We Might Just Be

37: Progressing Nicely

“I hate hospitals” Gerard murmured as he kicked his feet, his blue eyes glancing around the pleasantly decorated waiting. They had been waiting for a while, Imelda had insisted that they leave early for their latest hospital appointment, but it had only served to irk the defender. He didn’t like hospitals, he hadn’t done since an accident as a child had landed him in one for a while, but he knew that he had to deal with it. Imelda was only 12 weeks gone and they still had a way to go yet, something which meant there would be more visits to the hospital to come.

“You’ve said that” Imelda commented from her seat beside him “But unfortunately for you, we need to keep seeing my midwife” she added, flicking through the magazine that sat in her lap.

Gerard huffed a little and rested his head back against the wall, grumbling beneath his breath.

Imelda shook her head. “Man up, Geri, it is a hospital waiting room, you’re not being admitted” she quipped, hitting his arm lightly.

“I still don’t like it” he replied “Hospitals just make me a little uncomfortable” he added.

Imelda sighed softly. “You didn’t have to come with me, Gerard. I would have taken my mother or your mother who both seem intent on talking me through every stage of this pregnancy. If it makes you that uncomfortable, I will take someone else next time” she explained. Gerard shook his head. He didn’t like the building, but that didn’t mean he was going to skip out on Imelda and the appointments that would allow him to see their baby. The thought of seeing the little one for the first time was the only thing spurring him on.

“I want to be here” he noted, taking her hand “But I am going to complain because that is how I am. Can you cope?” he quipped, a teasing smile fixed on his face.

Imelda giggled and nodded. “I’ll get by” she quipped.

Gerard smiled and dropped a kiss on her forehead before he noted the little boy that stood ahead of him, looking shyly up at the tall defender. He was young, couldn’t have been much older than 6 or 7, and Gerard knew he couldn’t turn him away, even if he did want privacy in that moment. He didn’t want to upset the little boy who clearly looked terrified at the prospect of even speaking to him. “Hola” he mused “Can I help you with something?” he added, the kindest smile on his face.

The little boy shifted a little, but didn’t say a word, something which made Imelda smile. She could only imagine what it was like for the little boy to be stood in front of Gerard. “You want an autograph, don’t you?” she mused, noting the scrap of paper and pen that he held in his hand.

“Uhm, yes?” the little boy squeaked.

Imelda smiled and took the paper out of his hand, handing it over to Gerard. “What is your name?” she posed.

“I…Isaac” he replied.

Gerard nodded his head and wrote a quick message onto the piece of paper before he handed it back, offering Isaac another little smile. “Where is your madre, Isaac? Perhaps you would like a picture to show your friends” Imelda suggested. Isaac nodded his head enthusiastically before he padded away, collecting a heavily pregnant would from the other side of the waiting room. “Mama, the nice lady said she would take a picture” he explained as he trotted ahead of his mother, taking her phone and handing it to Imelda.

“If it is alright” Imelda noted.

The other woman nodded. “He’s been twittering on for the last 20 minutes about coming over here. I told him not to because you two look as though you wanted your privacy” she explained “Are you sure that you don’t mind taking the picture?” she added with a look towards Gerard.

“It would be my pleasure” the defender quipped.

Imelda smiled at him before he moved to crouch down beside Isaac, wrapping his arm around the little boy’s shoulder. “Smile” Imelda quipped as she held the phone up. Isaac spared a wide grin, showing off his missing front teeth, whilst Imelda snapped the picture, quickly handing the phone back to the other woman.

“Gracias” Isaac’s mother mused “What do you say to Mr Piqué and his girlfriend, Isaac?” she quipped.

Isaac pulled the defender into a hug and thanked him before he moved to Imelda, smiling up at her widely. “Gracias” he cooed before his mother took his hand, leading him back across the waiting room.

“He was so cute” Imelda grinned as she sat back down in her seat.

Gerard nodded his head slightly before he heard Imelda’s name being called, something which meant their time spent in the waiting room was over.

“Imelda, it is nice to see you again” the midwife mused as he looked down at the dark haired girl, an irritatingly wide grin perched on his face. Gerard didn’t like it, Imelda had purposely not told him about their male midwife, and he was irked. The idea of another man seeing that part of Imelda made him feel a little uncomfortable.

“And you Marcos” Imelda replied “This is Gerard, the father” she added with a little look towards the defender who sat rather grumpily at her side. Marcos smiled and stuck his hand out towards Gerard, allowing the defender to offer him a rather sharp handshake.

Marcos frowned slightly, but quickly turned away, checking Imelda’s file. “Everything is looking remarkably strong here, Immy. All of the other tests show positive signs and I am pleased to say that all is looking remarkably good. Your pregnancy is progressing nicely” he smiled.

Imelda nodded her head and looked up at Gerard who seemed far more interested in staring at Marcos. “Did you just hear that, Gerard?” she muttered, tugging on his hand a little. Gerard jumped, but nodded his head.

“Of course I did” he mused “The baby is progressing well” he repeated.

Imelda rolled her eyes. She would have to talk about Marcos with him later.

“We should start the scan” Marcos quipped “If we are lucky, and the baby is facing the right way, I might be able to tell you the gender if you wanted” he noted.

“We’d not like to know” Gerard murmured “Immy wants to find out of the day” he added.

Marcos nodded his head swiftly and started the scan, smoothing the gel out over Imelda’s little bump. Gerard watched him for a second before the sound of their baby’s little heart filled the air, earning a wide grin on his face. “It’s beautiful” he murmured, his hand squeezing Imelda’s who smiled up at him tearfully.

“Your baby looks perfect” Marcos quipped “I will print a scan picture” he added before he stepped out of the room for a moment, leaving the couple grinning at the image of their baby.
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