We Might Just Be

38: Not If It Means Being Near Him

“Are you going to tell me why you have such a problem with Marcos?” Imelda mused as Gerard pulled the car to a stop outside of her parents’ home. It had been a quiet journey, Imelda had spent most of it trying to figure out what to say to the defender with regards to their midwife, but she had been stumped for anything better than just asking. It had clearly bothered Gerard, he had spent a lot of their appointment just glaring at Marcos, and Imelda wanted to know why. The midwife was a lovely man, he was attentive and kind and Imelda didn’t want Gerard causing any problems. She liked Marcos, she was comfortable with him, and she didn’t particularly want to find another midwife.

Gerard looked at her and shrugged. “I just don’t like the guy. He gives me odd vibes” he noted. He didn’t know what it was, Imelda clearly liked Marcos and that was all that mattered when it came to them having a midwife, but he didn’t like the other man being so close to his girlfriend, especially when it came to Imelda giving birth. The idea of Marcos looking at that part of her made him a little uncomfortable.

“Odd vibes?” Imelda posed.

“I am not exactly fond of the idea of him looking…down there” he noted with a little gesture towards her lap “But if the guy makes you comfortable, I will be on my best behavior Immy. At the end of the day, you’re the one who is going to push our child into the world and when that day comes, you deserve to be as comfortable and as happy as you can be, regardless of me not liking him” he explained, his hand gently taking hers.

Imelda smiled. “You’d put up with him for me?” she posed.

“You’re going to have my baby, Immy, I think it is probably the least I can do for you” he noted.

Imelda lifted his hand and gently placed a kiss on the back of it, murmuring a soft thank you before she climbed out of the car. Gerard watched after her and shook his head a little. He wasn’t going to like it, he didn’t trust or like Marcos for a second, but he didn’t want to upset Imelda. When it came to her and the baby, he wanted to keep them as calm and as happy as he could.

“You’re glowing, Immy” Aiden grinned as he wrapped his arms around his little sister, noting the small bump that stuck out from beneath her shirt. There had been murmurs, Aiden could have sworn he had overhead his parents talking about Imelda being pregnant, but the scan photo had confirmed it for him, something which made him immensely happy for her. He liked Gerard, even if he had only met the tall defender once or twice, and he hoped he would do a lot better than Antonio had done with Imelda’s heart. She was clearly smitten with the footballer and Aiden didn’t want her hurt again.

“Gracias” Imelda grinned “I can’t believe all of you are here” she added, smiling at Thalia and Ashley who stood with her nephew Ellis.

“Madre insisted” Aiden quipped “We’re celebrating both you and Lia who are soon to be mothers” he added, offering Thalia a wide grin. Imelda mirrored the smile towards her older sister before Gloria skittered into the room, ushering the large group into the dining room.

“You never mentioned that this would be a family thing, Immy” Gerard mused as he followed after his girlfriend “I feel awfully out of place” he added.

“You’re not out of place, Gerard” Aiden grinned “You’re practically family” he added before he bounced into his seat.

Gerard’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made Imelda giggle. “Come on, you’re going to be the father of their second or 3rd grandchild, you’re kind of family” she teased before she took her seat, pulling Gerard into the one beside her. The defender sat down a little timidly and looked around, earning a laugh from Thalia.

“What?” he murmured.

Thalia smiled. “Immy used to make fun of Cesc for being shy at dinners like this. It is kind of ironic that you are as shy, if not a little more so” she quipped.

“Cesc used to stare at his feet” Imelda noted.

“Gerard can’t make eye contact” Thalia retorted, grinning.

Gerard rolled his eyes slightly before he heard the doorbell, something which made Gloria skitter out of the room. “Who would that be?” he murmured.

“Maria and her latest fling” Thalia retorted “Apparently she just had to bring him to dinner” she added, sneering a little.

Imelda scoffed. “What poor unfortunate fellow has gotten himself involved with her? I bet she hasn’t told him about the divorces” she quipped.

Thalia giggled a little before she peeked at the doorway, her stomach dropping at the sight of the man who trailed alongside her older sister. Imelda noted the odd expression on her sister’s face and frowned, turning in her seat to spy the last man she wanted to see alongside her sister. “Antonio” she murmured.

Gerard stiffened, offering a look towards Thalia who nodded, confirming it is as ‘the Antonio’.

“Hola, Immy, Lia, Aiden. It is so nice to see you all again” Antonio grinned, stepping deeper into the room.

Imelda shifted a little in her seat before she stood up. “I have to go” she murmured.

“Imelda” Gloria announced “We are celebrating” she added.

Imelda shook her head. “Not if it means being in the same room as him, madre, I will not do it. Lo siento” she murmured before she padded out of the room.

Antonio watched after her before he turned back to the others in the room, offering a smug smirk. “Was it something I said?” he quipped.

Gerard, who had just stood up, glared at the other man, easily towering over him. “What did you just say?” he snarled.

Antonio tilted his head. “And you must be the new one night stand” he quipped “Antonio Garcia” he quipped, sticking his hand out. Gerard glared at it before he slapped it away, something which made Antonio smirk. He had clearly already rattled the defender. “Not a friendly one are you? No wonder you stole Immy’s attention” he quipped.

Gerard tensed his jaw before Aiden appeared, instructing him to follow after Imelda.

Gerard glared at Antonio for a moment before he stalked off, leaving Antonio smirking after him.
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