We Might Just Be

05: My Fake New Boyfriend

“So” Imelda noted as she padded into her kitchen, a sweatshirt pulled over her body. She had been shocked, she hadn’t expected to see Gerard other than at events for the wedding, but she knew she had to help him. The lie he had told solved a problem for her too and she didn’t want to rat him out. Even despite the little time that they had spent together, she knew she liked him and she didn’t want to cause him any problems, even if it did mean playing along for a little while, she was more than willing to help.

Gerard, who had been playing with the bottle of water that Imelda had given him, looked up. “So what?” he poked.

“So, how does this plan of yours work out Gerard? It is one thing telling people that we are dating, it is another thing to make them believe it” she quipped as she moved to collect a banana from the fruit bowl on the counter.

Gerard tilted his head, something which made Imelda giggle. “You really didn’t think this through, did you?” she teased softly.

“It was sort of spur of the moment” Gerard noted “My friend, he wouldn’t shut up and I kind of just blurted it out” he added.

“Well, I am sure your friend would have told someone else by now and it won’t be long before it gets back to Lia and Cesc, so we should come up with a strategy to deal with them first” she explained, plopping down on the counter beside the defender, causing him to look up at her. She was beautiful, especially close up where he could see the soft blue flecks in her green eyes, but he quickly dismissed the thought. As much as he was sure he could learn to like Imelda, it had been barely a month since his last relationship had ended and he didn’t want to hurt Imelda by rushing into things. He just wanted a little time to get over it all before he started looking for something.

“Gerard?” Imelda quipped, noting the zoned-out look on his face.

Gerard shifted and looked up at her, something which made her shake her head. “Your last girlfriend must have been special to leave you in this mess” she quipped.

Gerard quirked a brow, silently asking what she meant.

“You stare a lot Gerard, and ramble like a child, something I can already guess isn’t like you. I have heard Lia talk about you before and never once did she describe you as quiet” she noted.

Gerard shrugged. “It hurt, her leaving” he noted “But that is why I told Leo that I was seeing you. It gives me a little time to get my head around it all” he explained gently.

Imelda nodded her head. “Why did she leave?” she poked gently.

Gerard smirked. “I thought you didn’t want to know” he teased.

“I didn’t when you were just going to be the best man at my sister’s wedding, but seeing as you are my new fake boyfriend, I should probably know just in case someone asks about it” she reasoned.

Gerard nodded. “She told me that she no longer loved me” he admitted softly, his eyes drifting to the ground “She woke up one day and decided that she no longer wanted to be with me, she told me that we were too far gone and that there was no fixing us so she left about a month ago and I have spent the time trying to figure out why. We never had it easy, she was travelling a lot and I was too for away matches, but I still don’t understand. To me, we were the same as we always were” he explained gently.

Imelda watched him and sighed. “Gerard, I am so sorry” she noted.

Gerard shook his head. “It is not your fault” he commented gently.

“I know” Imelda quipped “But that is just so shitty. If I was going to break up with a guy, I would give him an actual reason, not that” she explained gently.

Gerard smiled before he heard the front door close, Thalia’s loud voice filling the air. “Immy!” she yelled.

Imelda, who was still sat on the counter, rolled her eyes playfully, causing Gerard to chuckle.

“Thalia” she grinned “What can I do for you?” she added.

“Lionel just texted Cesc. You and Gerard are dating?” Thalia exclaimed as she strolled into the room, her eyes fixed on her sister. She was irked, if Lionel was telling the truth, then Imelda had lied to her face and she was annoyed. She had felt bad for setting them up like she had.

Imelda nodded. “We are” she confirmed softly

“Imelda!” Thalia scolded “How could you not tell me that?” she added.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “How about because if I did, you would yell at me like a child” she quipped sarcastically.

Thalia scoffed. “I told you that you two would work” she noted with a look towards Gerard who smiled back at her feebly.

“Well congrats, Lia, you were right, now if you don’t mind, we were kind of talking here” she quipped as she padded towards Gerard, kissing his cheek gently.

Thalia offered Imelda a look before she skittered out of the room, leaving her sister and Gerard alone once more.

“I am so sorry about her” Imelda noted as she moved to resume her position on the counter.

Gerard chuckled. “How does Cesc put up with her?” he teased.

Imelda rolled her eyes playfully. She knew there was no question, Thalia and Cesc were meant for one another, but she often wondered the same thing about how the midfielder put up with her sister. Thalia could talk endlessly and from what she had seen of the midfielder, he was quite reserved and quiet. “In all honesty, I have no idea” she teased “But I know he adores her. His eyes light up whenever he is around her” she noted gently.

Gerard nodded his head. “If we could be half as good as them, just pretending, I think we would do well” he noted.

Imelda giggled softly. “So, we’re going to do this?” she posed.

Gerard smiled. “At least until your sister and Cesc have married. We can stage a break up after that” he noted.

Imelda nodded and stuck out her hand, something which Gerard was quick to take, pulling her into a hug instead of the hand shake she had expected. Imelda jumped at the feel of it, but quickly warmed to it, noting that he was the perfect height to hug her just right. Gerard smiled down at her, noting how perfectly she felt in his arms.
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