We Might Just Be

47: And What Do I Do?

Sipping at his drink, Gerard sighed a little, his blue eyes peeking around the dimly lit bar. It had been a couple of hours, he had managed to down more drinks that he thought capable and he felt a little perkier than he had when he left. It wasn’t a solution, he knew that getting drunk was only going to make things worse in the long haul, but the idea of not thinking for a night appealed to him. Knocking back another shot, he grimaced a little before he noticed the blonde girl sat at his side, her heavily glossed lips smiling up at him. Shyly, he smiled back something which caused the blonde to scoot a little closer to him.

“Hola” she mused, her blue eyes peaking up at him through her lashes.

Gerard smiled. “Hola, I am Gerard” he noted, his hand held out ahead of him. The girl took it and giggled as he pressed a kiss to the back of her hand, something which made Gerard smile. It had been a little while since someone had blushed because of him. “Do I get to know your name hermosa?” he mused, offering her another charming smile.

The girl giggled again and nodded. “It’s Poppy” she cooed, leaning closer to him.

Gerard smiled. “That’s a very pretty name” he cooed.

Poppy smiled and nodded. “Your name is nice too” she quipped with a small drunken giggle “Though it is not quite as nice as your face. You’re very handsome” she added before she descended into a fit of giggles, something which made Gerard smirk a little. Picking a girl up had never appeared so easy. Shaking his head a little, he motioned to the bartender and pointed to their two empty glasses, signalling his want for another drink. The bartender nodded dutifully and filled up the pair’s glasses, allowing Gerard to turn back to Poppy, engaging her in conversation.

“Don’t you want to get a taxi or something?” Gerard murmured as Poppy pulled him into the women’s bathroom, her lips fusing to his quickly. It had been a couple of hours, Gerard had spent most of the night drinking and flirting with the blonde who had been remarkably eager to flirt back, but he couldn’t quite believe that she had dragged him into the bathroom. He had thought that they would at least make it back to the safety of his house before they did the deed. Poppy smirked and shook her head, her blue eyes looking up at him. “This is more fun” she quipped, guiding him into one of the stalls.

Gerard thought about telling her to stop, but he opted against it, following her into one of the small cubicles and locking the door behind him.

Poppy offered him another smirk before she placed her hands at the base of his neck, pulling him into a kiss that he was all too happy to return. It was a distraction, it would never be much more than that to him, but he was glad it was working. Since Poppy had sat down beside him, his mind hadn’t wandered to Imelda once and that was something which pleased him. He was sick of thinking about her, about the way she would wake him up with a kiss or the way she always knew the perfect thing to say, and he just wanted to take his mind off it for a moment.

“Eager” Poppy giggled as Gerard’s hand slipped inside of her skirt.

The defender quirked a little smile before he leant down, kissing her once more. Poppy smiled against his lips and moved her hands, working loose the belt that was around his waist. Gerard shifted a little at the touch and moved away slightly, trying to catch his breath as Poppy moved to kiss down to his chest. Swallowing a little, he bit his lip, trying to stifle the noise. “Don’t be shy” Poppy giggled “People do this all the time” she added.

Gerard nodded his head before he tilted it slightly, allowing Poppy to bite down on his skin. Gerard made a little noise in discomfort before he opened his mouth, breathing out the word ‘Imelda’ that made Poppy pull away from him like he was on fire. “What did you just say?” she hissed.

Gerard blinked, a little disorientated.

“You have a girlfriend?” Poppy snapped, her hand hitting his cheek.

Gerard’s head snapped to the side before he tried to speak. “No” he defended “I…I”

“Said another girl’s name” Poppy hissed as she hit his chest, scooting him out of the way of the door “You’re an ass” she snapped before she sprinted out of the room. Gerard tried to sprint after her, but the level of alcohol in his system prevented it, causing him to stumble over the slight step that led out of the bathroom. Cursing a little to himself, he shuffled back to his feet and padded out into the main part of the bar, requesting a bottle of water and a taxi from the bartender who nodded dutifully. Swallowing a little, he lowered himself down onto a stool and peered around the room, his head aching.

“Rough night?”

Gerard lifted his head a little and sighed, his blue eyes noting Antonella and Lionel who stood ahead of him, knowing expressions on their faces.

“What are you doing?” Lionel murmured, taking the seat beside his friend.

Gerard shrugged his slumped shoulders.

Lionel sighed. “Gerard, this isn’t going to help” he noted.

Gerard nodded. “I know that” he scoffed “I just wanted to get out of my own head for a little while. I spend hours every day thinking about Immy and I wanted to stop for a little while, something I couldn’t manage. I had a girl in there, a beautiful girl who wanted me and what do I do? I say Immy’s name” he cursed.

“Perhaps because you’re not over her” Antonella noted.

Gerard chuckled ironically. “There is no getting over her” he muttered.

Lionel offered his friend a sympathetic look before he collected the bottle of water from the bar, placing it in his hand. Gerard smiled and sipped at it. “You should come home with us” Lionel noted.

“I don’t want to impose” Gerard murmured.

“You’re not imposing and I am not going to leave you to your own devices tonight. Come home with us, Gerard” Antonella smiled, squeezing his shoulder softly. The defender sighed. “I miss her” he admitted.

“I know” Antonella sighed “And I know she misses you too” she murmured.

Gerard scoffed. “She doesn’t seem to” he whimpered, tears in his eyes.

Antonella wrapped her arms around him and sighed, wishing there was more she could say. “Come on, Gerard, let’s get you out of here” she whispered. The defender sighed and nodded his head, following the pair out of the bar as tears filled his eyes. Antonella hugged the defender closer and sighed. Something needed to be done.
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