We Might Just Be

33: What Are Your Intentions?

Snuggling a little into her pillow, Imelda smiled, her green eyes staring fondly down at Gerard who still snored happily at her side. She was happy, having him back was a welcome change, and she wanted to enjoy it for a few moments. It was only a matter of time before things started to happen for them and people started to find out about the baby, something which was only bound to cause them more problems. Shifting a little, she pressed a little kiss to Gerard’s forehead before a familiar sense of nausea passed over her, causing her to climb to her feet.

“Im?” the defender slurred “Where you going?” he mumbled.

“Bathroom” Imelda replied before she padded into the small bathroom, crouching down beside the toilet.

“Does this happen every day?” Gerard murmured, padding after her.

“You didn’t have to get out of bed” she mused “You could have safely slept in, I can handle this” she added before her stomach turned, causing her to lean over the toilet a little. Gerard sighed and leant behind her, gathering her dark hair in his hand with ease. “I could have done” he murmured, kissing her shoulder gently “But it is probably my job to hold your hair” he added.

Imelda lingered over the toilet for a second longer before she leant back, folding up into Gerard’s arms. “This is going to happen for a little while isn’t it?” he whispered, something kinks out of her hair.

“Probably. My madre said she would come by later and drop off a bunch of baby books for me. I didn’t think you would want it getting out so soon” she mused, her fingers gently tracing patterns into his arms. She had thought about going shopping herself, she wanted to be as informed as she could be throughout the pregnancy, but she had opted to send Gloria instead. It was still early, Imelda was barely six weeks pregnant, and she didn’t want the news getting out too soon, something it would have done if she had gone shopping herself. All it would have taken was a picture.

Gerard hummed gently in agreement before he dropped a kiss on her shoulder. “I am still sorry” he whispered.

Imelda shook her head. “It is in the past” she murmured as she pulled herself back to her feet “You’re with me now and that is all that matters OK? We’re in this together and I don’t want to fixate on the past. Now, can we go and get something to eat? I need to settle my stomach” she mused, offering him a little smile.

Gerard returned her smile and pushed himself back up, pressing a soft kiss against the top of her head, murmuring about how much he loved her.

“That will be my mother” Imelda mused as she skittered out of Gerard’s kitchen, trying to stifle the laughter that fell out of her mouth. It had been a nice morning, between talking about the pregnancy, she and Gerard had had a lot of fun, and she was thrilled that they had figured things out. She had missed him, as pathetic as it was considering that they had only been apart for a week, and she was pleased that they had figured some things out. She wanted him to be involved with the pregnancy and wanted to make things work for them.

“She’s coming here?” Gerard poked.

“I texted her this morning telling her that I was here. Do you have a problem with that?” Imelda returned, her head tilted a little.

Gerard sighed. “She must be pretty mad at me” he murmured.

Imelda shook her head and padded towards him, kissing both of his cheeks affectionately. “Baby, she loves you” she giggled “And just because you had a moment, doesn’t mean that has changed. She thinks you are the best thing to happen to me” she mused.

Gerard looked down at her for a second before he nodded. “As long as she isn’t going to hit me” he muttered.

“My madre won’t hit you” Imelda mused as she stepped towards the door “My padre might when he finds out, but that shouldn’t be for a little while yet. I made my mama promise not to tell” she added, setting her hand on the door handle.

Gerard frowned a little, but quickly fixed it, watching as Gloria and Elias padded into the house.

“Mr and Mrs Torres” he breathed “What a pleasure this is” he added, trying his hardest not to freak out.

Imelda skittered back to his side and took his hand, squeezing it softly. “I didn’t realize that you were coming too, papa, I thought you were at work” she explained.

Elias spared a look at his daughter before he shook his head. “Your madre told me, Imelda” he muttered, causing Imelda’s skin to pale a little. She had hoped to keep it from him for a little while longer.

Gerard stiffened slightly.

“I cannot believe you tried to hide it from me, Imelda” Elias muttered, shaking his head “You are my daughter, you should be able to tell me about anything and I am hurt that I had to find out by finding one of the books you had your mother buy” he grumbled.

“Papa, I was…”

“No” Elias interjected “I don’t want excuses. I want to talk to him” he added, his dark eyes narrowed on Gerard who stood quietly behind Imelda, his head dropped.

“Elias” Gloria warned.

“No” Elias snapped “Gerard, look at me” he demanded, padding towards the defender.

Gerard swallowed a little but stepped out from his spot behind Imelda, squaring up to the shorter man.

Elias scanned the defender for a second before he shook his head. “What are your intentions?” he muttered.

“My intentions?” Gerard posed.

“With my daughter, my grandchild, what do you intend to do by them Gerard?” Elias snapped.

Gerard shifted a little, something which made Elias grip the front of his shirt, pushing him back towards the wall with an audible thump. Gerard tried to fight against his grip, Elias was much shorter than him, but he didn’t want to make things worse. Lashing out at the old man was not going to help his case when it came to Imelda and the baby. “I want an answer” Elias hissed.

“Papa” Imelda murmured “Gerard’s staying now” she announced.

“Now?” Elias hissed “He tried to leave you behind, mi hija?” he poked.

Imelda’s cheeks warmed slightly, something which made Elias lean back, his fist making contact with the defender’s nose. “You will not leave my daughter high and dry, Piqué” Elias hissed “You got her pregnant and now you are going to do the right thing. I will talk to your parents, but you…you are going to marry my daughter if it is the last thing I do” he hissed before he stormed away with Gloria in tow.

Imelda watched them out of the house before she skittered over to Gerard, trying to stem the blood that was falling down his face. “I am so sorry” she whispered “I shouldn’t have spoken. He might not have hit you if I hadn’t accidentally…”

“Nena” Gerard interjected “He was always going to hit me” he murmured, wiping his face a little.

“I am still sorry” she whispered.

“It is fine” Gerard mused “Just get me some ice and it will be OK? The worst bit is over” he smiled. Imelda smiled back at him shyly and nodded before she padded away, hoping that her father would calm down.
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