We Might Just Be

59: We’ve Made It This Far

“Why do we need to tell people?” Gerard murmured as he fixed the shirt that Imelda had picked out for him “We could just post a picture and have done with it” he suggested softly. He knew that they had to do it, Imelda’s parents weren’t going to keep quiet forever, but still it irked him a little. Things had just started to settle down, he had spent more and more time alone with Theo and Imelda, and he knew it wouldn’t be the same once people knew they were engaged, people were going to fuss and that wasn’t something that he wanted. He just wanted the whole thing to be quiet and calm.

Imelda, who had been settling Theo in his car seat, shook her head. “You’re not telling your parents that you are getting married with a picture Gerard” she quipped, gently offering Theo a little smile “We have one more dinner and then we are going away for a few days. Do you think you can cope with that?” she posed gently. She was glad, Theo had been born in the midst of the football off-season and thanks to a slight hamstring injury, Gerard had been ruled out of Spain’s Euro 2016 campaign, something which meant he had a few more weeks away from the sport, allowing him to spend more time with his son and fiancée.

“I don’t think I can” Gerard replied “We’ve been good for the last few days, people are coming by less and less and I am kind of liking that Im, something I won’t be able to enjoy once our relatives know that we are planning a wedding” he mumbled, his blue eyes peeking over at his girlfriend. He knew that they had to tell people, they were their family and deserved to hear it from them and not from the magazines, but still he didn’t like the idea. As soon as the word ‘engaged’ left Imelda’s lips, Thalia, Gloria and Montserrat would demand that they start planning, something which made Gerard slightly uncomfortable. He wanted to marry Imelda, Theo’s birth had confirmed that for him, but the idea of doing it quickly concerned him. He was hoping for a long engagement so that he would have a chance to get used to the ways in which their lives would be different.

Imelda noted the trepidation on his face and sighed, stepping towards him slightly. “Geri, this is going to be fine. We have already discussed a long engagement and no one is going to change our minds about that OK? We’re doing this our way and I will talk to anyone that questions it alright? I know you are still scared…”

“I am not scared” Gerard interjected “I just don’t want to feel pressured into this. This is our relationship Im, our marriage and our wedding, and I don’t want people trying to put a rush on us. We’ve made it this far” he whispered, his fingers gently shifting her dark hair behind the headband that sat on her head.

“We have” Imelda mused gently “And we are going to do this our way too” she smiled.

Gerard quirked a little grin in return and moved to kiss her, only to stop as Theo made a little noise. “Someone wants the attention on him” Imelda mused, her green eyes peeking back the baby. Gerard smiled gently and nodded, pressing a brisk kiss against her lips before he moved towards Theo, cooing at the little boy. Imelda watched them together and grinned. She adored seeing her boys together.

“There’s my beautiful grandson” Montserrat cooed as she padded towards Imelda, quickly scooping Theo out of her arms “He’s only getting more cute as the days pass” she added.

Imelda nodded. “He’s missed you” she cooed, trying to appease the cooing grandmother.

“I’ve missed him too” Montserrat confessed before she padded away, wanting to show off the week old baby to her husband.

Imelda watched her walk away from she turned to Gerard, gently squeezing his hand. She could see that he was nervous, he had been since they had left the house, but Imelda was going to stick to her word. It had been a big step, Gerard’s proposing had caught her of guard, and she didn’t want him being pressured by those around them. It had taken a lot for him to propose to her and she didn’t want him freaking out or back tracking because of other people, she liked the way they were.

“It will be Ok” Imelda whispered gently.

Gerard nodded. “I know, I just want to get it over with” he replied.

Imelda smiled at him gently and led him into the living room, her green eyes scanning the assortment of relatives that filled it. “Guys” she murmured gently “Can we talk to you about something?” she squeaked, her heart thumping a little.

Thalia, who had been cooing over Ella, looked up. “You’re not transferring are you Gerard?” she teased.

The defender shook his head. “No, I am not” he noted.

“Then what is with the grave looks. You’re new parents, you should at least look a little happier” Aiden quipped from his spot on the couch.

“Says the man, who for the first week after Ellis was born, stayed with his parents” Ashley quipped, offering her husband an eye roll.

Gerard chuckled before he gently placed his hand on Imelda’s hip, shuffling her a little closer to his side. “We have some news for you guys” he murmured gently “After Imelda had had Theo, I asked her a very important question and it brings me a lot of pleasure to tell you all that we are going to be getting married” he explained shyly.

“You’re what?” Aiden peeped “We didn’t catch that” he noted with a small smile.

“He said that we are getting married” Imelda interjected, squeezing Gerard’s hand gently as she saw the startled look on his face.

“He proposed?” Thalia squeaked, her eyes fixed on her sister.

Imelda nodded and lifted up her hand, showing off the engagement ring that sat on her finger proudly.

“Oh my gosh” Thalia squeaked “It’s so beautiful” she gushed as she sped towards her sister, ogling the ring on Imelda’s finger.

Imelda smiled a little and nodded. “It is” she confirmed.

Gerard watched the two sisters for a second before his mother appeared beside him, gently patting his shoulder. “You couldn’t have chosen a better girl” she whispered gently “Immy is a lovely girl” she added. Gerard smiled timidly and nodded his head.

“She’s the most lovely girl” he murmured gently.
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