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31: I’d Start With ‘I’m Sorry’

“Are you sure this is a good idea, Immy?” Gloria posed as she watched her daughter padded around her bedroom, dressing herself to attend the latest party she had planned. It had been nearly a week since Imelda and Gerard had last spoken and whilst Gloria was thrilled to see Imelda not stuck on the defender, she was still a little concerned for her. She had been working hard, harder than she had seen her work in a while, and she was concerned what the stress could do to her. Imelda was barely talking, she only ate when someone made her, and Gloria was scared for her daughter. It had only been a week and she was scared what could happen if it was left for any longer.

“Mama, I have been working on this party for almost a month” Imelda protested, brushing her hair “I have to be there, I promised that I would be” she explained, smoothing out her dress.

Gloria sighed. “I know, Immy, but you have been working hard this week and I am sure your staff could cover for you tonight. Perhaps you could do with a girly night?” she suggested hopefully. She knew it was likely falling on deaf ears, Imelda had always been stubborn when it came to doing things other people wanted her to do, but Gloria was only trying to look out for her, something that no one else seemed placed to do. Gloria had spoken to Gerard’s parents, but even they hadn’t been able to get through to him. He still insisted that he needed time.

“Mama” Imelda mused “I know what you are trying to do” she noted.

“I am not trying to…”

“Mama” Imelda noted “You’re trying to talk me out of going tonight because you think I need to be looked after right now, which I don’t because I am 25 years old and quite competent. Mama, I love you, but right now, I don’t want to sit around and have you fuss over me. I want to go to this party tonight, make sure that everything goes to plan and then come home. I will be two, three hours tops” she mused before she padded past her mother, kissing her cheek gently.

Gloria watched her go and shook her head.

She could only hope that Gerard saw sense soon, if not, then there was no telling what would happen to Imelda.

Twirling his straw in his drink, Gerard sighed, his blue eyes glancing at his friends who seemed to be having fun. It was early, a few of them had ventured to a nearby hotel for some dinner, but Gerard was no mood to enjoy himself. He was still struggling, even if he was coming around on the notion slightly, but he knew that that wouldn’t be enough for Imelda. She needed him, his parents had made that abundantly clear, but until he could be sure he didn’t want to go back to her. He didn’t want to give her any sort of false hope.

“Are you going to join us, Gerard?” Lionel grinned as he bounced up beside his taller friend, slapping his shoulder playfully “The guys are starting to think they offended you somehow” he added, ordering another round of drinks.

Gerard shook his head. “It is not you lot” he murmured, his voice flat and monotonous.

Lionel frowned. “Gerard?” he posed “Amigo, what is wrong?” he noted.

Gerard sighed. “Nothing to concern you” he mused “Just me being my usual idiotic self” he added.

“What did you do to Immy?” Lionel quipped.

Gerard opened his mouth to question how Lionel knew it was related to Imelda, but Lionel’s little laugh stopped him. “Gerard, I have known you for a while and I know that you only get this way when something doesn’t work out for you. The only thing that could have gone wrong is what you and Imelda had going on. So, what did you do to Imelda?” he posed, sipping at his drink.

Gerard sighed. “I got her pregnant” he muttered.

“Pregnant?” Lionel spluttered.

Gerard nodded his head. “6 weeks now. She told me about it a week ago and I freaked on her, told her I needed time, but I am still no closer to making up my mind. Leo, I love her and I love her a lot, but a baby? I don’t think I am ready for it” he rambled.

“You told her that you needed time?” Lionel posed.

“Yeah” Gerard scoffed a little bitterly “I thought I ought to be sure before I promise to be around” he mumbled.

Lionel looked at him for a second before he lifted his hand, slapping the taller man around the back of the head, causing Gerard to lurch forwards. “What the fuck, Leo?” Gerard hissed “What the hell did you just hit me for?” he grumbled, rubbing the spot on the back of his head.

“Because you are being an idiot” Lionel quipped “You seriously left the best thing in your life because you had doubts? Everyone had doubts, Gerard, I know I did when Antonella and I had Thiago, but I didn’t freak out like this and I certainly didn’t leave her behind” he noted.


“No buts, Gerard” Lionel noted “You did it, you got her pregnant and now you need to be a man about it. Yes it is scary and yeah, it might not work out, but you cannot walk out before it has even started, especially when I know how much you love her” he noted.

Gerard sighed. “I do love her” he murmured.

Lionel smiled. “Amigo, she is easily the best thing that has ever happened to you and I think you would be a moron to let her go, especially since she is carrying the first baby Piqué” he quipped.

“I don’t even know what I would say to her” he muttered.

Lionel smiled and pulled a scrap of paper out of his pocket, placing it on the bar ahead of the defender. “I would start with I am sorry” he quipped.

Gerard frowned and lifted the piece of paper up. “What is this?” he posed.

“That is the address of the event that Imelda is hosting tonight” Lionel grinned “You should go” he added before he padded back to the table, leaving Gerard alone. The defender watched after him for a second before he collected his jacket, moving to catch a taxi.

“You did such a wonderful job tonight, Imelda” the host of the event smiled, hugging the dark haired girl tightly. It had gone to plan, Imelda was thrilled with the results, but she was more than ready to get home. She was feeling a little tired and couldn’t wait to get out of the heels she wore.

“Gracias” Imelda murmured “How did the collection go?” she posed, referring to the charity that had organized the event.

“Amazingly” the woman enthused “Thank you so much for your help” she added before she padded away. Imelda watched her go before she moved to collect her bag and coat, making her way towards the exit.

“She is over there”

Imelda turned at the sound of the host’s voice and frowned, noting the man she had spoken to. Imelda knew who he was, even with just a slight sideward glance, and it still made her stomach flip. He had always done that to her.

“Immy” Gerard’s voice was raspy, like he had just run or something.

“What are you doing here?” she murmured.

Gerard swallowed and stepped towards her. “I am sorry” he whispered.

“Gerard, it is going to take a little more than ‘I’m sorry’…” Gerard ducked down and pressed a kiss to her lips, cutting her off.

“Nena, I know” he whispered “And I want to work on that, but right now, I just want to hug you and kiss you and say that I am sorry over and over again” he rambled.

Imelda swallowed but nodded, conceding that they would talk.
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