We Might Just Be

77: I Can’t Ask For More Than That

Stretching his arms out a little, Gerard blinked, his eyes noting the slither of sunlight that slipped through the curtains. It was still a little early, he could tell by how little sunlight there was, but he doubted that he would be afforded the chance to sleep much more. It was Christmas morning and with it being Theo’s first, Gerard didn’t want to miss a second of it. He doubted the baby would know what was happening, he was only 6 months old after all, but still Gerard wanted to be around. He adored Theo’s little smile and the way he laughed whenever Gerard or Imelda did and he was sure that he would smile and laugh a lot that day, something which pleased the defender. A quiet and relaxed day with his parents followed by a visit from Imelda’s parents sounded quite pleasant and made a change from wedding planning and fretting over Maria who was still insisting on choosing the same date as Imelda.

“Look who’s up, Theo”

Gerard turned a little at the sound of Imelda’s voice and smiled, his blue eyes grinning up at Theo and Imelda who had just padded into the room.

Imelda smiled. “Do you want to go and say merry Christmas to papa?” she cooed, gently smoothing out Theo’s dark hair. The little boy kicked a little in his mother’s arms and smiled, something which made Imelda shake her head. Sometimes, Theo could be too much like his father. Smiling, she pressed a little kiss to his forehead before she placed Theo into Gerard’s arms, allowing the defender to lift the baby above his head, earning a squeal of laughter.

“Buenos dias, mi hijo” he smiled.

“He’s been a little sniffy overnight” Imelda murmured as she gently sat down beside her fiancé “I think he’s coming down with another cold” she added.

Gerard nodded. “Is he up to going to my parents?” he posed softly. He was excited by the prospect, he wanted a chance to enjoy a nice and relaxed day, and he hoped that Theo was up to it. He knew for a fact that his mother had bought a wide array of presents for the little boy and doubted that Imelda’s parents had done much different.

Imelda smiled. “He should be fine. We should just keep an eye on him” she noted as she moved to cuddled into Gerard’s side. The defender nodded his head gently and placed his arm around her, pulling her a little closer so that he could place a small kiss on her cheek. “Merry Christmas” he murmured. Imelda smiled softly and moved to press a kiss against his lips, softly returning the sentiment. She was a little amazed, part of her had always thought that she and Gerard would peter out after a couple of months, but she was thrilled that they hadn’t, even if things had been a little rough at times, just watching him with Theo more than made up for it. Gerard smiled into the kiss briefly before Theo made a small noise, drawing his parents’ attention back to him.

“I should go and get him dressed” Imelda noted softly.

“I can do it” Gerard offered.

Imelda shook her head. “I have it. You should go and get some breakfast ready, your madre told me she doesn’t intend to serve dinner until 4 this afternoon” she explained.

Gerard nodded. “Aye, aye captain” he teased, playfully saluting her.

Imelda rolled her eyes and gently lifted Theo back onto her hip. “I don’t know which of you two is more excited” she murmured.

Gerard smiled gently. “It is Christmas, querida, and it is our baby’s first Christmas. Of course I am going to be excited” he grinned.

Imelda shook her head and gently leant down, pressing a kiss against his lips. “You’re adorable” she commented before she padded out of the room.

“Hola, Immy” Montserrat smiled as she welcomed her son and his family into her home. She was a little surprised, from what she knew of Imelda, she had always spent Christmas with her own family, but still Montserrat was pleased to see them. She adored the idea of spending Theo’s first Christmas with him.

“Hola” Imelda smiled softly.

“You should head through the lounge. Joan and Marc have some presents in there for you and for Theo” the older woman smiled.

“Are you sure? I am more than prepared to help if you need it” Imelda offered.

Montserrat smiled. “I have it all perfectly under control” she cooed “Go through and I will be with you in a moment” she encouraged.

Imelda offered her a dubious look before she padded into the lounge, Gerard and Theo in tow.

“There’s my favorite grandson” Joan grinned as he moved to take Theo out of Gerard’s arms.

“Hello to you too, papa” Gerard muttered, rolling his eyes.

Joan shook his head. “You look this cute again and I will contemplate greeting you” the older man teased.

Gerard scoffed. “I will have you know, papa, that I am adorable. Immy says so all of the time” the defender quipped.

Imelda, who had taken a seat next to Marc, shook her head. “Don’t drag me into this” she murmured.

Gerard opened his mouth to protest once more, but stopped as his mother wandered into the room. “Are we not going to open Theo’s presents with him?” she quipped, greeting her grandson with an affectionate kiss on the forehead. Imelda nodded and moved to collect the first gift from the bag that she and Gerard had brought with them. Smiling, she offered it out to Theo whose little hands grabbed at it, lightly tearing the paper before Imelda took it off for him, showing off the new teddy bear that they had bought.

“Look at this, Theo” she cooed, offering the bear out to the six month old.

Theo looked at her with his big blue eyes before he smiled his cute baby smile, a sight that had the entire room cooing.

“Thank you so much for dinner, Montserrat, it really was lovely” Imelda mused as she wiped over yet another plate. It had been a lovely day, from Theo opening his presents to Gerard’s awful attempt at carving meat, Imelda had enjoyed every second of it and she was grateful that Montserrat and Joan had invited her. Part of her still felt a little uncomfortable around her boyfriend’s family.

Montserrat shook her head. “It was no trouble. It was nice to have you and Theo around. I have never seen our Geri so happy before” she smiled.

Imelda blushed. “I am sure that that is more Theo than me. He’s a natural with him” she enthused softly.

Montserrat shook her head. “It’s a lot to do with you too, Imelda” she cooed gently.

Imelda’s cheeks warmed a little, something which made Montserrat smile.

“You’re good for him, amazing even, and I am so glad that you are finally getting him up the aisle. I thought for sure that he would get there with Shakira, but I am glad that it is you. You’re a lovely girl, Immy, and I am so glad that you are going to be a part of our family” the older woman grinned.

“You are?” Imelda whispered.

“Of course” Montserrat smiled “You’re the best thing for Gerard and you’re a wonderful madre to Theo. I couldn’t ask for much more than you for him” she insisted.

Imelda ducked her head softly before she placed her arms around the older woman, thanking her softly. Montserrat hugged her gently and smiled, knowing that Gerard had chosen well.
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