We Might Just Be

45: The First Time

“Are you sure that you don’t want one of us to come with you?” Gloria mused as she watched Imelda prepare herself for the hospital appointment that she had that morning. It had been almost a week since she and Gerard had ended things, and despite her still being slightly weepy on occasion, Imelda was holding up remarkably well. It still hurt, the idea that she wouldn’t wake up every morning to Gerard’s handsome face every morning, but she knew that it was the best thing for her, an idea that was allowing her to cope better. Of course she missed him, they had been remarkably intense for the eight months that they had been dating, but she knew that she had made the right call in the end, even if it was for herself. She wanted a wedding, she wanted to have what Thalia and Maria had both had before her and if Gerard wasn’t going to be the one who gave it to her, then she was going to find someone who would.

“Mama, I can handle it” Imelda quipped, pulling her sweater over her shirt “I am a big girl and I have to deal with the fact that I have to see him. He is the father after all” she commented, smoothing down a few of the dark hair that had been displaced by the sweater.

“I know” Gloria mused “But it is the first time and I just thought you would like me or your father there for moral support” she added, offering Imelda a small smile.

“Ma, if I take dad anywhere near Gerard, he will hit him in the face” Imelda replied.

“Alright, but I won’t” Gloria quipped.

Imelda smiled and stepped towards her mother, pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Ma, I appreciate the offer, but I need to do this by myself OK? I cannot hide behind you and padre” she explained gently. She was grateful for the offer, Gloria and Elias had been wonderful in the last week, but Imelda knew that she couldn’t hide behind her parents when it came to Gerard. It had been her decision to end their relationship and she couldn’t look like she had regrets. She knew that would make her an open target to Gerard who, according to Anna and Antonella, was oddly quiet and had been since their break-up.

“Are you sure?” Gloria mused.

Imelda nodded. “Certain, mama” she replied “But I will come back with the picture right away and tell you all about it” she added.

Gloria offered her a dubious look before she nodded. She was proud of Imelda, even if she was a little wary, and she hoped she was able to get through it unscathed. The first meeting would certainly be the hardest.

Taking a deep breath, Imelda stepped into the foyer of the maternity ward and looked around, her green eyes immediately finding Gerard, early as usual, sat beside the desk. He looked a little different, his hair was a little limp and his beard was not as neatly trimmed as usual, but it was still enough to make Imelda regret coming alone for a moment. He looked good and Imelda, in the week that they had been apart, had blocked that out. Swallowing, she fixed the most confident look she could muster on her face and stepped towards him, greeting him with a soft smile.

“Hola, Gerard” she mused standing ahead of him.

Gerard, who had been fiddling aimlessly with his phone, looked up a little, his eyes going wide as he looked up at her. She looked beautiful, stunning even, and, like her, he had tried to forget that. It made not fixating on their recent break up a little easier. “H…Hola” he squeaked.

Imelda smiled gently and moved to take the seat beside him, her hand gently rubbing at the bump which was easily visible beneath her thick sweater. Gerard watched the small movement and shifted, uncomfortable being so close to her. “How are you?” Imelda quipped.

Gerard blinked a little having not expected her to speak again. “Huh?” he posed.

“I asked how you are. Anna and Anto said you have been a little quiet” she noted.

Gerard shrugged. “Just been in a quiet mood I guess” he murmured.

Imelda noted the slight sadness in his voice, but opted to ignore it. Talking about their feelings was not going to do either them any good in that moment.

“What about you?” Gerard poked “How are you?” he posed.

Imelda smiled. “A little stifled by living with my parents, but I am working on finding somewhere else. I have a viewing tomorrow on a place near to the training ground” she noted.

Gerard nodded. “You could just stay with me” he murmured “For the baby” he added quickly.

Imelda shook her head. “We went through this when I left. That isn’t fair on either of us” she murmured.

“I know what you said” he replied “It is still an offer though, if things don’t pan out with an apartment” he added.

Imelda looked at him for a second and opened her mouth to speak, only to be cut off as the receptionist called her name, summoning her for their apartment with Marcos. Sighing lowly, she attempted to move to her feet, something which caused Gerard to place his hand on her back, gently helping her up. Imelda jumped a little at the feel of his hand and looked down up at him, something which made him offer a timid smile. Imelda admired it for a moment before she pulled herself away from him a slightly, quickly making her way towards Marcos’ cubicle.

“There’s my favourite couple” Marcos grinned.

Imelda flinched at the word, but didn’t correct him, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. “Hola, Marcos” she cooed.

The midwife smiled softly at the couple before he moved to collect Imelda’s notes. “Once again, Immy, your results are looking remarkably positive” he explained with a small smile. Imelda noted it and peeked up at Gerard, her green eyes noting the slightly distant expression that filled his face. She knew it was hard for him, it had been hard for her since she had sat down next to him, but she had expected a little bit more of a reaction from him. He had just heard the news that their baby was doing well and he didn’t look overly interested.

Marcos noted the tension, but didn’t say a word. “I am going to do the scan now” he mused “Have you changed your mind about finding out the gender?” he posed.

Imelda, who was still looking at Gerard, nodded her head. “I would like to know” she commented, her eyes gaging the reaction on his face.

Gerard shifted slightly. “Immy, you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to” he whispered.

Imelda shook her head and smiled. “I want to. Maybe it will make you smile” she commented.

Gerard opened his mouth to object, but stopped himself as the gentle thumping of the baby’s heart filled the room. “Do you want to know?” Marcos posed.

Imelda looked at her ex-boyfriend and nodded. “Go on, Marcos” she encouraged.

The midwife smiled. “Congratulations, you’re expecting a little boy” he grinned.

Gerard swallowed. “A boy?” he whispered.

Marcos grinned. “He’s definitely a little boy, see?” he noted pointing to the image on the screen. Gerard scanned the image before he peeked down at Imelda, pressing a warm kiss against her lips. Imelda jumped at the feel of it and pushed him back slightly, her green eyes watching as his cheeks warmed.

Clearly, things were going to be awkward for a while.
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