We Might Just Be

62: No One Else Matters

Bouncing his knee, Gerard stared at the screen of his laptop, his ears doused by the dial tone of his video call. It had been a while, Gerard had spent a lot of the time he had been in China talking to his representatives about the best way to deal with Poppy, but with a plan in place, he wanted to talk to Imelda. He knew she hadn’t freaked out, Thalia had already texted to say that she understood perfectly what was going on, but still he wanted to talk her. Things were going to be a little hectic for them until he had the chance to deliver the statement that his representatives were working on and he didn’t want her overwhelmed. They had worked hard to keep her, and now Theo, out of the limelight and he didn’t want her scared by the increased attention she was likely to receive. He wanted to keep Imelda and Theo comfortable.

Peeking at the screen for a second, he contemplated the notion that she didn’t want to talk to him. She was taking her time in answering the call and Gerard wondered if she was purposely ignoring him, a thought which made him stomach turn. He couldn’t blame her being a little upset, to even have him accused to what Poppy had said must have been a little odd for her, but he had hoped that they would get to talk. He just wanted her to know that he hadn’t done anything wrong.


The defender jumped a little and turned his eyes back to the screen, a small sigh of relief falling out of his mouth as he spotted Imelda’s face.

“Are you alright?” she posed.

“You were taking a little while to answer the call. I was a little worried” he admitted gently

Imelda smiled. “I was putting Theo down for his nap. He’s still a little fussy” she noted “Why were you worried?” she added.

Gerard sighed. “Lia told you about the magazine right?” he posed gently.

Imelda nodded. “I’ve seen it, but I don’t see why that would make you worried. Gerard, you told me what happened with Poppy months ago” she added. She was irked, what Poppy had said about Gerard was entirely out of line, but she didn’t blame him for it. He’d done nothing wrong and Imelda knew it. He wasn’t a liar.

“I know” he mused “I was just concerned. I couldn’t blame you for being a little upset” he added.

“I am not upset with you, Gerard, you’ve done nothing wrong and I know that. You’re not that type of guy and I knew as soon as Lia showed me the cover that you hadn’t done it. You’re a good guy” she cooed.

Gerard smiled. “You have no idea how happy that makes me” he murmured “I thought you’d call me stupid or something for even speaking to the puta” he mused.

“You were upset and trying to move on. I can’t blame you” Imelda assured him gently.

Gerard nodded. “For what it is worth, I have people drafting a statement refuting her claims” he noted.

“When are you going to release it?” Imelda posed.

“As soon as it has been written. I am not letting this get any worse Im, I am going to make sure that people don’t believe a word she says” he noted firmly. He knew it was already a big deal, messages from social media had called him all sorts of names, but he didn’t want it to get any worse. Poppy was lying and Gerard was going to make that abundantly clear.

“You know what other people think doesn’t matter right?” Imelda murmured.

“It does to me” Gerard replied gently “I don’t want people thinking of me as the man who lied and cheated on you. You’re the best thing that has happened to me and I hate that people are saying that I have done these horrid things to you. I want people to know that my affections lie with one girl and that she isn’t the puta who tried to make her move on me in a nightclub bathroom” he explained softly.

Imelda smiled. “That’s very sweet” she mused gently “But I know it and you know it. No one else matters” she noted.

Gerard nodded his head. He knew she was right, it didn’t matter what other people thought about him or their relationship, but Gerard didn’t like it being in question. He was committed to Imelda, he had been for a year bar a couple of breaks, and he didn’t want people assuming that he was a liar. He had never done anything like what Poppy was accusing him of and he wasn’t going to stand for being called a cheat and a liar. “I want to refute it, Im. I don’t want people thinking of me like that” he noted.

Imelda nodded. “Then release your statement and tell the world” she encouraged “I will call you when you have done it OK?” she added.

Gerard smiled fondly and nodded. “Give Theo a kiss from me” he cooed.

“I will do. I love you Gerard” Imelda smiled, her green eyes peeking at the screen shyly.

“I love you too, Immy, more and more with every passing day” he cooed before he blew a kiss at the screen, earning a gentle laugh from his fiancée before the screen went blank. Gerard stared at it for a moment before he stowed the computer back into his bag, quietly making his way towards his room.

“How is Immy doing?” Lionel posed as he watched the defender set his bag down.

“She’s doing fine. She’s not upset or anything and I am glad about that. A little part of me thought she might freak out” he admitted gently.

“Why would she have done that?” Lionel poked.

Gerard shrugged. “I don’t know, perhaps because she is still a little insecure about us, but it was nice to hear her say that she was alright. She’s amazing” he added tenderly.

Lionel smiled. “When did you start being so gooey?” he teased, resting back on his bed.

“About the time that Lia introduced me to her amazing sister. I knew it Leo, the first time I saw Immy, I knew she was going to be special and I was so right. She’s wonderful” he raved.

Lionel chuckled gently and moved to pat the defender’s shoulder. “You’re a very lucky guy” he noted.

Gerard smiled at the idea and nodded his head. He was lucky.
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