We Might Just Be

60: Getting Away

Resting his head back against the sun lounger, Gerard smiled to himself, his ears doused by the soft sounds of the waves crashing distantly into the shore. It had only been a short trip, the couple along with Theo had only travelled to Algarve in Portugal for their summer vacation, but Gerard was pleased nevertheless. It was a welcome break, one he had been waiting to take with Imelda since they had started dating the previous summer, and he couldn’t help but feel relaxed. There were no relatives around, no friends, and it was the most relaxed Gerard had felt since Theo had entered the world. Stretching a little, he pushed his sunglasses onto his forehead and smiled, his blue eyes watching Imelda and Theo as they sat by the pool. He knew that Theo had no idea what was going on, the baby had barely mastered having control of his limbs, but Gerard was glad that he was with them, even if it did mean their nights were disturbed by his cries, he knew that Imelda would have been distracted if they had left him with his grandparents back in Barcelona.

Smiling gently at the scene ahead of him, he quietly got to his feet, padding across the warm pavement towards them. “You look comfy” he whispered as he gently sat down behind her, adjusting the umbrella that hid them from the sun. Imelda jumped at the sound of his voice and placed a hand over her chest, offering him a little glare. “You have really got to stop doing that” she muttered “I swear, it will be the death of me” she added.

“You’ll be the death of me if you keep dressing like this, querida” Gerard whispered softly, his hand rubbing over her stomach.

Imelda blushed. “It is just a swimsuit, mi amor. You have seen me in less than this” she commented, gently checking Theo.

Gerard smirked at the thought, a sight that made Imelda shake her head. “Don’t pull that face. That face is part of the reason that he is here” she quipped.

“I think a bigger part of why he is here is that I find your utterly stunning, Immy” he whispered gently, his lips pecking at her neck “And that when we are alone, I can think of nothing better than making love to you” he added, his fingers gently toying with the tie of her swimsuit.

Imelda shivered a little at his words before she turned to face him, offering him a slightly stern expression. She knew he was getting a little frustrated, Theo was only 2 weeks old and she had been advised to refrain from being intimate with Gerard for at least 6, but he wasn’t helping. They had been on vacation for two days and the defender had done nothing but whisper sweet nothings to her when they were alone. “You need to stop doing that” she whispered gently “You heard what Marcos said” she added.

Gerard nodded. “I know, but it is hard Immy. You’re looking amazing and you can’t blame a guy for wanting to get a little closer to you” he murmured, his hands moving around to her stomach once more.

“You still have another month to wait for that, Gerard” she whispered, her green eyes peeking back down at Theo who was starting to drift off, something which told her to get him back inside soon.

Gerard smiled and dropped a kiss against her neck. “There is more than one way for us to be intimate, Immy” he noted, smirking against her skin. Imelda’s cheeks warmed before she gently pushed him away, murmuring about needing to get Theo out of the sun.

Gerard watched after her and smiled to himself. Part of him liked that she was still timid.

“Is he asleep?” Gerard posed from his spot on the couch, his blue eyes moving away from the show he had been watching on television. It was starting to get a little late and Gerard couldn’t wait to have a little time alone with Imelda. He just enjoyed hugging her and listening to her talk about anything.

“Safe and sound” Imelda cooed “Though, he cried a little when I put him down” she added.

Gerard smiled. “If you put me down, I would cry too” he quipped, earning a little eye roll.

“You’re being a moron” she quipped “And that is something you haven’t been in a while. It is nice to see you a little de-stressed” she cooed, curling up in the spot beside him on the couch. Gerard placed an arm around her shoulder and smiled, holding her close.

“I feel a lot more relaxed” he mused gently “It almost makes me a little sad that we have to go back to Barcelona in a few days. I kind of like this” he noted.

“You have to go back” Imelda noted “I am not having the club blame me for your premature retirement” she teased.

Gerard smiled at her gently before he flicked his eyes back to the television, watching the cooking show he had been watching previously. Imelda snuggled a little closer to him and smiled, inhaling the soft scent of his aftershave. “Have I told you just how much I love you recently?” she posed.

Gerard shook his head. “How much Immy?” he teased.

“To the moon and back” she cooed gently “You’re my best friend, the most wonderful boyfriend, and I hope I can be a good wife to you when the time comes” she noted, shyly playing with the engagement ring that sat on her hand.

Gerard smiled. “I already know that you will be, Immy” he cooed gently, pecking the back of her hand.

“I love you” Imelda smiled gently.

“And I love you too, Imelda” Gerard replied softly.

Imelda blushed softly before she gently took his hand, tugging him towards their bedroom. “Im?” he posed gently “Where are we going?” he added, offering her a soft look. Imelda offered him a devious smile and gently led him towards their room before she knocked the door shut, something which had a smirk on Gerard’s face.
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