We Might Just Be

78: Not Just A Pretty Face

“Is he asleep?” Gerard murmured as he stepped into Theo’s nursery, his blue eyes glancing over at the crib where the little boy laid.

Imelda, who had been quietly singing to Theo, smiled. “He’s been out for a couple of minutes” she cooed “But I just wanted to make sure. He’s still a little sniffy and I know from last time that he cries a little more when he’s sick” she mused.

Gerard smiled. “Your parents are getting ready to go” he murmured, placing his arms around her waist “And I still have a present to give you too. Do you think you can stay awake long enough for that?” he murmured, smiling a little at the sight of her eyelids dropping. It had been a long day, between his family and Imelda’s parents they had barely had a second to rest and he could see that Imelda was starting to get a little tired, even if she was trying not to show it, her face was growing sleepier by the second.

“You got me a present?” Imelda mumbled, snuggling happily into his embrace.

“Of course I did. What sort of fiancé would I be if I didn’t?” he posed.

“The kind that stuck to the agreement we had about gifts. You and I both agreed not focus on each other, instead buying gifts for Theo and our families” she explained, a little smile on her face.

Gerard chuckled. “Did you honestly expect me to get you nothing?” he teased gently “Immy, it’s Christmas and you’re my lovely wife-to-be, I had to get you something” he added, gently kissing her cheek.

“It’s helpful that I bought you something too then isn’t it” she quipped.

Gerard smirked against her skin. “Look who broke her own rules” he teased.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “Let me go and say goodnight to my parents and then we can exchange presents OK?” she posed.

Gerard nodded. “I will see you in a moment” he cooed before he placed a hand on her cheek, gently guiding her lips to his in a soft kiss. Imelda smiled into it for a second before she padded out of the room, a little excited at the prospect of seeing what Gerard had bought for her.

“Lia and Cesc are so sorry that they couldn’t be here” Gloria mused as she pulled her coat around her shoulders “They needed to fly back to London so that Cesc was back in time for his game tomorrow” she added.

“It’s fine, mama. I will see them and Ella in a few days anyway, Gerard’s flying us out to see them for New Year’s Eve” she explained gently.

Gloria nodded. “Thank you for this evening” she cooed “Seeing Theo today was lovely and I am so proud of you. You look like a proper little family now” she cooed, pinching Imelda’s cheek softly.

“Ma” Imelda complained softly.

“You’re just so grown up” Gloria smiled.

“Mama, I am 26 years old” Imelda smiled gently.

“I know, but you’re still my little princess, Immy and I cannot believe that you look so contented. I thought for sure that Antonio had ruined your faith in men” she noted.

“Well he didn’t” Imelda smiled “And now I have someone much better and I am happy” she added.

“I know you are, and I also know that on June 5th, there is only one wedding me and your padre are going to. I know you’re yet to send out invites, but just put mine and your father’s name down on the ‘definitely attending’ list. There is no way I am missing the only wedding you’re going to have” Gloria grinned.

Imelda’s eyes widened. “You’re coming to my wedding?” she pressed gently.

Gloria nodded. “Of course we are, aren’t we Eli?” she quipped as her husband stepped into the room.

“Aren’t we what?” the older man poked, lifting the bags of presents that Imelda and Gerard had given to them.

“We’re going to Imelda and Gerard’s wedding, aren’t we?” Gloria insisted.

Elias nodded. “Of course we are. I hate Antonio and I am not skipping out on our baby girl’s first, and hopefully only wedding day, even if I am still not sure about the man you’re marrying. Gerard beats Antonio hands down” he explained.

Imelda bit her lip. “You guys are sure?” she pressed “I would hate to cause problems between you and Maria” she added.

Elias rolled his eyes. “We already have problems with Maria” he muttered “Mostly that she is insisting on marrying that idiot for the second time even despite the fact that he is a serial cheater and a liar, but there is no way we are going to miss you getting married, Immy. It is the first time and for you, probably the only time” he insisted before he pressed a kiss to her forehead, murmuring a small goodnight to her.

Imelda opened her mouth to protest a little more, but was stopped as Elias gripped Gloria’s hand, leading her out of the door before their daughter had a chance to object. Imelda watched after them and shook her head little before she smiled, uplifted by the news that they were attending her wedding over Maria’s.

“You were gone for ages” Gerard complained as he sat back up in their beds, the sheets falling down a little to reveal his bare chest.

“I was gone for 20 minutes” Imelda noted, gently pulling her sweater off “And you’re still dramatic” she noted with a smile.

“It’s why you love me” he grinned.

“One of the many reasons” she noted as she moved to pull off her leggings “Now, did you say something about a gift?” she poked.

Gerard chuckled gently and leant over towards the end table, collecting a small neatly wrapped present. “Here you go” he noted softly as he passed it over to her. Imelda, who had just pulled on her pajamas, sat down on the edge of the bed, slowly unwrapping the present before a small smile appeared on her face. “You remembered?” she muttered.

Gerard smiled. “I am not just a pretty face, querida. You always said you wanted to see the pyramids and I thought that it would make a great Christmas/ engagement present. I never did get you one of those” he rambled.

“This is our honeymoon?” she poked.

“It is if you want it to be” Gerard smiled, gently taking the booking confirmation email out of her hands “If not I will just…” Imelda cut him off, pressing a little kiss to his lips.

“I love it” she murmured.

Gerard smiled. “I love you” he quipped back.

Imelda smiled before she leant over towards the dresser, collecting a gift for him. Gerard took it out of her hands and unwrapped it quickly, smiling at the sight of the newly bought watch. “It’s brilliant” he enthused gently.

“Really?” she poked.

“Of course. It is from you isn’t it?” he teased.

Imelda giggled gently before she pulled him into another kiss, leaning back down onto the bed. Gerard followed her movements before he leant back a little, offering her a smile. “Merry Christmas, Immy” he grinned, earning a small laugh from Imelda before she kissed him again.
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