We Might Just Be

34: It Makes Sense

“How is your face feeling?” Imelda murmured as she took the ice pack out of Gerard’s hand, scanning his nose intently. It had been quite the hit, Elias, despite being smaller than the defender, had managed to do quite some damage, but Gerard refused to see a doctor, insisting that he would be fine with just ice and tissues to soak up the blood. Gerard shifted a little before he sighed, his fingers tentatively tracing over his nose. “It feels pretty bad” he murmured “But the medics at the club will take a look at it tomorrow. I think, right now, we need to talk about something a little more pressing that my nose. Your father, he wants us to get married, Immy” he murmured gently. It scared him, Elias had sounded so firm when he had spoken, and he wanted to talk about it. He wasn’t ready for marriage, not to Imelda who had had been dating for almost 6 months, and he didn’t want to be back into a corner. It would only serve to make things worse.

Imelda looked at him gently before she handed the ice pack back, allowing him to hold it against his nose. “Gerard, he cannot force us into anything” she mused, sitting on the couch beside him. “He’s just upset. When we were little, he always used to tell us that he didn’t want grandchildren until we all had partners and were married and happy. He wanted us looked after before we thought about having children and he detests the idea of it happening outside of marriage. He yelled the same thing at Maria and Antonio when he thought she was pregnant and if Lia or Aiden had done it, he would have done it to them too. He just needs time to cool off” she explained as she gently took his hand, messing around with his fingers.

Gerard watched her and sighed. “Maria and Antonio did get married” he murmured.

“Not because my father told them to, Gerard. They got married because Maria is a bitch and wanted to rub in the fact that she took him from me” Imelda returned, a small glare moving across her features.

Gerard noted it and wrapped his hand around hers, giving it a small squeeze. “Hey” he murmured “You don’t need to think about your idiot ex. You have a far better boyfriend now than that idiot” he quipped with a little smile. Imelda smiled back at him softly and pressed a tentative kiss against his lips, something which made him hiss slightly in pain. “Are you sure that you won’t see a doctor?” she murmured as she pulled back, her green eyes shining in concern.

“It is fine” Gerard returned with a small shake of his head “I don’t think it is broken” he added.

“I don’t remember you getting your medical degree” Imelda quipped “You really ought to get it checked out” she added.

“I will do, tomorrow when I go back to training, but right now, it is fine. The bleeding has almost stopped and the ice is keeping the swelling and bruising down” he explained “Besides, I would much rather spend my day here, admiring my beautiful girlfriend, than in the emergency room waiting for someone to tell me something I already know” he added, his arm hugging her closer to his side.

Imelda snuggled into his touch and rested her head against his shoulder, allowing a small silence to fall over them.

Gerard held her close for a second before he leant back, his blue eyes scanning her face. “You should move in here” he murmured.

“What?” Imelda squeaked.

“You should move in here with me” Gerard repeated, his voice quivering a little in excitement. It was fast, they had only been together for 5 months, almost 6, but in his mind, it made perfect sense. Imelda was pregnant, she was going to have his baby and he wanted that baby to be with him all of the time once he or she was born, something they would be if Imelda lived with him.

Imelda swallowed. “You’re serious?” she posed “You want me and you to live together?” she noted.

“It makes sense” Gerard mused “You’re going to have my baby” he added.

“Yes, I am, but we have only been dating for 5 months Gerard” she replied, her eyes looking at him as though he had gone a little insane. It hadn’t been that long ago that he had been freaking out about the notion of them having a baby, she couldn’t quite fathom that he now wanted her to live with him.

“I know that” Gerard replied “But I know that I love you and that this makes sense, Immy. We’re going to have a baby and it makes sense that we live together when they arrive” he explained.

“When they arrive, Gerard. I am 6 weeks pregnant” Imelda replied.

Gerard noted the tone in her voice and sighed. “You don’t want to live here, do you?” he posed.

“It isn’t that” Imelda replied.

“Then what is it? Immy, this works. We can create a home for the baby, it shows my intentions to your padre without the massive commitment that he seems to want from me. It works for us, Immy” he explained gently, his blue eyes peeking down at her.

Imelda shifted a little. “What if we can’t make it work?” she posed.

Gerard smiled down at her and pressed a little kiss to her forehead. “We will do, Immy” he assured her “We are good together” he added.

“What if you freak out again?” she posed “It was only last night that we put ourselves back together again” she added.

“Immy, I am not going anywhere” he whispered.

Imelda nodded her head a little before she peeked up at him, her green eyes meeting his blues. “You really want us to do this?” she posed lightly.

“I do” Gerard replied “It isn’t quite the wedding your papa wants, but it should be enough to show him, and everyone else, that I am serious about being there for you and baby. Imelda, I want this” he explained.

“My papa can’t force you into anything” Imelda noted.

“I know, but this is what I want to do. You, me and baby, Immy, we should be together” he reiterated.

Imelda studied his face for a second before she nodded, offering him a timid smile. “Then let’s do it” she whispered, squeezing his hand gently.