We Might Just Be

54: Take A Breath

Blinking a little, Imelda sat up, her legs warmed by a strange sensation that had begun to flood down them. It was early, she had only been asleep for a couple of hours, but she couldn’t ignore the strange sensation, nor could she pretend that she couldn’t feel the slight twinges in her stomach. Sniffing a little, she peeked over at Gerard who was sleeping soundly before she kicked back the comforter, her green eyes noting the large wet patch which sat around her. Staring at it for a moment, she shook her head before she cursed lowly. She had been expecting it, her due date was only a week away, but now it was here, she was a little scared. She had read all of the books, she had even watching a birthing tape that Ashley had given her, but the idea of actually being in labour was still frightening. Swallowing, she eyed the spot for another second before she placed her hand against Gerard’s shoulder, shaking it slightly. “Gerard” she murmured. The defender stirred a little, but didn’t wake up, instead falling onto his back and letting out a small snore. Imelda rolled her eyes and placed her hand on his arm, pinching him slightly.

Gerard let out a little whimper before he opened his eyes, staring up at Imelda. “What the fuck Immy? I was sleeping” he mumbled with a yawn.

“We have a bigger problem than your disturbed sleep, Gerard” she commented.

“Is the house on fire?” Gerard poked, a small yawn falling out of his mouth.

“No” Imelda replied.

“Did your waters break? Because unless they did, I am going back to sleep” Gerard replied, stretching his arms.

“We packed a hospital bag right?” Imelda murmured.

Gerard frowned before the lightbulb flashed on in his head, causing him to let out a small curse. “You…he’s…We need to go to the hospital” he spluttered before he vaulted out of bed, quickly retrieving a change of clothes. Imelda watched him for a second before she let out a giggle, watching as he tried to pull his sleeve over his head.

“Gerard” she noted as she gently pushed herself to her feet, helping him pull on his shirt “I have a feeling that we can take our time about this. Take a breath and calm yourself” she commented, smoothing out the material across his chest.

Gerard watched her for a second before he brushed the hair out of her face, pressing a tender kiss against her lips. “We’re having a baby” he whispered as he shyly placed his palms against her bump. Imelda nodded her head and kissed his lips again before she padded towards the bathroom, collecting a loose set of clothes to change into.

Gerard watched after her before he shook his head, hoping the labour that would bring their baby into the world wasn’t a long one.

“How are you feeling Imelda?” Marcos posed as he peeked at the dark haired girl’s chart.

“Sleepy” Imelda replied “And achy. Please, Marcos, tell me we are making some sort of progress” Imelda murmured, running a tired hand back through her hair. It had been hours, Imelda had arrived at the hospital at 4:32am and was still in labour at 9:01am, something which was starting to get on her nerves. She had expected that it would take a while, her mother had told her that when she had had Aiden, it had taken well over 12 hours for the baby to enter the world, but she was hoping for some good news. When Marcos had last visited, she had barely been 3cm dilated.

Marcos, who had moved to check on the progress of the labour, sighed, shaking his head gently. “I’m sorry Immy. You’re only 4cm” he mused.

“4? I was 3 when I showed up” Imelda protested.

“You’re progressing” Marcos noted as he scrawled some notes down on Imelda’s chart “Just very slowly. It will happen Immy, but it is taking some time. I will be back to check on your in an hour or so” he noted gently.

Imelda heaved out a small sigh before she rested against the pillow, her sleepy green eyes watching as Gerard padded back into the room, a cup of coffee in his hand. “Are we making any progress?” he posed gently as he sat down in the seat beside her.

“We’ve gone up a centimeter in the last 5 hours” Imelda murmured.

Gerard spared her a small sympathetic smiled before he took her hand, squeezing it gently. “He’ll come in his own time, Immy, but for now, you should at least try and get a little sleep. We’re going to be here for a while longer yet” he murmured, kissing the skin on her hand gently. Imelda sighed gently before she snuggled up against her pillow, allowing Gerard to pad back into the hall, greeting his mother and father who sat expectantly outside. He had insisted that they go home, from the looks of things, their son was going to take his time about entering the world, but the older couple refused. Like him, they didn’t want to miss a second of their grandson’s arrival.

“How’s it going?” Montserrat questioned gently.

“It isn’t really” Gerard replied “We’ve been here for about 5 hours and Immy’s still only 4cm dilated. We’re moving, but not quickly” he noted, falling into a chair at his mother’s side.

Montserrat sighed and took his hand, rubbing it gently. “Why don’t you go and get some sleep? You look run off your feet” she cooed softly.

Gerard shook his head. “I am not skipping out on a second. I am only out here now because she needs to sleep” he explained gently.

Montserrat nodded before she looked at Joan who moved to collect something from his jacket. “We have something we want to give you” she explained, rubbing Gerard’s arm gently “It has been in my family for years and I wanted to give it to you” she added, taking it out of Joan’s hand.

Gerard frowned. “Mama…”

“I know you are scared, mi hijo, I know you better than you know yourself, but one day, when you feel ready, I would like this to be given to Imelda because I think we both know she is the girl you are going to end up with” she murmured, folding the small velvet box into his hand. Gerard eyed it for a second before he nodded, smiling a little at the older woman.

“Gracias, mama” he murmured gently.

Montserrat smiled at him gently and kissed his forehead. She couldn’t have been much prouder of him.