We Might Just Be

74: What If?

“This place looks nice” Gerard mused as he took a couple of steps into the foyer of the large villa the couple were looking at as a venue for their wedding. It was the first one, they had a few viewings in the next few days, but Gerard was just grateful to be consulted. He knew that Imelda could handle it, she had arranged Cesc and Thalia’s wedding in mere weeks, but still he wanted to feel involved. Even if Imelda was an expert when it came to planning, it was his day too and he didn’t want to be kept out of the loop. He wanted to know that his opinion mattered too.

Imelda, who had been admiring the room, nodded a little. “It’s very nice” she commented gently “I like the view” she added, peeking out of the window that overlooked a vast garden. Gerard nodded his head and stepped up behind her, gently placing his arms around her waist. He could tell that she was still a little upset, Imelda had had her heart set on a medium sized wedding that would take place on June 5th, but with Maria still being a pain, there looked to be very little chance of it happening, even if Gerard did want to go ahead with their plans regardless, Imelda didn’t feel right about making her family choose and he knew he had to yield to her on that. Nothing would have hurt her more than a decision by one or more of her relatives to go to Maria’s wedding over theirs.

“Do you like the view enough to consider getting married out there?” he murmured gently.

“You want to get married outside?” Imelda posed.

“If the time of year is right, then I don’t see why not. The Barcelona summers are nice and I can totally see you outside beneath the sunshine in the lovely dress you choose” he mused, gently turning his head to whisper into her ear “We could stand out under the blue skies, say our vows, and retire to a lovely reception in this lovely room over here” he added, his hand waving in the general direction of a large reception room.

Imelda smiled and leant her head back against his shoulder, her green eyes closing softly. “We still need to pick a date” she mumbled.

“We have a date, a perfectly good one, and I still think we should use it” Gerard replied, gently nipping at the skin of her neck “I like the 5th, it is our day, and I think we should take it, even if it does mean causing a problem” he added, his teeth softly digging into the side of her neck, earning a little whimper from his girlfriend.

“Gerard” Imelda complained softly “You know why we can’t do that” she murmured.

“No, I know why you say we can’t do it, but I don’t see why your bitchy sister should be the reason that we don’t have the day that we want when we want it. The 5th of June is an important day to me, Im, and I know it is to you too” he replied, gently turning her so that she stood face to face with him.

“I don’t want to make people choose” Imelda murmured.

“They would choose you, Im, any day. Besides, if we wait a year, Maria will only get married again” Gerard mused as softly as he could. He knew that she was worried, Imelda tended to fret over every detail, but he was sure that Elias and Gloria, along with Imelda’s other two siblings, would choose her over Maria. It was Imelda’s first and hopefully her only wedding day whilst it was Maria’s 3rd, her second to Antonio.

Imelda shifted. “What if they don’t, Gerard?” she murmured gently “What if my parents have to split up to go to both of them, my siblings…Gerard, this is supposed to be a happy day, the happiest of our lives, and I don’t understand why my own sister is going out of her way to make sure that I am miserable. I have no idea what I could have done to make her hate me” she whimpered gently. She knew that it was stupid, the more upset she was, the more Maria would go out of her way to keep making her upset, but she couldn’t help it. It just didn’t make any sense to her.

Gerard sighed gently. “Amor, you didn’t do anything. She’s just petty and jealous because you are so much more amazing than her. You’re sweet, caring, compassionate, heck, I could list things for days about you, but the bottom line is that you being all of that makes Maria jealous and she is going to keep doing it until you break. It is up to you, Immy, not to break and give into what she wants” the defender sighed as he placed his hands on her cheeks.

“But what if…?”

“Immy, I am not going to let you get married without your entire family here, with exception of Maria of course, I will not let it happen” he mused, his blue eyes staring firmly down into hers.

“And you still want to do it on June 5th?” she poked gently.

Gerard smiled. “It’s our day, Immy, the 5th of June is the day that I first got to hold my beautiful girlfriend, the first day I got to kiss her when I wasn’t trying to show off for people. The 5th of June is a very important day to me, to us, and it is the day I want to say my vows to you on. Do you think we can do it?” he posed gently.

Imelda offered him a shy smile. “If you insist” she teased gently.

“I do, Miss Torres” Gerard played along, setting his hand on her waist once more “Will you marry me on June 5th?” he teased

Imelda giggled and nodded. “I will” she noted.

“Good” Gerard smiled, giving her a quick kiss “Now, we should probably look around this place a little before we decide not to take it” he teased. Imelda nodded her head and gently took his hand, smiling a little as he pressed a kiss against her temple. It was going to be a problem, she knew it, but the idea that Gerard would be beside her through it made it somewhat more bearable. She felt a lot better with him around.
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