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55: The Waiting Is Over

“Marcos” Imelda sighed “Please, tell me that we are getting somewhere. It has been 23 hours, 23 painful and long hours, please tell me that we can go and deliver him” she whimpered, tears filling her tired eyes. It had been hours, too many for Imelda who was growing more and more annoyed and frustrated the minutes ticked by, and she just wanted some good news. It felt like years since she had last slept and even longer since she had been able to move around without her insides aching. Marcos, who had been checking her over, sighed a little, sparing a sympathetic smile. “Sorry, Immy, not quite yet” he cooed as kindly as he could “You’re 8cm now, which means we only have 2 left. I’ll be back to check on you in a little while” he explained before he padded out of the room.

Imelda groaned a little before she threw her head back against her pillow, tired and frustrated tears in her green eyes. “Come on, Im” Gerard murmured, his hand gently taking hers “It will only be a little while longer and then we will have our little boy. Just think about that, about him, and these next two centimetres won’t feel so bad” he whispered, trying to soothe her. He hated it, Imelda’s crying and screaming pierced him like a knife, but he knew there was nothing he could do. They were progressing, even if it was remarkably slowly, and it was merely a case of waiting it out. Their son was on his way, just at a pace that was slower than Imelda or Gerard wanted.

“Easy for you to say” Imelda muttered “Your insides don’t feel like they are going to fall out any second” she added, squeezing his hand as another contraction passed through her. Gerard grimaced at the strength of her grip before he dropped a little kiss onto her head, something which made Imelda sniffle.

“Why don’t we work on his name?” the defender suggested gently. He knew it wasn’t the best time, Imelda’s contractions were only a couple of minutes apart at best, but he wanted to take her mind off of it for a little while. They were going to be there for a little while longer yet.

Imelda adjusted herself in the bed and nodded. “Alright. Do you have any ideas?” she posed.

Gerard nodded his head and moved over to his jacket, collecting a small scrap of paper from his wallet.

“What is that?” Imelda posed, smiling at him gently.

Gerard’s cheeks tinted pink. “My list of names” he admitted sheepishly “I’ve have it for a couple of months. I took it on away trips with me” he explained.

Imelda bit her lip. Sometimes he could be simply adorable. “What did you come up with?” she posed.

“I think I have narrowed it down to three” Gerard commented as he returned to his seat, kicking his feet up onto Imelda’s bed. “I like Felix, Alex or Theo” he noted gently.

Imelda smiled. “How many names were there?” she posed, her green eyes peeking down at the tattered piece of paper.

“It started at about 25, but I narrowed it down. What do you think?” Gerard posed, his blue eyes looking at her shyly.

“I like Theo” she whispered “Theodore Piqué Torres” she mused.

Gerard smiled. “That was my favorite too” he cooed.

Imelda smiled at him softly before another contraction pulled through her, something which caused her to grip at Gerard’s hand. The defender frowned a little. “That one was quicker” he murmured “Do you want me to go and find Marcos?” he poked.

Imelda swallowed a little but nodded, something which caused Gerard to sprint out into the corridor, returning quickly with Marcos who moved to check Imelda over. “I have good news” Marcos cooed “You’re ready to deliver” he added. Imelda stared at him for a second. She had doubted she would ever hear that phrase from him. “On my count Immy, I will need for you to start pushing OK?” he explained. Imelda nodded her head and waved her hand a little, something which made Gerard pad around to her side, squeezing her hand gently.

“Alright, Immy, on the count of 3” Marcos cooed.

24 hours and 10 minutes, that was how long it took for Theodore Piqué Torres to take his first breath into his tiny lungs. It had been 24 hours of pain, of screaming and yelling, but as Imelda and Gerard looked upon their newborn son, there was no that it had been worth it. He was a healthy looking baby, he’d weighed a little under nine pounds when he had been born, and Imelda couldn’t have been prouder. Theo was worth the screaming, he was worth the pain and Imelda knew from the moment she laid eyes on him that he would be worth anything and everything they went through.

“He’s so little” Gerard murmured as he gently traced his fingers over Theo’s forehead.

“He’s a baby” Imelda replied softly “He’s supposed to be small” she added, offering him a little sleepy smile.

Gerard smiled a little before the door to their room was edged open, allowing a group of well-wishers inside, their eyes instantly landing on the 2 hour old baby that sat in Imelda’s arms, his powder blue eyes staring around a little. “Dios mio” Gloria whispered as she gently gripped Elias’ arm.

Imelda smiled. “I am sorry for the wait” she commented with a small laugh.

“You’re a hero” Ashley mused as she smiled at her sister-in-law “Ellis was born in 7 hours” she added.

Imelda smiled a little sheepishly before Theo let out small whimper, calling Imelda’s attention back to him.

“Do we have a name yet?” Joan posed.

Gerard looked at Imelda for a second before he nodded, smiling. “This is Theodore, or Theo as he will be known” he noted, offering the two hour old a little grin.

“Theo” Elias quipped “I like it” he added.

Imelda smiled at her father before she offered Theo out to her and Gerard’s mothers, offering them the chance to hold their new grandson, something Montserrat was quick to take up, her tearful eyes gleaming at the sight of the little boy.

Imelda smiled fondly at the sight before she snuggled a little closer to Gerard who had an arm wrapped around her shoulder. “I think they like him” she murmured.

Gerard nodded. “They were always going to” he mused “He’s a good looking boy” he added.

Imelda smiled. “He was always going to be good looking. He’s got you as a papa” she teased impishly.

Gerard laughed softly before he looked around the room, noting the perfection of the feeling that filled him. He had thought he would feel different, that he would be scared or nervous, but as he sat with Imelda, his eyes looking over at his son who was being passed around the room to everyone who was wanting their first hold, he couldn’t help but smile. It was where he was supposed to be and he knew it.

“Gerard?” Imelda poked “Amor, are you OK?” she nudged, her finger poking his side.

Gerard blinked a little and nodded. “Im” he murmured.

“Yup?” Imelda smiled.

Gerard swallowed a little before he took a breath.

“Marry me?” he squeaked.
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