We Might Just Be

65: Getting Back To Us

Disembarking the flight, Gerard let out a small sound of relief, pleased to finally be back on Spanish soil. It had been a turbulent few weeks, between dealing with Poppy and playing a few friendlies, Gerard had barely had a second to think, but he was glad to be back home. The thought of being close to Imelda and Theo had been enough motivation to stay awake through the flight just to ensure that he wasn’t groggy when he saw them. Stretching his neck a little, he ignored the small group of photographers that was buzzing around before he stepped through the terminal, his blue eyes instantly landing on Imelda, who in her light summer dress, stole his breath. Lionel, who had been trailing along at the taller man’s side, smirked, noting the awed look on Gerard’s face. “Hombre” he teased “It’s been two weeks, not two years. Quit staring at her like you’ve not seen her forever” he teased.

Gerard scoffed a little and shoved the smaller man playfully before he stepped towards Imelda, greeting her with a soft smile. “Hola” he mused gently. Imelda smiled at the sound of his voice and gently pushed herself up onto her toes, placing her arms around his neck. Gerard responded by placing his arms around her waist and holding her close. “Gosh, I missed you” he murmured, his nose gently nudging against the side of her face.

“I missed you too” Imelda smiled as she held onto him “And I know Theo did too. I am sorry he isn’t here but I didn’t want those lot over there freaking him out” she murmured with a little look towards the photographers who were subtly trying to capture pictures of the couple together.

Gerard smiled. “I will see him soon enough, but right now, I want a hug and a kiss from my beautiful fiancée, can I have that?” he mused, teasing her softly. Imelda giggled at his rather cheesy comment before she leant up on her toes once more, gently kissing his lips for a second. Gerard held her in place for longer than Imelda would have liked before he leant back to take her hand, leading her out of the airport. Imelda smiled at the feeling of their fingers wrapped together. She had missed him.

“How are you and Immy doing?” Joan posed as he looked at his son, a serious look on his face. He knew that things were alright, Poppy had been well and truly torn down by the interview that Gerard had given to Esther, but Joan wanted to ensure it. Imelda was easily the best thing that Gerard had had in his life and Joan didn’t want him to lose her. She was a lovely young woman and Joan was proud that she was on the cusp of becoming part of his family.

“We’re fine, papa” Gerard mused “She stood by me with all the Poppy stuff and now that that is starting to blow over, I think we are probably going to be alright” he explained with a small smile. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy, he was under no illusions that their relationship would be plain sailing, but he doubted there was anything else to be thrown them. They had dealt with Shakira, they had coped with Antonio and they had worked through all of their own little problems, something which only served to make Gerard confident that they would be alright.

“You know how good she is for you right?” Joan poked.

Gerard nodded. “I know papa” he confirmed.

“Good” Joan noted firmly before Imelda stepped back into the room, a sleepy Theo cuddled against her. “He’s just up from his nap according to your madre, but I thought you might want to say hello” she smiled, gently handing Theo over to Gerard who smiled widely at the sight of their son.

“Gosh, I have missed you” he mumbled as he gently settled the little boy against his chest “You’re gotten so much bigger since I last saw you, I am not sure I like that though” he murmured, his fingertips gently moving though the brown hair that had slowly started to form on Theo’s head.

Joan smiled at the sight and quietly excused himself from the room, leaving the younger couple alone.

“He’s missed you” Imelda quipped as she gently perched on the arm of the couch, her green eyes studying Gerard and Theo happily “For the first three days after you left, he refused to go to sleep for over an hour each night. I think he missed your voice” she added.

“Did you not miss it too?” Gerard teased, peeking up at her.

“I missed a lot more than your voice, Gerard” she replied gently.

“Like what?” he poked childishly.

Imelda shook her head. “Really?” she posed, earning a swift nod from the defender. “Fine. I missed your scent on the pillows, your off-key singing when you cook breakfast, the way you leave notes in the bathroom before I go and shower…do I need to go on?” she poked.

Gerard shook his head. “That’s enough, though, you always tell me that you hate my singing” he noted, a quirked smile on his face.

“I do, you’re a really awful singer, but it has become almost part of our little routine. I miss it when you are gone” she explained as she moved a little closer to him, prying Theo out of his hands and settling him against her chest whilst she laid in Gerard’s lap.

The defender smiled. “You have no idea how happy I am to be home” he mused.

“I think I do. I am just as happy to have you here” Imelda replied, grinning.

“The last two weeks were hard” he complained.

“I know they were” Imelda mused “But it is over with. Now we can get back to us” she added.

“And what about us?” Gerard quipped “We’re alright aren’t we?” he posed.

“Of course we are” Imelda insisted “You’re still my fiancé” she added.

Gerard nodded his head and smiled at the title. He sort of liked it, the notion of being her fiancé, but he knew it would bear no comparison to Imelda sharing his name. He had no doubt he would adore her being his wife. Peeking down at her, he watched her murmur to Theo for a moment before he dipped down, pressing a little kiss to her lips. “Marry me” he mused.

Imelda giggled. “That’s what this is supposed to mean, Gerard” she teased, showing off her engagement ring.

“I know” he replied “But what I meant is I think I have decided when I want to marry you” he mused.

Imelda tilted her head. “And when would that be?” she posed.

“When is our anniversary?” he poked.

“You don’t know?” Imelda teased. Gerard rolled his eyes. “It is June 5th, that was the day you officially called me your girlfriend, but June 15th was the day you told me you loved me” she explained.

“Then, how about June 5th 2017?” he poked.

“Only a year? I thought you wanted at least two?” Imelda posed, gently sitting up to face him.

“I thought I did too, but the last two weeks have only made me surer about us. I don’t want to do it at Christmas, that is too clichéd, but June next year seems right. Do you not like it?” he posed gently.

Imelda shook her head. “I love it, I am just surprised. I thought you wanted to wait” she explained.

Gerard smiled. “Im, I want to marry you” he insisted with a small smile.

Imelda blushed a little. “So, June 5th?” she posed.

Gerard nodded his head before he carefully leant over, kissing her lightly. Imelda kissed him back happily, amazed that they had somehow set a date.
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