We Might Just Be

68: Not Going Anywhere

“Please don’t make me go” Gerard murmured as Imelda fixed his hair “Your padre hates me” he added, his blue eyes looking up at her pleadingly. He didn’t want to go, the idea of spending any time alone with Elias disconcerted him, but he doubted he had much of a choice. From what both Cesc and Imelda had told him, the drink with Elias was not optional and if he didn’t go, it was only likely to make any relations between them worse, something the defender couldn’t afford. Elias didn’t like him, he knew it, and he didn’t want to make things any worse, not if he wanted his wedding to go off without a hitch.

“You’re going” Imelda mused “And you’re going to be fine. It’s a drink Gerard and some conversation, he’s not going to kill you” she added, a little smile on her face. She liked it, the idea that he was nervous about impressing her father, and she knew she had to make it up to him in some way. Going out with Elias was a big deal for Gerard and Imelda was pleased that he doing it. It made her feel a little special that he was willing to put in that sort of effort.

“He might” Gerard replied, his eyes wide.

“Gerard” Imelda mused “Baby, you’re going to be just fine” she assured, gently kissing his forehead.

Gerard sighed but placed his hands around her waist, holding her closer. “I only have to do it once right?” he mumbled.

Imelda nodded. “One time” she assured him softly “One drink, a few questions and then you can come home and we can do whatever you want” she added, causing a little smirk to appear on his face. “Anything?” he posed.

Imelda rolled her eyes, but nodded her head. “Anything” she confirmed.

“You made it” Elias murmured as he watched his future son-in-law sit down beside him, a nervous look on his face. He was a little surprised, part of him had thought that Gerard would shy away from the meeting, but he was a little impressed that he hadn’t. Elias had never hidden his feelings about the defender and he was a little impressed that Gerard had showed up regardless.

Gerard nodded. “I did. Immy told me how important this is and I didn’t want to skip out. It’s a family tradition no?” he poked with a little restricted smile.

Elias nodded. “We have done it with all of the others, though I am a little surprised that we are doing this so soon. I thought you would take a lot longer to propose” he muttered.

Gerard stiffened a little at the poorly veiled insult, but didn’t bite back, not wanting to make things worse.

“I thought it would take a little longer too, but when you know, you know” he noted.

Elias nodded his head and placed a bottle of beer in front of the defender. “So, how much did Immy tell you about this?” he poked.

“A little. She said you would ask questions and then offer me something, but I can already tell you that the answer to what you offer me is no. I love your daughter and I am not leaving her behind, no matter what you have up your sleeve” he quipped.

Elias nodded. “I expected nothing less” he noted.

Gerard nodded and sipped from his drink, allowing a small awkward silence to fall over them.

“How many children do you and Immy plan to have?” Elias pressed.

“Another one, perhaps two, but not for a couple of years yet. We want Theo to grow up a little first without a baby brother or sister to share us with” Gerard replied confidently.

“And Imelda’s alright that?” Elias pressed.

“It was her idea. She’s a wonderful mother, but she would like to be a little more prepared for the next one. Theo was a surprise, even if he was a wonderful one, and Imelda doesn’t want a repeat” Gerard mused.

“Do you plan on staying in Barcelona?” the older man asked.

“For the foreseeable future, yes, but when I retire I would like to move somewhere else. Perhaps France or back to England” he noted

Elias frowned. He had half expected Gerard to be a bumbling wreck.

“Elias, I know you planned on catching me out here and then telling Immy that I am not good enough, but the fact is, I know what I want and I know what Immy wants and we are perfectly in tune with one another now. We’ve set a date, we’re starting to make tentative plans and it is about time that you got used to the notion that I am going to be with your daughter. I love her, Elias, and I want to make a family with her and Theo. You can either accept that or you cannot, but I am not going anywhere, not now” Gerard mused firmly.

Elias looked at the defender, dumbstruck.

“Gracias for the drink, Elias” he quipped as he finished off the bottle, placing it back on the bar.

Elias watched him for a second before he took the defender’s wrist. “Imelda is my youngest and she is the most naïve. I just want to be sure” he noted.

Gerard turned and looked at the older man. “I am sure that this is it for me, Elias. I love your daughter, I love our son, and it is going to take something catastrophic for that to change. I want her, only her, and you need to believe that” he noted.

Elias nodded. “I do believe you and I believe that Imelda has found a wonderful young man to start her family with” he noted.

“I have found a wonderful girl and that is down to you and your wife. You ought to be very proud” Gerard replied with a small smile.

“We are proud” Elias smiled “Thank you for making her happy” he added.

Gerard shook his head. “I should be thanking you. You have a wonderful daughter and I am very lucky to be the one she chose to be with” he smiled.

Elias smiled and stuck his hand out, offering the defender a firm handshake that he had happy to return.