We Might Just Be

76: Where I Belong

Closing the front door softly, Gerard sighed a little, still irked about the meeting he had had with Maria. He had known that she was a witch, it was the first thing he had told Imelda when he had met the blonde, but he couldn’t quite believe that she had done what she had done just to spite her own sister, especially when that sister was a kind and as sweet as Imelda was. Shaking his head a little, he moved to pad into the living room, only to stop as his eyes caught on the tall Christmas tree which sat in the corner of the room, a sight that made him stop in his tracks.

“You’re back late” Imelda mused as she padded into the room beside him, a grinning Theo balanced on her hip.

Gerard nodded. “I had to take care of something” he murmured “But I can see you have been busy. Where did you get that?” he posed, gesturing to the tree.

Imelda smiled. “The girls and I walked past a lot of them on the way back from lunch and so I called my padre and had him drive one over. What do you think?” she noted.

“It’s lovely” he commented earnestly “It’s a little big, but hey, isn’t Christmas a time for over indulgence?” he added with a little laugh.

Imelda nodded. “I will remind you of that when you complain about eating too much and then having to go back to training” she smiled.

Gerard chuckled gently before he moved to take Theo into his arms, gifting the nearly 6 month old boy a little kiss on his chubby cheek. “How was he for your mother?” he posed gently.

“Ma said he was an angel” Imelda cooed. She still felt a little guilty, despite it having been a couple of months since she went back to work, the couple had yet to find a suitable nanny for Theo, something which meant that Gloria took most of the responsibility. Imelda knew that her mother didn’t mind, Gloria insisted every time that Imelda apologized that she loved seeing Theo and didn’t mind looking after him, but still she felt a little bad. Gloria should have been enjoying her time, not spending it looking after Theo who was slowly getting more and more active.

Gerard smiled. “Of course he was. He’s a perfectly behaved little boy, something he gets from his madre” he complimented gently.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “Always a charmer” she teased as she patted his cheek before she pressed a little kiss to it.

“I save all my best charming for you, mi querida” he smirked.

“I should hope so” Imelda grinned “I would hate to think another girl gets a part of all that” she teased, motioning to his figure.

Gerard laughed gently, something which made Theo giggle too, drawing the attention of his parents back down to him. Imelda smiled at the sound. Theo’s laughter was easily one of her favorite features about their son.

Gerard noted the look on his girlfriend’s face and smiled. “You still can’t believe we have him, can you?” he posed softly.

Imelda shook her head. “He’s just so perfect. I can see so much of you in him, he’s got your hair, your eyes and he’s definitely got your laugh too and I just wonder how I came to be a part of him, how I got to be with you” she murmured gently.

Gerard smiled and placed his arm around her, pulling her into a soft hug. “You should thank Thalia and Cesc” he murmured gently “They set us up. Then, there was Leo who’s invite of another blind date drove me to telling him that we were already dating. Then there was that dance class where you freaked out on me and that was it. There, when I knew I had made you cry and felt as though I was the most villainous person on earth, that was the moment I knew I loved you. I hated myself for making you yell, for making you cry, and I knew in that moment that I wanted to give myself to making sure that you never cried again” he murmured gently.

“That was when you knew?” Imelda whispered.

“For sure, yeah. I had an inkling before” he smiled.

Imelda blushed gently. “Do you know when you first said it?” she posed.

Gerard frowned. “At Lia and Cesc’s wedding, when we were dancing” he returned as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Imelda shook her head and tugged out of his hug slightly, offering him a small smile. “You said it before that. The cup final night, you were out of it and so I put you to bed. After demanding that I give you a goodnight kiss, I moved back and you drunkenly whispered your very first ‘I love you’ to me” she smiled.

Gerard scoffed. “I didn’t” he muttered.

“You did” Imelda smirked “I was so freaked out that I left before you woke up the next morning, but then you cooked us lunch and I knew there was nothing to be scared of. Being in love was not a scary thing, not when it was with you” she murmured gently.

“Aww” Gerard teased.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “I should go and put him down to sleep for the night. I made you some dinner, it’s in the oven keeping warm” she muttered as she gently lifted Theo into her arms, allowing the little boy to rest his head on her shoulder.

Gerard sighed a little and placed his hand on her cheek, drawing her into a soft kiss. “I did love you then and if I scared you, I am sorry. But let’s just agree that it worked out eh?” he murmured.

“It worked out” Imelda smiled “I have you, I have our beautiful son and in six months, I will have your name too. Te amo” she cooed gently before she pecked his lips and made her way up the stairs, Theo snoring gently on her shoulder.

Gerard watched after them for a second before he smiled. He didn’t like Maria, he still had his issues with Elias, and he doubted his wedding would go off without a hitch, but if it meant being with Imelda then he knew that it would all be worth it. With her and Theo was where Gerard belonged and he was sure as hell going to fight for it.