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61: Trips Abroad & Made Up Stories

“I hate that I have to go” Gerard grumbled as he padded around the living room in search of his passport. It was nearing the middle of July and with the new La Liga season approaching, Gerard, along with the rest of the Barcelona squad who hadn’t been involved in the Euros was due to travel to Asia for a pre-season tour, something which had the defender on edge. He knew that it had to be done, part of his job had always been travelling for matches, but the thought of leaving Theo for the first time stung. He had barely been parted from the nearly month old baby since he had been born and the thought of leaving him for two weeks whilst the team toured China and Japan made him a little sad. Two weeks was a long time for a baby and Gerard hated to think of all of the things he could miss when he was gone.

“I know you do” Imelda noted as she swayed Theo gently, trying to cease the small whimpers that he was making “You’ve mentioned it like fifty times since we woke up two hours ago” she added with a little smile.

“Well excuse me for thinking I might miss you when I am gone” Gerard exclaimed dramatically.

Imelda giggled. “Of course we are going to miss you, idiot. Theo’s only crying right now because his papa is leaving” she added, cuddling Theo closer.

Gerard smiled. “Do you think he knows?” he posed, gently moving to take their son from his girlfriend’s arms.

“I think he does” Imelda commented “He’s been fussy this morning and he’s never like that” she added.

Gerard nodded his head softly before he lifted Theo closer, his blue eyes watching as his son’s whimpered cries softened. “I love you” he murmured, his eyes staring into Theo’s own blues “And you need to be good for your mama whilst I am gone. I don’t want her missing my calls because someone is being fussy” he mused. Theo just blinked, causing Gerard to smile. “You’re going to be like me, I can already tell” he chuckled as he handed Theo back to Imelda.

“You need to go” Imelda noted.

Gerard nodded. “I do, but I will call you as soon as we land. Until then, I love you” he quipped, pressing a kiss against her lips. Imelda held him in place for a second before she allowed him to step back, offering him a smile. Gerard smiled back at her for a second before he hauled his bags onto his shoulder, waving to them before he stepped out of the door.

Imelda watched the door close after him and sighed. She hated it when he left.

“You alright Gerard?” Lionel posed as they sat in the airport, awaiting the flight that would take them to China. He had been quiet, Gerard had barely spoken two words to anyone since they had arrived at the airport, and Lionel was a little curious. His friend seemed rather subdued for a man who in the last month had had a baby and gotten engaged.

Gerard, who had his headphones over his ears, pulled them down. “What?” he posed.

Lionel smiled. “I asked if you were alright. You’ve been remarkably quiet since we got here and that is not like you. Usually by now you have irked someone” he teased.

Gerard chuckled gently before he peeked down at his phone, something which caused Lionel to look down too, his brown eyes taking in the picture of Imelda and Theo that filled the screen. “He’s getting bigger” the argentine commented “He’s nearly a month now right?” he added.

Gerard nodded. “He’ll be a month in two days” he noted.

“You miss him?” Lionel guessed.

Gerard shook his head. It was stupid, he had barely been away from Theo and Imelda for an hour or so, but already he missed them, more than he thought he would. “The first time is the hardest” Lionel commented “I remember when I left Thiago and Antonella alone for the first time, I called her 3 times before we were even at the hotel” he grinned.

“How did you get through it?” Gerard posed.

“I didn’t” Lionel noted “I played an awful game because all I thought about was going home, but after that first time, it got easier. Now he comes to a lot of the home games and watches me” he smiled.

Gerard shrugged. “It feels stupid” he muttered.

“You’re not stupid” Lionel comforted before Claudio Bravo wandered up to them, a look on his face that made Lionel frown. “Claudio?” he posed.

“You need to see this” the keeper mused before he pulled a magazine out from behind his back, handing it over to Lionel who scanned it quickly before he passed it over to Gerard. The defender frowned a little at the action before he looked down at the magazine’s cover, his breath hitching a little as he spotted the headline that sat on the cover. “Puta” he cursed.

“Who is she?” Lionel murmured.

“Do you remember the night that you and Antonella took me home, when me and Immy were on a break?” Gerard posed.

Lionel nodded his head slowly.

“This is the girl I tried to hook up with. We made out for a bit until I said Immy’s name” he explained, his hand balling up the cover of the magazine.

“Did anything else…”

“No” Gerard cut off Claudio’s question, his face stern. “I met her once, I drunkenly made a move on her and then she slapped me in the face for saying my then ex-girlfriend’s name” he muttered “I have never done anything like…like this crap” he snarled, tossing the magazine on the floor, it’s headline looking up at him.

“What are you going to do?” Lionel poked.

“I am going to call Thalia. She and Ella are still in town, and I am going to have her brief Immy on this. Then I am going to issue a statement calling this woman a lying puta” he snapped before he padded away.

Lionel sighed gently and picked the magazine up from the ground, the headline ‘My Year Long Affair With Spain Star’ staring up at him.
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