We Might Just Be

50: I Thought We’d Seen The Last Of You

“This is where you live now?” Gerard posed as he looked around the small apartment that Imelda had led him up to, his nose wrinkled a little in distaste. He didn’t like it, the idea of Imelda living in the tiny apartment, but it beat her living with her parents, something that Gerard knew would have caused them problems. It had been a couple of weeks since they had gotten back together and with Imelda’s bump growing more and more with each passing day, Gerard wanted to make a start on the nursery that their baby would live in, something which had led him to arrive at Imelda’s apartment. He hadn’t seen it before, Imelda had spent most nights in his home, and part of him wanted to propose that she moved back in with him, but he knew better. Until they had told Gloria and Elias about their reconciliation, they had to keep things under wraps and moving her back in with him would have only caused them more problems.

“No, this is some stranger’s home” Imelda commented with a little laugh “Of course this is my place” she added.

Gerard spared her a sarcastic smile before he stepped a little deeper into the room, his blue eyes running over the furnishings that filled it. “How many bedrooms does it have?” he posed.

“Two” Imelda commented “One for me, one for him” she added, gently rubbing her bump.

“And there’s a kitchen and bathroom?” Gerard pressed, his nose still a little wrinkled.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “Gerard, this is a good place” she commented “It has everything your house has just in a small room. Stop trying to pick holes” she noted, padding towards the kitchen. Gerard followed after her and sat down on the counter, watching as she filled the kettle up. “You know could just come back with me” he noted, his blue eyes watching her innocently.

Imelda shook her head. “You know why I can’t do that” she noted, collecting two mugs from the cupboard.

“We could also tell your parents that you love me” he teased, offering her his widest and warmest smile. Imelda looked up at him and shook her head, laughing a little. “Come on Im, we’ve been back together for nearly a month, do you not think we should think about telling them? I can’t keep hiding it from my parents” he noted. It had been the agreement they had reached, other than Antonella and Lionel who had been present when they had reconciled, they had told no one about getting back together and weren’t going to until Imelda had told her parents. They, or more specifically Elias, were the only people like to kick up a fuss and Imelda wanted to buy them a little time. She just wanted to enjoy being with him again.

“We could tell your parents” Imelda noted, pouring their tea.

“I would rather we told yours. Immy, they’re going to figure us out eventually and I would like it more if it came from us. At least that way your padre might not hit me” he noted, half teasing and half serious.

“He’s not going to hit you” Imelda commented.

“In fairness, you said that last time” Gerard replied, stealing his cup away from her “Come on, Im, they’re your parents and they’re not idiots. We should just be honest with them and get it done with. Then, you can come home with me and you won’t have to waste money on rent. I miss you when you aren’t around” he murmured, his voice softening a little.

Imelda sighed. “Do we have to?” she whimpered.

“They’re family” Gerard replied, leaning forwards to press a kiss against her forehead “And you can’t change them. You want our baby to have his grandparents right?” he posed. Imelda nodded. “Then let’s invite them to dinner sometime soon. I don’t like all this hiding Im” he murmured, placing his arms around her. He knew why they had done it, Imelda was scared and he didn’t blame her for it, but he didn’t want to have to hide, especially when their baby was born. He deserved all of his family around him when he entered the world.

Imelda sighed and relaxed into his embrace, holding him gently. “I will call them” she murmured.

Gerard nodded his head and placed another kiss on her forehead before he met her lips, earning a little noise from Imelda who proceeded to place her arms around his neck. “You can call them in a bit” he mumbled between kisses “I have a much better idea for how we should celebrate me seeing your new home for the first time” he added, his fingers weaving with hers as he moved to lead her down the hall. Imelda giggled gently and followed along, glad that she had given them a second chance.

Yawning a little, Gerard padded into Imelda’s kitchen, his stomach rumbling. It had been a nice afternoon, he and Imelda had hardly left her bedroom and Gerard was pleased. Ever since they had gotten back together, things had been good for them and Gerard liked it that way. They weren’t thinking of a future, they weren’t worrying about their differences, they were stuck in the moment and Gerard adored it. Having Imelda around felt like it had at the very start of their relationship and that was something he had missed.

Stretching a little, he pulled the fridge door open and scanned its contents before the muffled sound of voices caught his ears, causing him to edge slightly closer to the hall, his blue eyes watching shadows on the carpet. Swallowing, he contemplated making a run for the safety of Imelda’s bedroom, but was stopped as Gloria, quickly tailed by Elias, stepped into the room, her eyes widening at the sight of the defender who stood in nothing but his boxer shorts.

“Gerard” she squeaked “What…?” she trailed off.

“Hola, Mr and Mrs Torres” Gerard quipped shyly “It is very nice to see you again” he added.

Gloria attempted to speak once more, but was cut off by her husband who stared darkly at the taller man. “I thought we had seen the last of you near our little girl” he muttered, his eyes narrowed.

Gerard shook his head. “Not by a long shot” he replied “Now I should go and get Immy. Clearly we need to have a chat” he added a little sarcastically before he stepped out of the room, knowing that they were in for a conversation that he didn’t want to have.
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