We Might Just Be

58: Grin & Bear It

“Buenos dias” Imelda whispered gently as she padded into Theo’s nursery, her green eyes gently fixed on the little boy who whimpered a little. It was still early, it was just before 6 in the morning, but Imelda didn’t mind. Gerard had already been up twice to check on the 2 day old and it only seemed fair that it was her turn, even if Gerard had fought her for it, she couldn’t resist the chance to see her little boy again. “You look like you could use some breakfast, Theo” she murmured, gently collecting the baby from his crib, wrapping him loosely in the blanket that had been neatly hung over the rail of his crib. Theo whimpered a little and scrunched up his nose, a sight that made Imelda grin. He was only a couple of days old, but already she adored him more than anything else. Everything little thing he did or every little noise he made fascinated her. “How about we go and get breakfast and then we can go and see if Papa wants to get up eh?” she smiled, gently running her fingers through Theo’s blonde hairs. The little boy made another small sound before she padded out of the room with him, a smile fixed prominently on her face.

“There’s my favorite boy” Gerard grinned as he quietly padded into the kitchen, his blue eyes quickly fixing on Theo who sat in Imelda’s arms, enjoying the bottle of milk that his mother had prepared for him. It was still early, Gerard had heard Imelda’s voice over the monitor and he hadn’t been able to resist the chance to see her and Theo together, it was a sight that he was quickly growing to love and he hadn’t turned down a chance to see it yet, even if Imelda had told him to sleep, the novelty of being near his little family was merely too tempting.

Imelda, who had been feeding Theo, lifted her head. “No greeting for me, fiancé?” she posed, a small smile on her face.

Gerard chuckled gently and padded towards her, pressing a little kiss against her lips. “Buenos dias, mi amor” he cooed gently before he padded towards the kettle, flicking it on. “How is he doing this morning? When I left him last night, he looked like he was going to fall right back to sleep” he mused, his blue eyes gazing at his two favorite people.

“He’s doing well” Imelda cooed “He looks like he has gotten enough sleep and we’ve already done a nappy change and a feed. I was going to go and get him dressed in a little while before visitors start showing up again. Anto already texted saying that she and Leo were going to pop by as did Anna” she explained, gently taking the empty bottle away from Theo who snuffled a little at the loss of contact.

“Why do people get so gooey over babies?” Gerard posed.

“You’re not gooey over him?” Imelda quipped, her eyebrow cocked amusedly.

“I am, but he is my son. I don’t see why people get worked up over babies that aren’t even theirs” Gerard noted.

Imelda smiled. “Because they are beautiful, in particular Theo, and people like sharing in the moment with the new parents” she explained as she quietly got to her feet, pressing a little kiss to the defender’s cheek. “Just grin and bear it, mi amor, eventually, no one will go out of their way to come and fuss over him, we’ll have him all to ourselves” she explained softly.

Gerard offered her a restricted smile and nodded, hoping that that day would come sooner rather than later.

“Oh, look at him” Antonella smiled as she peeked into the Moses basket, her warm eyes running over Theo who kicked a little sleepily. She was still amazed, at one point it had looked like Theo would be born to parents who couldn’t been in the same room as one another, but she was pleased that he hadn’t been. He deserved a chance to have both of his parents in his life and it looked as though he was going to have it that way for a while to come yet. “He looks like you, doesn’t he?” she added, her eyes looking up at Imelda.

“I think he looks more like my lovely boyfriend” Imelda mused “But either way, he’s adorable” she added with a little smile.

Antonella nodded. “Can I hold him?” she posed.

Imelda nodded. “Of course you can” she noted.

Antonella let out a little squeak before she leant down, gently lifting Theo into her arms. “He’s got that lovely baby smell” she cooed, swaying the baby gently. Imelda nodded gently and smiled a little as she felt Gerard placed his arm around her waist, holding her close to him. “How is it going in here?” he whispered.

“I think we need to make sure that Antonella doesn’t take him home” Imelda quipped “But other than that, it is going well. What about you?” she teased “What were you and Leo doing in the kitchen?” she added.

“I was giving him advice” Lionel peeped.

“Advice on what?” Imelda poked, her green eyes peeking back at her boyfriend.

“How to deal with cooing relatives without wanting to punch them” Gerard returned “Though, Lionel’s advice did mostly seem to be to make sure that I have a beer in my hand. I think someone has a little problem” he teased.

“When you have the in-laws I do…” Lionel’s voice trailed off as Antonella glared at him, something which made Imelda giggle.

“My father-in-law to be hit me in the nose” Gerard noted with a grin.

“To-be?” Lionel poked.

Gerard frowned. He hadn’t meant to let that detail slip.

Imelda shook her head gently. “Your friend here, he asked me to marry him the other day” she quipped.

“He did?” Antonella squeaked, gently handing Theo over to Lionel.

“He did” Imelda confirmed “And I said yes” she added.

Antonella’s eyes widened a fraction before she skittered towards Imelda, pulling her into a tight hug.

Gerard watched the small interaction and sighed, knowing that they were going to have to tell the rest of their relatives before Antonella had the chance to.