We Might Just Be

75: What Do You Want From This?

“So, I hear a date has been picked” Anna smiled as she sat down to lunch with Imelda and Antonella. It had been a few months, since the altercation with Poppy, the girls had only seen one another in passing, but with Christmas on the horizon, they had opted to take a day both to catch up and to do a little shopping ahead of the festive period.

Imelda nodded. “June 5th” she smiled, a small blush on her cheeks.

“A summer wedding” Antonella smiled “That sounds wonderful” she added.

“I hope it will be. Gerard’s decided that he wants to host the ceremony outside and I have to admit I kind of like the idea. It is very weather dependent though” she commented softly. She was excited, since they had agreed that they were definitely going to marry on the date that they had picked, they had progressed a little with their plans and Imelda was becoming more and more excited about the prospect. It was still six months away, but that didn’t stop her smiling whenever it was mentioned in conversation.

“Aww, you look so excited” Anna smiled.

“I am” Imelda mused softly “I mean, I can’t quite pin-point the moment I knew that I wanted to marry him, but with every day we get a little closer, I get a little more giddy. I just can’t quite believe that I have him” she added, shyly fiddling with the napkin which she had moved to place on her lap.

“That’s so cute” Antonella smiled.

“It’s stupid” Imelda commented.

“Not at all” Anna insisted “I still look at Andres sometimes and wonder how I got so lucky and I bet Antonella does it with Lionel” she added, causing the argentine woman to nod with a grin.

Imelda blushed gently, something which made Anna smile. She couldn’t quite believe how sweet she was.

“Let’s talk about something else. What are you guys doing for the holidays?” Antonella smiled as she perused the menu.

“Gerard and I are going to his parents. We went to mine last year and with all the stuff going on with my sister right now, I agreed with my mother that she and my papa could visit in the evening” Imelda explained softly. It had taken a lot of talking, Gloria had insisted that Imelda come to dinner with her family, but eventually they had reached a compromise. Imelda and Gerard, along with Theo, would spend most of the day with his family before Gloria and Elias would come and see their grandson in the evening, still getting to enjoy at least part of Theo’s very first Christmas.

“You’re still not talking to Maria?” Anna poked.

“If I had my way, I would never speak to my sister again, but I know my mother and I know that she will try and mend fences” she mused, toying with her glass of water.

“You don’t want to?” Antonella posed.

Imelda shook her head. “Not again. I tried with her, I forgave her when she took Antonio, I forgave her for being rude when she first met Gerard, but I don’t think I can forgive this. She’s a witch, a stubborn and mean woman and she is trying to take this away from me” she murmured.

Antonella opened her mouth to speak again, but was cut off as Imelda spoke once more “But that is enough about me and my stupid problems. What about you guys? What are you doing for the holidays?” she poked, trying to deflect a little of the attention away from her.

Staring at the door ahead of him, Gerard swallowed, trying to rationalize what he was about to do. He knew it wasn’t going to go down well, if it backfired, Imelda would be upset that he had only gone and made things worse, but he had to try. It bothered her, the idea that people could choose her slutty older sister over her, and Gerard didn’t want it to be the case. He didn’t want there to be an option at all, an idea that had led him to standing on Maria’s doorstep. He doubted it would make much difference, Maria just liked causing problems, but he wanted to try. Imelda being happy was a big deal to him and he wanted to make it better.

Staring at the door for a second, he took a deep breath before he tapped the door, causing Maria to appear ahead of him wearing nothing but a t-shirt that rode up a little too high. “Gerald” she grinned.

Gerard sighed. “It’s Gerard” he corrected gently “And I was sort of hoping that I could talk to you” he added.

Maria frowned a little and rested against the door frame, causing the shirt to rise up a little more. “What do you want to talk to me about, Gerard?” she mused, her eyelids batting slightly.

“Your sister” he mused.

Maria wrinkled her nose.

“Maria, I don’t know what your problem is, but I need you to back off” he murmured.

Maria rolled her eyes. “I am not changing my wedding date, Gerard. Your whiny little fiancé will have to learn to deal with it” she muttered.

Gerard tensed his jaw.

“I like that date. June the 5th, I like the idea of getting married then and I do not see why I should give it up for little miss perfect. She got everything else, you, the baby, the job, everything, and I don’t see why she can’t possibly just give me this” she muttered.

“You bitch” he cursed.

“I am not the bitch, sweetheart, for that, you ought to look closer to home” Maria scoffed.

Gerard bit his lip, knowing that lashing out would only serve to make it worse. “What do you want from this?” he muttered.

Maria shrugged. “Just to be a pain” she mused “Immy’s always had the world at the feet and I am sick of it, even Lia’s wedding ended up being about her and I am not dealing with it again. She’s the witch, handsome, and you should figure that out before you give your life to her” she muttered before she slammed the door, leaving the defender cursing.

He was going to get rid of Maria if it was the last thing he did.