We Might Just Be

08: Just A Moment

“So, you and Gerard” Thalia grinned as she flopped down on her sister’s couch, a wide smile on her face. She was still annoyed, she and Imelda had never really had secrets before, but she was still happy for her. Seeing Imelda beside Gerard had made it abundantly clear that she had made the right call in pushing them together, they were adorable and she couldn’t help but hope that it panned out for them, Imelda deserved a good man and Gerard deserved someone who would love him just the way that he was.

Imelda, who had been flicking through the television channels, looked at her sister. “What about us?” she quipped.

Thalia grinned. “You guys are cute” she mused.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “We’re no cuter than you and Cesc” she quipped with a little shrug “And we certainly aren’t worth talking about. Why don’t we talk about you wedding instead? Have you guys picked a venue yet?” she added, trying desperately to change the subject. She knew that Thalia was curious, she had bought it up at every chance that she got, but Imelda was sick of talking about it over and over again. It was a lie, no matter how much Imelda tried to avoid thinking about it, and repeating it over and over to Thalia made her stomach turn. Her sister, more so than anyone, would be hurt if the truth was ever discovered.

Thalia rolled her eyes. “Stop deflecting Immy, I wanted to hear all about you and Senor Piqué” she grinned.

“There’s not much to tell” Imelda noted with a little shake of her head.

“You’ve been dating for two weeks and you’re telling me there is nothing to talk about?” Thalia poked, her eyebrow cocked in a questioning manner.

“It’s two weeks Lia, it’s not like I am sleeping with the guy” she noted, turning her eyes back to the screen of the television.

“You’re not?” Thalia squeaked.

Imelda looked at her sister. “How long did you wait to sleep with Cesc?” she pressed.

Thalia giggled. “That’s how our relationship started” she noted “He was a one night stand that called me the morning after just to make sure that I didn’t hate him” she explained.

Imelda wrinkled her nose. “I could have gone the entirety of my life not knowing that” she grimaced.

“Oh come on” Thalia grinned “You’ve had your fair share of one night stands” she noted.

“She has?” Gerard’s voice was filled with laughter as it filled the air, something which made Imelda drop her head.

“What are you doing here?” she muttered, her eyes glaring at Thalia who grinned at her widely.

“Your sister called me” Gerard noted “She said something about lunch?” he added.

Imelda offered Thalia a glare before got off of the sofa, greeting him with a little kiss that he more than enthusiastically returned. Things were still a little awkward, since their ‘almost’ moment after the celebratory dinner, Imelda had seemingly scaled back on the physical contact, but with Thalia around, she knew she couldn’t skip out. Thalia would only fixate on it and badger Imelda until she had no choice but to spill the truth, something which would only serve to make Thalia hate her.

“She did, did she?” she noted as she pulled back.

“Yeah” Gerard noted “She said that she and Cesc had plans this afternoon so she invited me over. Did she not tell you?” he teased.

Imelda shook her head. “She did not, but that doesn’t change that I am happy to see you” she noted “I have missed you” she murmured gently. It wasn’t a whole lie, she had missed his bright and contagious personality, but she didn’t want to make things awkward. They were platonic and to Imelda, that was all it was, a deal that kept people off of their back.

Gerard grinned and dropped a little kiss on her forehead, something which made Thalia coo. “You two are adorable” she giggled, gathering her bag.

Gerard smiled. “I think we are too” he mused.

Thalia giggled and skittered out of the room, chattering about weddings and babies further down the line, something which made Imelda roll her eyes. “She’s making a big deal out of us” she noted gently.

“Can you blame her?” Gerard noted “As far as she is concerned, she is the greatest matchmaker in the world and we are the greatest couple. Let her have her fun. In a few weeks, once the wedding is over and done with, she will have nothing to talk about” he noted softly.

Imelda nodded gently. “You’re right” she noted.

“I normally am” he mused as he moved to sit on the couch.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “You’re pretty full of yourself” she mused.

Gerard smirked “Have you looked at me recently?” he noted.

Imelda scoffed. “You’re not as handsome as you think you are” she noted “In fact, I have met better looking men” she teased.

Gerard scoffed. “No, you haven’t” he noted.

“Antonio was cute” she noted “And the last man I slept with was handsome too. I seem to attract a type” she grinned.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I don’t believe you” he noted.

“Handsome guys like me, hombre. You tried to kiss me the last time we were alone together” she noted before she placed her hand over her mouth, a little embarrassed that she had brought it up in the way she had. She was only teasing and had surely only served to make things a little more awkward than they already were.

Gerard sighed. “You noticed that then?” he teased feebly “I thought I had managed to style it out” he added, a tiny smile on his face.

Imelda shrugged. “It doesn’t matter” she noted.

Gerard sighed. “Imelda” he muttered.

“Immy” she corrected “And Gerard, let’s not bring it up. It was just a moment, I am sure we can get past it” she noted.

Gerard thought for a second before he shook his head. It was silly, it had only been two weeks, but when he looked at her, his stomach flipped and that was something he was having a hard time stifling. The thought of even being close to Imelda now made his stomach flip. “I…uh” he stammered.

“Gerard, I am sure that you only had a moment of weakness” she noted dismissively.

“Immy, it wasn’t like that” he muttered.

“You want to kiss me?” she posed, her green eyes looking up at him.

“Uh” he muttered “Kind of” he added.

Imelda shook her head. “I am sure that you didn’t, hombre” she noted “I am sure that you are just craving some sort of intimacy now that your ex is gone. It is a phase, one you will get out of” she noted before she moved to the kitchen, announcing that she was going to make them some lunch. Gerard watched after her and shook his head. He already knew that it wasn’t a phase, he liked Imelda, even despite his better judgement, and he didn’t see him getting over it any time soon. She was the best thing he had found in a while and being close to her was in no way going to help him, especially with all the false affection they displayed for the sake of their façade.

Padding into the kitchen, Imelda rested back against the fridge for a second, her stomach turning a little. She had seen it, the look in Gerard’s eye and it made her nervous. She liked him, he was a nice guy and she got along with him well, but she was sure that he was still getting over his last girlfriend and she didn’t want to get in too deep. After Antonio, she didn’t want to offer her heart up again to a man that could break it in one move if he so wanted to.
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