We Might Just Be

71: Who Needs Her When You Have Me?

“Are you sure that you want to do this? I am sure people would understand if we weren’t there” Gerard murmured as he watched Imelda brush her hair. It was heading towards the end of October and, in keeping with her constant desire to make Imelda miserable, Maria had opted to host an engagement party just days before Imelda’s 26th birthday. It wasn’t a surprise, since Imelda had turned down the chance to organize her older sister’s wedding, Maria had gone out of her way to cause problems, but Gerard didn’t want his girlfriend to become upset. It was all too clear that Maria was trying to upset her and Gerard didn’t want Imelda to fall into it again, not after the way she had reacted to seeing Antonio again. The idea of her crying hurt him.

“She’s my sister Gerard” Imelda murmured as she moved to clip her hair away from her eyes.

“She’s also a horrible person who is marrying the only man before me that you had a long term relationship with” Gerard returned.

“I have to try, if not for Maria, then for my parents. I don’t want to be the reason that we stop talking” Imelda returned gently. She had thought about it, not going, but in the end she had opted against it. Maria was her sister, even if she was a terrible person, and Imelda wasn’t going to be the one accused of never making the effort, something she knew Maria was just waiting to accuse her of.

“I am sure they would understand, querida” Gerard mused as he stood up, his hand gently placing themselves against his girlfriend’s hips “Maria has never been the nicest to you and Antonio is the moron who broke your heart, no one can honestly be expecting you to show up and be happy for them” he murmured, pressing a little kiss against her cheek.

Imelda’s green eyes closed a little at the feel of his lips before she let out a small sigh. “It’s family, Gerard” she murmured “We can’t pick them and we merely have to put up with them. Can you please try and make this a little more bearable?” she muttered, snuggling a little more into his arms.

Gerard smiled and nodded. “Surely my being there is enough” he teased gently.

Imelda laughed. “You seem to think that makes a lot of things better” she mused as she gently unwound herself from his arms.

“It does” Gerard protested with a grin.

Imelda smiled at him gently and pressed a little kiss to his lips, wordlessly thanking him for trying to cheer her up.

“You’re a braver girl than me” Thalia mused as she moved to greet Imelda with a little hug. She was surprised, a large part of her had expected that Imelda and Gerard would avoid attending the overly expensive party that Maria and Antonio had thrown to celebrate their engagement, but Thalia was pleased that they hadn’t. It was bound to be hard, Antonio had a habit of playing on Gerard’s nerves and Maria was the queen of upsetting Imelda, but it had to be done if their family was to remain intact, something which made Thalia proud of her little sister. Being in the same room as Antonio must have been hard for her.

Imelda smiled gently. “We’re only showing our faces to prevent the starting of another one of Maria’s bitch fits” she commented.

Thalia smiled. “You’re still braver than me. I would have run a mile as soon as the phrase ‘Maria’s engaged’ passed someone’s lips” she teased.

“I don’t see why she is going out of her way to be like this” Imelda murmured, peeking over at their older sister who was twittering in Aiden’s ear “Before I got with Gerard, she and Antonio hated one another, now they are engaged? I just don’t understand her” she added.

“It isn’t obvious?” Thalia mused, her own eyes drifting towards Maria.

“Isn’t what obvious?” Imelda quipped, a small frown on her face.

“Maria’s behavior. Come on Im, you must see that she is just jealous of what you and Gerard have” Thalia grinned.

“Why would she be jealous of me? You married Cesc before I even really started dating Gerard” Imelda returned, a small blush on her cheeks. It was odd, the notion that their sister could be jealous of her, and Imelda simply couldn’t wrap her head around it.

“I did, but Maria’s always had it in for you. It’s why she took Antonio from you, why she insulted you when she met Gerard for the first time…she hates you and is only doing all this because things are going from strength to strength for you. You have Gerard, Theo, and a life that most people can only aspire to, whilst all she has is some moron who thinks he can sleep with every member of this family” Thalia grinned.

Imelda opened her mouth to refute her older sister’s claim, but was stopped as Antonio moved to the head of the room, tapping his wine glass with a fork. “We have news” he grinned, his arm pulling Maria into his side.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “What are the odds she is carrying the spawn of that idiot?” she muttered to Thalia, causing her older sister to splutter on her drink.

“We have picked a date for our wedding” Antonio continued “We hope you will all be able to join us when we marry on June 5th 2017” he added, causing Imelda’s face to pale.

“Im?” Thalia whispered.

“That was our date” Imelda murmured “Gerard and I…we…were” she stammered.

Thalia scoffed. “I will kill her” she hissed before she padded away, allowing Imelda the chance to skitter out of the room, Gerard in quick pursuit.

“Immy” Gerard murmured as he caught up with his girlfriend.

“She’s a witch” Imelda hissed “How could she do that to me?” she added, tears softly filling her green eyes. She knew it didn’t really matter, the day she married Gerard was not quite as important as the actual act, but still it hurt to know that Maria had chosen it, even more so when she knew it couldn’t be a coincidence. Maria had done it on purpose and all that did was intensify any feeling of hatred or anger that Imelda had towards her.

Gerard sighed. “As you said, she’s a witch” he mused, placing his arms around her.

“I just don’t understand, Geri” she murmured, cuddling into his chest.

Gerard shook his head. “She’s a jealous and petty woman Im, one that has done nothing but be horrid to you since I have met her. You’re wonderful and I hate that you keep putting yourself through trying to be close to her. She’s clearly not worth all the trouble. You don’t need her, Imelda” he whispered, pressing a tender kiss to her forehead.

Imelda sniffed a little, something which caused Gerard to place his hand on her cheek, gently brushing away a few loose tears. “You don’t need her, Immy, you have me and I will be much better for you than her, and better than any other relative you have that opts to upset you like this” he added before he placed a little kiss against her lips. Imelda smiled gently at it and placed her arms around his neck, grateful that he was there.