We Might Just Be

83: We’re Happy

Balancing Theo against her hip, Imelda smiled a little at the sight of her front door, a little pleased to be back home in Spain. It had been a trying week, between Cesc’s infrequent and always unannounced visits and Thalia’s moping, Imelda had barely had a second to think, but she was glad to be home. Thalia had been better in the last few days and had actively encouraged her little sister to travel home, something Imelda had been more than happy to take up. She felt for her sister, what Cesc and Delilah had done to her was awful, but there was only so much Imelda could do and in the week that she had stayed in London, she had grown frustrated, but mostly she had grown lonely. She missed Gerard, she always did when she was away from him, and she couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she and Theo made their way into the house. She was early, she had managed to get onto an earlier flight than the one she had told Gerard that she was on, and she knew that he would still be sleeping, Barcelona had played a late game the night before and thanks to that, it was a rest day for the defender.

“Are you excited to see papa?” Imelda cooed as she fished in the side pocket of her bag, trying to find her door key. Theo giggled in his most cheeky way before Imelda placed the key in the door, gently pushing it open. “Now, I am going to put you in your room and I am going to find papa, are you going to be a good boy?” she mused, gently smoothing down the dark hair which stuck up on Theo’s head. The little boy babbled in response, something which made Imelda smile at him before she padded up the stairs, gently setting Theo in his crib. “I will be back in a minute baby” she cooed as she pressed a little kiss to his forehead before she stepped out of the nursery, gently padding into her own room where, as she expected, Gerard laid in the centre of the bed, his soft snores filling the air.

Smiling, Imelda quietly slipped her phone from her pocket and snapped a quick picture before she set it down on the end table, lowering her weight gently onto the mattress. “Gerard” she murmured, her hand gently shaking his shoulder “Gerard, mi amor” she added as he stirred a little. The defender spluttered and snuffled a little before one of his blue eyes peeked open, staring up at his girlfriend.

“What time is it?” he grumbled, his hand rubbing his eye a little.

Imelda rolled her eyes. “That’s really the first thing you want to do? You’ve not see me for a week” she teased.

Gerard blinked a little before he set his arms around her waist, pulling her with little resistance flush against his chest. “No, the first thing I want to do is get rid of that pesky dress and your underwear, but I figured I should try and be little more polite” he murmured gently as he skimmed his fingers over her forehead, gently brushing the dark hair away from her from her eyes.

“You’ve barely been awake two minutes” Imelda murmured as she adjusted against him slightly, trying to be comfortable.

“And you have been away for seven days. That’s a long time” Gerard replied, his hand lazily skimming up and down her back.

“Tell me about it” Imelda murmured, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

“How is Lia doing?” Gerard mused as he brushed his hand over her shoulder, wordlessly brushing away the strap of her dress.

“Better” Imelda commented “She’s still broken up, but she’ll be like that for a while. Cesc really fucked her over” she murmured.

“He still hanging around?” Gerard murmured, placing a little kiss against the skin he had exposed.

“He keeps showing up, but Lia changed the locks. He should get the hint eventually” she mumbled.

Gerard nodded his head slightly before he placed his lips against her warm skin, working his way up her neck towards her jaw. Imelda smiled softly and leant into the contact, a small happy sigh falling out of her mouth. “I missed you” she mumbled as Gerard reached the side of her mouth, a small smile on his face.

“Nena, if it wasn’t for that fact that I also haven’t seen Theo in a week, trust me that I would show you just how much I have missed you right now. But I can already hear his whimpers over the monitor and I am not prepared to be interrupted” he murmured.

Imelda shook her head. “You should go and see him. He missed you” she smiled as she rolled away from him.

Gerard nodded his head gently and stood up, only to lean back over and press a warm kiss against her lips. “I will be back” he mused softly before he collected his shirt from the ground, pulling it over his head as he padded into the nursery. Imelda watched after him and gently chewed on her lip.

Part of her was a little surprised by how much she had missed him.

“Is he asleep?” Imelda murmured as she peeked up at the door, her green eyes watching as Gerard padded back into room.

“He certainly is” The defender replied gently “I think you’re right. He did miss me. His little face lit up” he enthused, plopping down onto the bed.

Imelda smiled. “He’s definitely your son then. Your face lit up when you saw me” she teased.

“It always will” Gerard commented gently as he shuffled up beside Imelda, placing a sweet little kiss on her cheek “The day it doesn’t, is the day I give you my permission to walk away” he added.

Imelda sighed. “Do you think we will work out?” she murmured shyly. She didn’t want to ask it, she didn’t want him thinking that she doubted them for a second, but it had been on her mind since Thalia had found out about Cesc. Imelda had thought that they were perfect, that they would well and truly go the distance, and recent events had changed her mind, something which had made her a little concerned about her and Gerard. She liked the way they were, things had been wonderful since Theo had been born and they had become engaged, but still it nagged at the back of her head. Sometimes, things looked good when they weren’t and that was something that made her a little nervous.

Gerard frowned. “Are you having doubts about us?” he murmured.

Imelda shrugged. “I just don’t want us to fall apart” she replied gently “I thought that Cesc and Lia were happy and now look at them. A little part of me is just a little concerned” she admitted shyly as she fiddled with the hem of his shirt.

Gerard shook his head softly and lifted his hand, cupping her cheek. “Querida, you have nothing to be concerned about” he smiled gently “We’re happy, I am happy, and I swear, since we have gotten back together, I haven’t even looked at another girl. I love you and I want to marry you, something which I hope you share in” he added gently.

Imelda smiled. “You know I love you” she murmured “Where else am I going to find a handsome guy like you who is willing to put up with me, my crazy relatives, my horrid brothers-in-law and love me for it, regardless of how crazy and stupid it gets?” she teased.

Gerard smiled. “You’re right. You’re never going to find someone as great as me” he teased.

“I am not” Imelda confirmed gently “And I don’t want to either. Just promise me, if you get bored like Cesc did, you’ll tell me before you do something stupid right?” she pressed.

Gerard nodded. “In that case, I will, but I don’t see me getting bored of you” he mused, leaning a little closer to her.

Imelda smiled and laced her fingers through his hair. “Good” she murmured before she kissed him. Gerard smiled into it gently and held her close, wordlessly promising that he would never take her for granted like Cesc had with Thalia.
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