We Might Just Be

49: But Not Tonight

Shifting a little, Gerard smiled, his blue eyes looking down at the head of dark curls that was resting against him. It had been a nice day, after Imelda had agreed to work on their relationship, they had travelled back to his home and set up camp in front of the television, and Gerard was pleased. Even if they were doing nothing but watching superhero films and eating junk food, he was glad to have Imelda back in his arms again, something he had doubted would happen. Smiling at her gently, he pressed a slight kiss to her forehead and shifted, allowing her petite frame to fall back onto the cushions. “Mhm” Imelda hummed “Where are you going?” she added, her green eyes blinking tiredly.

“Bathroom” Gerard replied “But I will bring you back a blanket if you want one. You look all sleep and comfy” he mused with a small smile, his blue eyes studying her as though she was the most beautiful piece of art he had ever seen. Imelda noted the curious nature of his stare and shifted a little, her cheeks blushing softly. “Why are you staring at me like that?” she murmured.

Gerard shrugged. “Because you are pretty” he replied simply “And I like looking at you. Would you like me to stop?” he added, stepping back towards her. Imelda sat up a little and shook her head, a little smile on her lips that had Gerard’s stomach doing somersaults. “I have missed that look” he murmured, his body leaning over hers. Imelda blushed and nibbled on the corner of her lip, something which made Gerard lean over, kissing her gently. Imelda grinned into it and wound her fingers in his hair, holding him against her for a few moments before the low hum of her vibrating phone caught her ears, causing her to sigh.

“Ignore it” Gerard grumbled as he pulled her lips back to his.

“It is probably my mother or father” Imelda replied, pulling back.

“And?” Gerard replied “They have had you all to themselves for weeks. I think they can afford me the same luxury” he added, his fingertips gently scooting the dark hair away from her eyes.

“They’ll worry if I don’t answer” she mused, collecting her phone from her bag.

Gerard sighed a little, but nodded his head, making his way towards the bathroom as Imelda moved to answer her phone.

“What did you tell them?” Gerard poked as he stood in the doorway of his kitchen, his blue eyes watching as his girlfriend prepared them some dinner. She had been on the phone for a while, longer than Gerard had thought she would be, and he was a little curious about what she had said. He was under no illusions, Elias probably disliked him more now than he ever had before, and he wondered if Imelda had told her parents about their reconciliation. He wanted to know if he needed to prepare himself for another threat on the part of Elias.

Imelda sighed. “I told them that I was with a friend” she murmured, not looking over at him.

“A friend? Immy, I think I may be a little more than your friend” Gerard joked feebly, his tall frame pressing against her back as he placed his hand against her ever-growing bump.

Imelda nodded. “I know that” she murmured “But if I even say your name near my padre, he gets this murderous look on his face and I kind of like you alive” she explained. It had taken a lot of restraint on Elias’ part to not storm around to Gerard’s after their break up and Imelda didn’t want to push the older man. He had only gotten more protective of her since she had begun to show and she didn’t want to upset him by announcing that she had taken back the man that had upset her. It would only serve to make Elias cause a scene.

Gerard sighed. “They are going to find out at some point, Immy” he noted.

“I know, but not tonight” she replied gently.

Gerard nodded his head softly and lowered his head, softly kissing the back of her neck. “How long do you think it will be before we tell them?” he murmured, his lips nipping at the skin at the back of her neck. Imelda shivered and shrugged her shoulders.

“A little while yet” she commented gently “I want to ease my padre into the idea of you being back around again” she added.

“He hates me regardless, Immy” Gerard commented with a nervous little laugh “As far as he is concerned, I am not good enough for his little girl and I never will be, even if I was the perfect boyfriend and father, he would still find a reason to hate me” he added.

“He doesn’t hate you” Imelda quipped, turning her body so that they stood face to face.

Gerard quirked a sarcastic smile. “No, you’re right. Elias loves me, that’s why he almost broke my nose” he muttered, motioning to the tiny scar that marred the side of his nose.

Imelda sighed. “He’s a papa, Gerard. If we ever have a daughter, I can’t imagine you being much different” she noted.

Gerard thought about commenting on the fact she had mentioned a second child, but opted against it. “Cesc never mentioned your padre being insane before, Immy. It is probably just me that he doesn’t like” he mumbled.

“It isn’t you that is the reason that he is how he is, it is me” Imelda quipped, turning the stove off behind her.

“What?” Gerard posed.

“He doesn’t have a problem specifically with you, Gerard, he has a problem with men looking at me. He was the parent left in charge of picking up the pieces when Antonio and Maria happened and he doesn’t want to see it again. He doesn’t hate you Gerard, he hates the notion of me being broken again” she explained softly. It was no justification, some of the stuff that Elias had done had been awful, but Imelda wanted Gerard to understand. Her father only wanted her to be happy and he had seen what it was like when she got hurt.

Gerard sighed and placed his arms around her, hugging her close. “How long do you think we will need to leave it before we tell people about being back together?” he murmured, dropping a soft kiss onto her forehead.

“A few weeks” Imelda whispered.

Gerard wanted to object, he wanted to yell the news from the rooftops, but he knew that Imelda was right. Elias in particular needed to warm to the idea of him being back in Imelda’s life. “Alright” he murmured.

Imelda smiled and thanked him gently with a tender kiss. She knew it wasn’t ideal, Gerard clearly wanted to make a fuss, but she just wanted a little time to try and convince her parents that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. She loved him, even if their wants and wishes didn’t quite line up, and she would have rather been with him than without him.
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