We Might Just Be

86: Growing Up Fast

“How is the whole wedding coming along Immy?” Thalia posed as she stirred her coffee, her eyes peeking over at her sister who remained awfully quiet. It had been a few months, Thalia had barely seen her estranged, soon to be ex-husband, since the turn of the year, and she knew that that made Imelda a little uncomfortable. Imelda was preparing for the happiest day of her life and was making more than an effort to ensure that she didn’t talk about it too much ahead of her older sister, something which Thalia found sweet. She didn’t mind that Imelda was getting married, if anything, she was happy that her little sister had found someone that she was comfortable settling down with and she didn’t want Imelda feeling bad about being with Gerard. It hadn’t been her fault that Cesc had turned out as he had.

“It’s alright” Imelda mused “We’ve got most of it done, but you and I need to pay a trip to the boutique that I picked my dress out from. They want to make sure that they got your measurements right” she explained, fiddling with the spoon which stuck out from her mug of tea.

“You must be excited” Thalia mused, sipping her drink “It’s what, just under a month away now?” she pressed.

Imelda smiled shyly. “It is” she commented gently “And I am a little excited. I have kind of got used to planning days for other people, it’s kind of odd to think that all the work I have done recently, has been for me” she explained softly.

“And Gerard?” Thalia posed.

“He’s a help” Imelda noted with a grin that Thalia knew well. It was the one that her little sister had reserved just for her husband-to-be. “He can get in the way sometimes, but when I need his opinion, he’s really great at helping. I think he’s kept me sane” she mused, a small blush on her cheeks.

Thalia nodded. “You know that I am happy for you right?” she posed.

Imelda nodded. “I know, but I don’t want to shove this in your face. I know Cesc is still making things hard on you now that he is with Delilah and I don’t want to have you resent me for this. I am just glad that you and Ella will be here” she explained gently with a little look towards her niece who was happily sat in her pushchair, nibbling on the cookie that Thalia had handed to her.

Thalia shook her head. “There is no way I was going to miss this” she commented with a quirked grin “I still find it hard to believe that my baby sister is going to have a husband” she teased.

Imelda blushed. “Don’t” she murmured “I’ve already got people asking if I am going to take his name” she fussed.

Thalia tilted her head. “Are you?” she posed.

Imelda shrugged. She had thought about it, taking Gerard’s last name, but she still wasn’t quite decided. She liked her name as it was and wasn’t entirely certain she wanted to change it. “I like my name, but I also like the idea of having his” she explained gently.

“And Gerard wants what?” Thalia poked.

“He wants me to take his name. He keeps wandering around and referring to me as Mrs Piqué” she mumbled.

Thalia giggled. “He’s that excited?” she poked.

Imelda nodded. “I think so. Between finishing the season, anticipating Theo’s first word and first step, and wedding planning, he’s seemed awfully giddy recently” she noted gently.

Thalia shook her head. “You’re a lucky girl” she mused.

Imelda nodded. “I like to think so” she fussed before her phone beeped, causing her to look down. “You’re staying with mum and dad right?” she poked, looking at Thalia.

The older girl smiled. “Your husband-to-be?” she teased.

“Yes” Imelda posed “He says he has something he needs to show me” she noted.

Thalia wrinkled her nose. “You two can surely keep that between yourselves” she mumbled teasingly, earning a little flush on her sister’s cheeks.

“It’s nothing like that” Imelda noted as she stood up, placing a little kiss on Ella’s head who grinned back up at her, babbling softly.

Thalia smiled. “We will go to the boutique tomorrow, Immy. Go home, go and see him” she smiled.

Imelda smiled back at her sister softly and pecked her cheek before she padded out of the small café, leaving Thalia smiling after her. She was still hurting, what her husband had done to her had hurt, but she was working on getting over it, something which meant she was thrilled for her little sister. Imelda deserved something good and with her two boys, she certainly had it.

“How was coffee with Lia?” Gerard posed as he ushered Imelda into their home, a grin perched on his face. He felt a little bad, Imelda had had that morning earmarked for weeks to spend with Thalia, but he couldn’t resist getting her to come home. What Theo had just done was amazing and he wasn’t prepared to wait to show it off to Imelda.

“Interrupted” Imelda replied “What was so important that it couldn’t wait?” she added, her green eyes looking up at the defender who just grinned.

“Our son did something pretty amazing” he cooed.

“Amazing?” Imelda pressed “If he just clapped in front of the TV again, I’ve already seen it” she added teasingly.

Gerard shook his head. “Even more amazing than that” he mused as he padded over to Theo, smiling down at the little boy who was just a month away from his first birthday. “Theo, why don’t you show mama your new thing?” he mused. Theo looked at his father for a moment before he crawled towards the armchair, placing his little hands against the material before he gripped onto it, pulling himself onto his feet, a sight that drew a small gasp from his mother.

“He can’t quite take a step yet, but he just kept doing it whilst you were out. Isn’t it great?” Gerard mused as he placed his arms around Imelda’s waist, smiling at the look of complete adoration that she wore on her face.

Imelda nodded. “It’s fantastic” she murmured “He did that all by himself?” she posed.

Gerard nodded. “I think he was trying to get at the sandwich I was eating earlier and he did it. He’s getting closer to walking” he enthused.

“Before long, he’ll be talking and walking” Imelda murmured “He’s growing up quick” she added.

Gerard smiled. “We should have another one” he mumbled, gently placing his face against her neck.

Imelda spluttered. “What?” she squeaked.

“Once the wedding is done with and we are back from honeymoon, we should think about having a second one. Theo will be one in a few weeks and by the time you fall pregnant and have the baby, he’ll be two or so. I think it would be a good time to start thinking about another little one” Gerard explained gently.

“You think about that?” Imelda mumbled.

“Of course. I love Theo and I think a second one would be great. Perhaps a girl this time” he mused as he placed his hand against her flat stomach. Imelda blushed gently, it was a little strange to hear him talking about another child.

“Im?” Gerard murmured.

“It sounds wonderful” she commented gently “But we ought to get the wedding out of the way before you start painting nurseries or anything” she added.

Gerard nodded and kissed her cheek before he moved to collect Theo, holding the little boy over his head with ease. Imelda admired the sight and shook her a little. She couldn’t quit fathom just how far they had come.
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