We Might Just Be

03: I Don’t Want To Be A Rebound

“I am sorry for Lia” Imelda murmured as she sat in Gerard’s car, her hand absently fiddling with the hem of her dress. She felt awful, Thalia had only served to make something already awkward even worse, and she felt for Gerard. The poor man looked utterly confused and she felt terrible that Thalia had left him in that position. He had clearly not been expecting it.

Gerard shook his head. “It isn’t your fault” he quipped, steering the car around another corner “I think I will have to talk to Cesc about him getting involved in my love life though. This entire plan reeks of him” he noted with a little smile. Imelda noted it and shook her head, attempting to ignore the slight tingle that spread through her when she saw it.

“Does Cesc do things like this a lot?” she posed.

“More than he should” Gerard noted as he peeked at her slightly, his blue eyes subtly admiring her “He seems to think he can fix everything that goes wrong for me and whilst I love that about him, in situations like this, I wish he would just keep his nose out. He shouldn’t feel bad about marrying Thalia whilst I am alone” he noted.

Imelda looked at him for a second, contemplating pushing the issue, but she opted against it. She didn’t know him anywhere near well enough to ask about his last relationship and didn’t want to appear nosy by asking.

“You can ask if you want to” Gerard quipped, a little grin at the corner of his mouth “I can see that you want to” he added.

Imelda shook her head. “It isn’t my place to ask” she quipped.

“I don’t mind” he noted.

Imelda shook her head. “It is the past, Gerard, it shouldn’t matter to me” she noted as he pulled up outside of her house.

Gerard tilted his head. “You really don’t want to know?” he quipped as he pulled the car to a stop.

Imelda smiled. “Do you want me to know?” she returned as she gathered her bag from the floor.

“Not overly” Gerard returned “But that’s not me saying I don’t want to tell you either. If you asked, I would absolutely tell you” he rambled.

Imelda shook her head. “You don’t have to” she noted before she leant over, pressing a little kiss to his cheek “Thanks for the ride home and, again, I am sorry about tonight. I will make it clear to Lia that she is, in no uncertain terms, not to pull this stunt on you and me again” she grinned, pushing the door open.

Gerard watched her and nodded. “Buenos noches, Imelda” he noted.

“Immy” she corrected over her shoulder “I hate the name Imelda” she added, causing him to chuckle slightly.

“Immy” he repeated as he closed the door after her “I like that name” he added softly before he shook his head.

It was too soon to even contemplate liking another a girl.

“What are you doing back so soon?” Thalia posed as she looked up at her sister, a frown on her face. She had thought that Imelda would be gone for longer and was a little surprised to see her back so soon, it suggested that her plan hadn’t worked as she thought it would.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “What do you think I am doing back so soon Lia? You blindsided us” she announced sharply.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “I did not blindside you. I left you and Gerard to get better acquainted” she noted.

“You ditched me, in a restaurant with a man that I had never met before, how is that not blindsiding?” Imelda snapped. She knew her sister had probably meant well, it wasn’t the first time that Thalia had tried to set her up, but still Imelda was irked. For all she knew, Gerard could have been some kind of creep and she didn’t like the idea that Thalia had decided to leave her there alone. Anything could have happened.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “I have met the man before, Immy” she commented “Gerard’s a sweetheart and I thought you would like one another. You’ve not dated anyone for years and I was thinking, with the wedding coming up, I would be a nice time for you to get back out there. Gerard’s looking for someone” she noted.

“He’s newly single” Imelda quipped “And I do not want to be anyone’s rebound anything” she noted.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “He’s not looking for that” she commented.

“How would you know?” Imelda quipped “Lia, I appreciate that you are trying to help, but this is really none of your business. If I want to date a guy, I will find a guy, I don’t need you setting me up with handsome guys that you and Cesc pick out. I am quite capable” she noted.

Thalia smirked. “Handsome guys?” she teased.

Imelda flushed a little. “That isn’t the point” she murmured.

“It is” Thalia grinned “You think Gerard is handsome” she giggled.

“And?” Imelda quipped, a hint of pink playing on her cheeks.

“You liked him” Thalia announced.

“I spent five minutes alone with him” Imelda protested, her head shaking a little. Yes, she had found the defender handsome, but she didn’t see why it was relevant. His being handsome didn’t suddenly mean that she wanted to go out with him again. She could barely look at him without blushing or stammering and that was something she doubted he would find overly attractive or interesting. She was sure there was someone much better out there for him than her.

Thalia shook her head. “There is no shame in it, Immy” she noted with a wide grin “Gerard’s a handsome guy” she added.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “Lia, I am not going to go out with the man because he is handsome and I am especially not going to do it when he is clearly on the rebound, so, if you and Cesc have anything else planned, cancel it. I am not going to be set up with a man that I cannot even look at without stammering” she explained before she padded out of the room, leaving Thalia shaking her head. It was clear that Imelda liked him, even if she vehemently denied it, and Thalia was only going to work harder to match them up. Gerard needed someone new and Imelda, she just needed someone.
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