We Might Just Be

39: Love Me Like You Do

Finding the bathroom in Imelda’s parents’ house, Gerard gently tapped on the door, not wanting to barge in and make things worse. He had known from the second that Imelda had spoken about Antonio that he wouldn’t like the man, he clearly didn’t care about Imelda and had taken some sort of joy from hurting her, but meeting him had proven worse. Antonio was smug, arrogant, and if Aiden hadn’t have gotten in the way, Gerard would have almost certainly smacked the smirk of off his face, something he was sure he could have taken great pleasure in. Shifting a little, he rapped his hand against the wooden door before he gently pushed it open, his blue eyes immediately landing on Imelda who sat, curled in on herself, beside the bathtub.

“Immy” he murmured, his feet shuffling towards her “Mi amor, are you alright?” he posed, gently sitting down beside her.

Imelda shrugged. “I thought I was over it” she muttered “He and Maria were married for 6 months and I thought I had made my peace with it then, but seeing his face…I hate him Gerard, I really do and the idea that Maria could think I would be OK with him being here is insane. She is supposed to be my sister” she rambled, her voice laden with a few sniffs. Gerard heard the quiver in her voice and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her into a warm hug.

“She is clearly not worth your time Im” Gerard whispered “As for Antonio, I don’t blame you for hating him. I am amazed that he managed to win your heart in the first place” he muttered, his nose wrinkled a little.

Imelda spluttered a little laugh. “He wasn’t always that smug idiot, you know” she commented.

“I can’t imagine you would have gotten with him if he was” Gerard noted “You deserve better than him, nena, and I hate seeing you get upset about this, about him. You deserve a lot better than that man” he murmured, squeezing her shoulder softly.

Imelda nodded. “I have better, Gerard” she commented as she peeked up at him.

Gerard smiled at the compliment before he pressed a kiss against her lips. “We should go home” he murmured “We can order takeout, watch anything you want and just hang out” he offered.

Imelda smiled gently and nodded. “I like the sound of that” she whispered.

Gerard nodded his head and stood up, helping her to her feet. “Have I mentioned just how beautiful you look today?” he whispered gently as he hugged her to him, enjoying the few moments alone.

Imelda blushed and shook her head.

“Well, you look perfect” he mused, scattering kisses over her lips and cheeks “And it makes me remarkably proud to be your boyfriend” he added, smirking at the hue of pink that grew darker with each word. Imelda giggled gently before the sound of the bathroom door edging open caught her ears, causing her to edge out of his arms slightly.

“Are you two coming back down to dinner?” Thalia posed as she looked between the couple.

“Is Antonio still here?” Gerard posed.

“Maria refuses to make him leave” Thalia replied.

“Then we are not coming back to dinner” Gerard noted “Immy doesn’t like being in the same room as Antonio and I can’t be without smacking him in the face. Offer Gloria and Elias our apologies, but as long as Antonio is here, we are not” he explained firmly.

Thalia nodded. “That is what I thought you would say” she quipped “I don’t blame you for not wanting to come back down either. Antonio is sitting down there calling you an idiot Gerard” she noted.

Gerard tensed a little, but Imelda took his hand squeezing it gently in an attempt to calm him down. “It doesn’t matter” she quipped “We are going to go home and relax, aren’t we Geri?” she posed. Gerard offered her a little look, but nodded his head, forcing a small smile.

“We certainly are” he quipped.

Thalia smiled at the couple before she pecked Imelda’s cheek, congratulating her once more on the scan photo that Gloria already had framed. Imelda smiled softly and squeezed Gerard’s hand, something which made the defender nod. There was no sense in getting worked up about Antonio, not when he had Imelda all to himself.

“I already love this bump” Gerard whispered as he scooted Imelda’s shirt up a little, crumpling it just beneath her chest. It had been a few hours, the thought of Antonio and Maria had been quickly scooted to the back of Imelda and Gerard’s mind, and the defender was pleased. He didn’t like it, Imelda had been upset and he would never stand for that, but she seemed to be in a much better mood, something which pleased him.

“You best love it” Imelda commented “It is only going to get bigger” she added, her delicate fingers brushing over the pale skin.

Gerard smiled tenderly at the thought and ducked his head, gently kissing the skin. “You’re going to be the most beautiful pregnant woman” he whispered, kissing the same spot again.

“I’ll remind you of that when we are in the delivery room and I am screaming at you for doing this to me” she teased, her fingers gently playing with his soft hair.

Gerard chuckled gently and sat up. “I love you” he whispered “And I hope you know it. No matter what Antonio or Maria do or say. I love us” he whispered, his fingers tracing patterns into her skin.

Imelda smiled and cupped his cheek, pulling him into a warm kiss that he was all too eager to return. “I love you too, Gerard” she murmured before she took the hem of his shirt into her hands, offering him a slightly devious look that made Gerard smirk. “Bedroom?” he quipped.

Imelda giggled and nodded her head, padding up the stairs ahead of him, something which made Gerard smile. He was glad he had her.