We Might Just Be

35: One Shot

“You have more stuff than I thought you would” Gerard muttered as he stared at the array of cardboard boxes that sat on the floor, his hand rubbing his chin thoughtfully. It was still what he wanted, Imelda was going to have his baby and it only made sense that they lived together when the baby was born, but the idea still made him a little nervous. He hadn’t been used to sharing his home before, not since he had left his mother and father’s home, and he didn’t quite know what to expect. He had only ever had Imelda stay over for one or two nights and he didn’t quite know what it would be like having her around all of the time.

“How much stuff did you think I would have?” Imelda quipped, tossing another book into one of the boxes.

“A lot” Gerard replied “But this? Immy, this seems a little excessive” he quipped, a little smile on his face.

Imelda scoffed. “You want to talk about excessive? You have a cupboard full of just football boots, not shoes, just football boots. You only have one pair of feet, Gerard” she commented, giggling slightly.

Gerard smiled at the sound. It had been a little while since he had heard it and it was safe to say that he had missed it. Imelda’s little laugh was easily one of his favorite sounds. “My sponsors give me those shoes, nena, I have to put them somewhere” he quipped, placing his arms around her waist.

Imelda snuggled into his touch. “You could contemplate putting them in the trash, amor. A lot of them are horrible” she commented, pressing a little kiss to his chin.

Gerard scoffed. “You have no taste” he mused.

“I must have some taste” Imelda teased as she padded across the room, affixing some tape to one of the boxes “I managed to pick you up with relative ease” she added, offering him a cheeky smile.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “You’re very quick aren’t you?” he murmured teasingly.

“Quicker than you” Imelda noted.

Gerard chuckled gently before the sound of the doorbell echoed, something which made him shake his head. They had kept it quiet, Gerard didn’t want to rile up Elias anymore, but he knew that people would find out. The ‘For Sale’ sign had been put up that morning and it was only a matter of time before someone noticed it. “Which of your relatives do you suppose that is?” he mumbled, watching as Imelda padded towards the front door.

“It is probably my mother” Imelda commented before she pulled the door open, allowing Gloria and Elias to pad inside, their eyes quickly drawn to the array of cardboard boxes which sat on their daughter’s floor. “So Maria wasn’t kidding when she said you were moving” Gloria muttered.

Imelda sighed. “Mama, it has been a hectic couple of days” she noted, trying to make excuses. She hadn’t told them, she had purposely avoided it, but she didn’t want to lie them. She was moving in with Gerard, even if it wasn’t what Gloria and Elias wanted, and there was very little that either of them could say in order to make her change her mind. It was the best thing for them.

“Too hectic for a phone call, Immy?” Gloria mused “You are moving house and you didn’t even tell us” she added.

“Because the last time I saw you, padre hit Gerard in the face and demanded that we get married. Excuse me for being a little hesitant about talking to you about the changes that are going on in my life” she muttered before she skittered up the stairs, mumbling about needing to check the bedroom for the last of her things.

Gloria watched after her for a second before she turned her eyes to Gerard, scanning the tall man for a moment. She did like him, he was good for Imelda and was clearly working on accepting the baby that they were going have, but she couldn’t help but worry for her youngest child. Imelda had fallen head over heels for the last boyfriend she had had and he had turned out to be a piece of trash, something which made Gloria a little edgy. Imelda had a lot more at stake this time.

“She is in good hands, Mrs Torres” Gerard noted softly “I adore your daughter and intend to look after both her and the baby” he explained.

“I don’t doubt it, Gerard” Gloria murmured “But I believed the last man that said that too and he hurt her, something which would be worse this time” she explained.

Gerard nodded. “I understand, but this is me showing my commitment to Imelda and the baby. I am not going to propose now, it is still too soon for that, but I hope this will act as enough for now. I want Imelda and I want the baby and I am going to do my best by them, regardless of whether or not we are married. I am not going anywhere” he mused with a look towards Elias who glared at him. Gloria noted the look on her husband’s face and nudged his ribs, urging him to say something.

“I know you are not my biggest fan, Mr Torres, but whether you like me or not, Imelda loves me and I am going to be the father of your second grandchild. It is up to you whether or not you accept that” Gerard explained.

Elias sighed. “You’re going to live together?” he posed.

Gerard nodded. “We are” he noted firmly.

“And you are going to have the baby?” the older man added.

“Most certainly. It is what both Immy and I want” he explained.

Elias looked around for a moment before he nodded his head stoutly. “Then so be it. But if I catch wind of you doing one single thing that upsets my daughter, you will be gone before your feet touch ground he ground OK? I love my daughter, Gerard, and I will love my grandchild too, but that in no way means that I am happy it is you she is with. One shot, got it?” he spat.

Gerard nodded his head and extended his hand. “I understand, sir” he noted.

Elias spared another stout nod. He didn’t like it, Gerard appeared to be a flight risk, but he knew he couldn’t change it. Moving in together was a commitment, even if it wasn’t the one he wanted, and he had to trust Gerard.
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