “But I didn’t and it made me look like a jerk earlier. What kind of man doesn’t know when his girlfriend’s birthday is?” he muttered.

“One that asked the wrong questions on our first date?” Imelda offered, a pleasant grin on her face.

Gerard rolled his eyes, something which made Imelda lean over, taking his hand gently in hers. “Gerard, it is just one thing that you didn’t know and it isn’t even like it is a big deal. You know a lot more things about me that are a little more important, like where I like to be kissed or what sort of perfume I wear. I bet your friends don’t know that” she grinned.

Gerard smiled. “I do know all of that” he noted “And I also know the answer to my next question, but as your boyfriend, I am obligated to ask. What do you want me to get you for your birthday?” he posed, leaning down to press a little kiss to her hand.

Imelda shook her head. “I want nothing” she mused.

Gerard chuckled. “I knew you would say that” he grinned “But I also need an actual answer. I am not going to be the guy who falls for that line, buys you nothing and then has you yell at him” he added.

“Gerard, I don’t want anything, not from you” she noted, sipping on her glass of water.

Gerard eyed the glass a little suspiciously, Imelda had never drunk water in front of him before, but he dismissed it. Drinking water was not a crime and certainly not something that he wanted to call Imelda out on. “I am not buying it, Immy. There must be something in this world that you want that I can get you” he noted, shaking his head.

Imelda shook her head. “I have a lovely home, a wonderful job, a loving family and I have you. What else could I want?” she teased before her phone beeped, causing her to roll her eyes. “I have to go. A client needs to see me urgently, but I will see you tonight?” she posed, placing some money down to cover the meal she had eaten.

Gerard nodded. “I guess so. You have my key right?” he mused.

“No” Imelda noted “I left it under the mat last time you made me let myself in” she quipped, poking her tongue out a little.

Gerard smiled and stood up, kissing her gently. “Let yourself in later” he mused “I may or may not be out shopping for your present, but if I am not there, feel free to make yourself at home. You practically live there anyways” he grinned.

Imelda tilted her head. “Did you just say I live with you?” she poked.

“No” he defended “I was making the point that we spend most of our nights together, so it is kind of like we live together, but we don’t. You have your house, I have mine” he babbled.

Imelda giggled. “Calm down” she teased “It was a joke” she quipped before her phone beeped again “And now I am running late thanks to your little freak out. Adios, Geri” she cooed before she padded skittered out of the restaurant.

Gerard watched after her and shook his head, feeling a little odd about freaking out slightly. It was the next step, he knew it, but the idea of Imelda being around him permanently frightened him. The last girl he had lived with had turned out to be awful and he didn’t want it happening again.