We Might Just Be

41: Birthday Presents

Skittering down the stairs, Gerard smiled a little, his blue eyes instantly finding Imelda who sat on the couch, a plate of toast sat in her hand. It had been a tough night for her, the baby had started to move and had been a little fidgety, but he couldn’t help but smile at the thought. The idea of their child kicking or moving for the very first time gave him butterflies and made it clear that they were getting closer and closer to the day when their baby would greet the world. Shaking his head a little, he skittered over to the couch and pressed a kiss to her shoulder, causing her to look up at him. “Buenos dias, mi amor” he whispered softly, kissing the same spot.

Imelda smiled at the contact and guided his face level with hers, pressing a small kiss against his lips. “Feliz cumpleaños” she mused gently as she pulled away from him slightly.

Gerard smiled. “You remembered” he teased, falling into the seat at her side.

Imelda shook her head. “Of course I did, Gerard. Unlike you, I asked on our first date when your birthday was” she quipped.

“I asked more important questions that day” Gerard returned, pulling her into a hug.

“You asked about my preference of breakfast foods” Imelda teased, flicking his nose playfully.

“It was an important question” Gerard grinned “I didn’t want to serve you breakfast that you hated the next time you stayed over” he added. Imelda giggled before she pecked his lips again, moving to retrieve a nicely wrapped parcel from beside the coffee table.

“Did you get me a present?” Gerard teased as he rested back into the couch, his blue eyes watching her closely.

Imelda nodded. “Of course I did” she replied “I would have been a terrible girlfriend if I hadn’t gotten you anything” she added, padding back towards him.

“For your birthday, I got you flowers and a pregnancy and I walked out on you. You could have just got me a card” he teased, gently pulling her back into the spot beside him. He was pleased, he liked that she had gone and gotten him a present, but he wouldn’t have minded if she hadn’t have done. He had pretty much ruined her birthday.

Imelda shook her head. “We’re not supposed to talk about that” she mused as she placed the present in his hands “That’s in the past” she added.

Gerard nodded his head before he looked down at the parcel, smiling at the red and blue striped wrapping paper that she had clearly selected especially for him. “Barca colours” he mused, offering her a coy smile.

“I thought it was a nice touch” Imelda commented.

Gerard chuckled softly and gently tugged the paper open, his blue eyes taking in the sight of the scrapbook that she had given to him. It was pretty, the dark cover was leather with a golden border, and Gerard couldn’t help but smile at it. He already knew Imelda’s gift would mean more to him than an expensive watch or aftershave that he had been presented with before.

Imelda watched him open the gift and nibbled on her lip, hoping that he would like it.

“Immy, this is really beautiful” he mused, his fingers leafing through the pages “How did you come up with it?” he added, peeking back at her.

Imelda shrugged. “I had a lot of stuff in boxes” she mused shyly “Some of it, I didn’t want to lose so I put it in there and I thought you may want it. It was silly right?” she quipped, her green eyes fixed on the ground.

Gerard shook his head and placed the book down onto the table. “Im, its beautiful” he whispered gently “And I am glad that you gave it to me. Gracias, hermosa” he murmured, guiding the stare of her green eyes into his blues. Imelda shied away slightly before Gerard pressed a little kiss against her lips, earning a tentative smile. “I love it, Immy, and I love you for making it” he grinned.

Imelda blushed a little before the distant call of his alarm caught her ears, making her shake her head softly. “You have to get going” she noted.

Gerard nodded. “I do, but I have a lovely party to look forwards to later that was arranged by my wonderful girlfriend and I cannot wait for it. Are you making your own way?” he posed, his fingers gently brushing her bump.

“No, Anna and Andres said they would take me, but I will see you there right?” she noted.

Gerard smiled and nodded his head, kissing her tenderly. “I cannot wait” he cooed.

“Look at you” Anna giggled as she wrapped her arms around Imelda, admiring the dark haired girl. She looked beautiful, the deep blue dress she wore emphasized the ever growing bump that stuck out of it and Anna couldn’t help but fawn a little. She, like a lot of people, was still amazed that it was Gerard’s baby that she was carrying and that the defender was still around for her. “Gosh, you’re glowing” she added.

Imelda smiled. “Gracias” she cooed “I feel a little insecure, but hey, at least it isn’t showing” she noted with a little nervous laugh.

Anna tilted her head. “Why do you feel like that?” she posed, collecting her bag and leading Imelda towards the car where Andres sat, waiting patiently.

Imelda shrugged. “It took me 5 attempts to find a dress that didn’t make every part of me look awful” she noted “Then I had to do my hair twice because I wanted to look nice for Gerard. Are you sure that I look OK?” she posed, offering Anna a little look.

Anna smiled and nodded her head. “You look lovely Immy, really pretty and I am sure that Gerard will be suitably knocked off his feet when we get there. He’s a lucky guy and one look at you would tell him that” she explained, squeezing Imelda’s hand supportively. Imelda looked at her friend and nodded, returning her smile a little hesitantly. She had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach, one that she couldn’t shake, and she just hoped she was proved wrong. She liked things the way they were.
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