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28: How Are You Supposed To Tell Someone That?

“Happy birthday” Gerard mused as he rested his head against the glass window of the coach that the team were travelling on, a sleepy smile on his face. It was late, Barcelona’s match had been a 9pm kick off and after post match interviews and Enrique’s debrief, the team had only just made it back onto the bus, something which meant he wouldn’t be home until the early hours of the morning. He felt terrible, until then, he hadn’t had a chance to call her, and he knew he would have to make it up to her. It was the first birthday that either of them had had whilst they had been together and he felt bad about having missed almost all of it, even if he had got his call in just before midnight, he knew he would have to come up with something special to make it up to her.

Imelda let out a small laugh. “You cut it fine there, Geri” she cooed, her voice wavering with a little yawn “It’s nearly midnight” she added.

“I know” he grumbled, his hand running tiredly over his face “But thanks to my job, this is the first moment I have had where Luis Enrique is not stood behind me yelling about how I should focus and not, to use his words, waste my time with useless daydreams” he mused.

“It’s fine” Imelda noted kindly “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you til you got home anyways. Where are you right now?” she posed.

“About an hour out of town” Gerard commented, looking at the passing street signs.

“You should get some sleep” Imelda noted “You must be tired after the game, you put in one heck of a shift” she added.

Gerard smiled fondly. “You watched my game?” he quipped.

“My madre insisted” Imelda replied in a tone that had Gerard picturing a soft pink hue on her cheeks.

“How are your family?” he posed, shifting in his seat slightly.

“Good” Imelda noted “Thalia and Cesc found a girl. They reckon they could start the process in the next few weeks” she explained.

“That’s fantastic” he mused gently.

Imelda hummed in agreement before a little silence fell over them, something which made the defender yawn.

“Gerard, go to sleep” Imelda giggled “You can talk to me about my birthday tomorrow” she added.

“No” he replied sleepily “I want to talk now. Did you get the flowers I sent?” he poked.

Imelda hummed. “Yes, they were lovely, beautiful, and I can only assume vastly expensive” she quipped.

Gerard snorted. “There is no getting past you is there?” he teased.

Imelda giggled softly. “You’re not the most subtle, amor” she cooed.

Gerard smiled before he felt Lionel nudge his side, something which told him he had been on the phone for too long. Sighing, he spared the argentine a nod before he spoke again. “I have to go, Immy. Leo’s starting to get annoyed with me, but I will see you first thing tomorrow and then you can tell me everything Ok? I love you” he murmured, earning a little snicker from Lionel before he turned over in his seat. Gerard rolled his eyes. “Buenos noches, Immy” he mused.

“Buenos noches, Gerard” she murmured in return before the line went dead. Gerard stared at his phone for a second before he sighed, curling up in his seat.

“Was that Gerard?” Gloria Torres mused as she stood in the doorway of her youngest daughter’s bathroom, her green eyes looking down at her little girl who sat rather tearfully on the edge of the bathtub.

Imelda nodded. “He wanted to say happy birthday” she whispered, fiddling with the hem of the robe she wore.

“You didn’t tell him?” Gloria murmured.

Imelda shook her head. “How are you supposed to tell someone that?” she whispered “Especially over the phone” she added.

“Immy, you cannot hide it from him” Gloria whispered, kneeling down ahead of her daughter “Nor can you hide it from everyone else. This is good news, Immy, great news, and you’re acting like it is the worst” she murmured, brushing some hair away from Imelda’s cheeks.

“There are a lot of reasons why this may not be great news, mama” Imelda murmured.

“Like what?” Gloria whispered.

“Like Lia can’t have a baby. I would hate to upset her by admitting that I am. Like Gerard and I have never even discussed it, he freaked out last week when I made a joke about us living together, I can only picture his face when I tell him and it isn’t pleasant. Padre is going to be furious, he’s going to demand a wedding and I am going to end up alone” she rambled, her stomach twisting in knots.

Gloria shook her head. “Your padre will be thrilled” she cooed “And he will not demand anything of you, Imelda” she noted.

Imelda shook her head. “He demanded Antonio marry Maria when he thought she was pregnant” she huffed.

Gloria sighed. “That was different” she muttered.

“How?” Imelda protested “He was irate, madre, and even though he likes Gerard, he isn’t going to be kinder this time” she muttered.

Gloria looked at her daughter and sighed, gently brushing her black hair away from her eyes. “Alright” she muttered “This isn’t going to go down well with your father, but you need to accept it Immy. You are pregnant and you need to tell Gerard about it sooner rather than later. How long have you known?” she posed.

“For 3 weeks” Imelda admitted.

“And you haven’t told him because?” Gloria posed.

“Because he…”

“Imelda” Gloria interjected sternly.

“Because I am terrified, mama” Imelda admitted shamefully “The best thing I have in the world and I mess that up by getting pregnant after just 5 months? How stupid is that?” she hissed, her eyes fixed on the floor.

“Imelda” Gloria whispered.

Imelda shook her head. “It is stupid, mama. I should have been more careful” she hissed, shaking her head.

“Imelda, I am sure you and Gerard took all of the necessary precautions” Gloria cooed.

Imelda opened her mouth to speak again, but was cut off as Aiden stepped into the room, offering his sister a little smile. “Your boyfriend is downstairs” he murmured “Even if it is nearing one in the morning” he added before he stepped out of the room. Imelda swallowed.

“Mama, I can’t go down there” she whimpered “He will see my face and ask all sorts of questions. I can’t do it” she protested, shaking her head feverously.

Gloria sighed. “Imelda” she noted, gripping her shoulders “You have to. He deserves to know” she added sternly.

“Not now” Imelda protested.

“Then when? When the baby is born?” Gloria prodded.

“Baby?” Gerard quipped, causing the two women to still “What baby?” he pressed.
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