We Might Just Be

79: A Break In London

“Immy” Thalia grinned as she skittered across the airport, Cesc and Ella in tow. It was early, usually too early for the older sister, but the thought of seeing Imelda and Gerard was exciting to her. It had been a few months since she had seen them both and she couldn’t wait to catch up with them, especially with their wedding date drawing ever nearer. She knew better than to push it, Imelda and Gerard were planning at their own pace and making sure things were the way they wanted them to be, but still she couldn’t wait to ask. She was excited to see her little sister get married and it was a day that had only been surpassed by her own wedding and the birth of Ella Rose.

“Lia” Imelda smiled tiredly “It’s nice to see you” she added.

Thalia smiled. “It’s nice to see you too” she cooed as she leant down, collecting the bags that sat at Imelda’s feet.

“Sorry the flight was so early” Gerard mumbled, a small yawn falling out his mouth “It was this one, or one at 12:30 and I didn’t want to deal with too many people” he added, gently adjusting a sleeping Theo against his hip.

“I don’t blame you” Cesc muttered “But I will blame you later when this little one is crying” he mumbled with a slight nod down towards Ella who snuffled a little in her sleep.

“She won’t be the only one. Theo was awake for the whole flight” Gerard commented.

“We should get going” Imelda murmured “I don’t know about you two, but I definitely want to nap too before we start talking and celebrating the impending new year” she mused with a small yawn that encouraged Gerard to place his arm around her shoulder, holding her a little closer.

Thalia smiled at the small amorous action. Part of her still couldn’t quite believe that her baby sister was in such a happy and committed relationship.

“What is that smile about, Lia?” Imelda mumbled as she contently rested her head on Gerard’s shoulder, allowing the tall defender to steer her towards the exit.

Thalia shrugged. “I am just a little amazed by the pair of you still” she commented “It seems like yesterday that you were insisting that you didn’t want to be his rebound and now look at you. It’s sweet” she enthused.

Gerard snorted. “You didn’t want to be my rebound?” he teased, his blue eyes peeking down at Imelda.

“You were just out of a committed relationship. Excuse me for not wanting to get all involved with your messed up emotions” Imelda quipped smartly.

“But you did get involved” Gerard objected playfully “And now look at you. You’re going to be my wife” he grinned.

Imelda rolled her eyes, something which made Gerard smile. “Being my rebound worked out well for you” he smirked before he dropped a kiss on her head, earning yet another fond smile from her older sister. She doubted she could have been much prouder of Imelda.

“She looks so much like you, Cesc” Imelda mused as she sipped on her mug of tea, her green eyes watching as Ella and Theo sat a little away from them with Thalia and Gerard.

The midfielder smiled. “I like to think she does. She’s a pretty girl and I know that I am immensely proud of her” he cooed, sitting at the table beside his sister-in-law. It wasn’t the first time that they had been left to talk, in the nearly 4 years since Cesc had started seeing Thalia, he and Imelda had had many conversations, but still the midfielder felt a little shy around her. It was no secret that he wasn’t the most confident and it was more than evident when he was left alone with a member of his wife’s family.

“She’s a beautiful girl” Imelda enthused.

Cesc nodded, offering her a shy smile. “Theo’s a handsome boy” he returned softly “You and Gerard must be pleased” he added.

Imelda nodded, sparing a little look towards Gerard who was trying in vain to make Theo grasp a hold of the toy he was offering to him. “He looks like his papa, which I expected the second we knew it was going to be a boy. He’s a little carbon copy of his padre and I love that about him. I just hope he stays as sweet and adorable forever” she mused wistfully.

“If he’s anything like Gerard, then you have no hope” Cesc teased, earning a little laugh from Imelda.

“What are you laughing about?” Gerard poked as he stepped towards the kitchen table, handing Theo back to Imelda who greeted her son with a little kiss.

Imelda shook her head. “Nothing” she commented “Did he still not want to play with the toy dinosaur you keep trying to give him?” she teased gently.

Gerard offered her an exaggerated eye roll. “He still keeps playing with that teddy you gave him. It smells like spit up and nappies” he mumbled, his nose wrinkled a little.

Imelda shook her head. “Just take it from him when he’s asleep” she suggested, smiling up at Gerard.

The defender rolled his eyes. “He clearly likes you more than me” he muttered “He has never once rejected any toy you have given him and he stops crying the second you kiss him” he mumbled, pouting a little as he fell into a seat at her side.

“That right there, that is Theo in 30 years” Cesc grinned, his hand jovially slapping the taller man’s shoulder.

Gerard shook his head. “I am not that bad” he muttered.

“No, you’re not” Cesc teased “You’re actually worse normally” he added.

Gerard scoffed. “I am a joy to be around” he huffed.

“Of course you are” Imelda smiled, kissing his cheek “And Theo knows it too. He’s a baby, Gerard, and he loves that bear. It’s not personal” she mused.

Gerard sighed. “You’re sure?” he poked.

“Certain. Sometimes I think he loves that teddy bear more than he loves me” Imelda teased.

“That’s impossible” Gerard muttered “You’re a great madre” he added, leaning up to kiss her. Imelda smiled and ducked down to kiss him, only for Cesc to clear his throat.

“I get that you guys are still in the whole kissing all the time phase, but I would appreciate it if you kept it to a minimum” he teased.

Gerard scoffed and leant a little closer to Imelda, kissing her gently.

Cesc rolled his eyes at the couple slightly before he padded over to Ella and Thalia, a little envious that his friends were still in the puppy-love phase.
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