We Might Just Be

63: A Night Out

“You look nice, Immy” Montserrat cooed as she swayed Theo from side to side, trying to comfort the little boy who was whimpering gently. It had been a couple of days since she and Gerard had last spoken and with the team still out in Asia, Imelda had been invited out to dinner with Antonella and a few of the other girls, something she was looking forwards to. It had been a tense few days, she had barely ventured out of the house and if she had, she had done it with Thalia or Gloria at her side, trying to avoid the heightened press presence that had appeared in her life. She knew that people were curious, as it stood, Gerard still looked like a cheat, but she didn’t see why people insisted on hounding her on it. The last people she was going to talk about it with were the tabloid journalists who had taken up following her around.

“Gracias” Imelda mused “And gracias for taking Theo for the night. I would have asked my parents, but they already have Ellis and Ella” she noted.

Montserrat waved a hand. “I will never say no to spending time with my grandson, Immy. Where is it you are going?” she posed.

“Just out to dinner” Imelda replied “It will be nice to get out after the last few days” she added.

Montserrat spared her a sympathetic look. “How are you holding up?” she posed gently.

“It’s fine” Imelda noted gently “It’s a little frustrating to have these people following me around, but it will blow over when Gerard makes his statement. I just wish I could meet the girl that is doing this and ask her why” she added, her hand gently brushing some of her dark hair away from her eyes. She was curious, Poppy had left it months before she sold her story, and Imelda wanted to know why. Neither she nor Gerard had done anything to the other girl and part of Imelda wanted to know what had caused her to behave like she had.

Montserrat smiled at her gently. “I am sure you two will be fine” she smiled gently “And I am sure you will have a lovely time tonight. Do you want us to take Theo over night?” she posed.

“I shouldn’t be gone long” Imelda noted as she moved to press a little kiss to Theo’s head, causing the little boy to snuffle a little. Montserrat smiled affectionately at her soon to be daughter-in-law before Imelda padded away, hoping for a quiet and relaxing night.

“Immy” Antonella smiled as she moved to greet the Spanish girl, pulling her into a warm hug. She was glad that Imelda had made the trip, part of her had thought the younger woman would shy away, but Antonella was going to ensure that she enjoyed herself. It was the first time that she had been on a night out since Theo had been born and Antonella wasn’t going to allow her to mope. They were going to have fun if it was the last thing they did.

Imelda returned her hug before she pulled back gently, offering the other girl a smile. “I am glad you made it Immy” Antonella fussed “It feels like forever since we took you out” she added.

“I don’t think you have ever taken me out” Imelda smiled “Other than those boring dinners that we get dragged to every now and then with the boys” she added.

“Well, we ought to enjoy this then, because it is probably going to be the first of many” Antonella smiled as she guided Imelda towards their table, plopping her into the seat beside Anna who smiled at her kindly.

“You guys go out a lot?” Imelda posed, shyly fiddling with her bag.

“Not at lot” Anna noted “Finding babysitters isn’t easy, but we like to get together every now and then, something you get to enjoy now too” she smiled.

Imelda blushed.

“Can we see the ring?” Antonella poked.

Imelda nodded and gently placed her hand on the table, showing off the ring which sat proudly on her finger. Anna let out a low whistle. “Your boyfriend has amazing taste” she cooed.

“His mother does” Imelda corrected “It’s been in Montserrat’s family for years and she gave it to Gerard when I was in labour with Theo” she explained.

“How did he pop the question again?” Anna posed, gratefully taking the glass of wine that Antonella was offering out to her.

Imelda smiled shyly. “He just kind of did it. We were sitting in my hospital bed, watching our families coo over Theo and then out of nowhere, he just asked. I thought I was hearing things” she mused impishly.

“I can’t blame you for that” Antonella quipped “He did go through a phase where he just refuted the notion of marriage” she added.

Imelda nodded her head gently. “We are taking it slow” she commented softly “Gerard’s already made it very clear that we aren’t going to be having the wedding any time soon, but I am happy enough with that. I know that it was a big deal for him to propose so I don’t want to push him. It just made me happy that he thought he could do it” she smiled.

Antonella and Anna shared a look before they turned back to the dark haired girl, cooing over her and her boyfriend. Imelda smiled politely at their attention before she felt someone stood behind her, something which made her turn, her eyes narrowing on the last person she wanted to see. “Excuse me” the girl noted “I couldn’t help but overhear. You’re Imelda Torres right?” she posed.

Imelda nodded. “What do you want?” she murmured.

“I just wanted to know how you are coping. Your boyfriend is a cheat after all” the other girl quipped, a slight smirk on her face.

Imelda stretched her neck a little before she nonchalantly turned away, not wanting to engage Poppy who had clearly had approached her in an attempt to cause trouble. Poppy smirked. “You cannot be that naïve, Imelda” she quipped “Your boyfriend…”

“Is nothing like you are trying to make him out to be” Imelda murmured gently “Poppy, I don’t know who you think you are or what it was me or Gerard did to you, but I am not going to react to you. I know that my boyfriend is nothing like the man you are trying to make him out to be and I have no interest in getting involved with a girl who has nothing better to do with her time than spread lies” she explained calmly.

Poppy scoffed. “You’re an idiot” she muttered.

“And you’re a twisted and bitter witch. Why did you do it Poppy?” Imelda replied.

“Because you deserve to know what sort of man you are marrying” Poppy replied.

Imelda scoffed. “I know the type of man I am marrying” she replied confidently “An amazing one” she added.

Poppy opened her mouth to speak again, but was moved away by the member of staff that Anna had snuck off to retrieve. “Are you alright Im?” Antonella poked.

Imelda nodded. “Fine” she noted with a little smile “She’s a puta, just like Gerard said, and I am not fazed. I know him and know that he couldn’t lie about this. He can’t lie” she explained.

Antonella nodded her head gently before she moved to collect them another round of drinks from the bar. Imelda watched after her and sighed a little to herself. She couldn’t wait until Poppy was put out of their lives.
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