We Might Just Be

88: I Will See You Up There

Blinking her eyes a little, Imelda peeked around her childhood bedroom, a tiny smile appearing at the corner of her mouth. It was still early, she could still hear her father’s snores echoing from the room next door, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, not with the butterflies that were fluttering in her stomach. She was excited, the idea of putting on her dress and then saying her vows made her grin, and she was already willing away the hours. She couldn’t wait to kiss Gerard and walk away as his wife. Running a hand back through her dark hair, she lightly padded across the room, avoiding Antonella who had drawn the short straw and landed a spot on the air mattress, and snuck out of the room, closing the door quietly before she padded down the stairs, smiling a little at Aiden who had obviously been woken up by Ellis.

“You’re up early” Aiden noted.

“Excited” Imelda replied “I would have tried to get to sleep again, but it kind of feels like Christmas morning y’know? I am excited and nervous all at the same time” she noted as she padded towards the counter, taking a seat on a stool as Aiden poured her a mug of coffee.

“I remember the feeling well” he commented as he placed the cup ahead of her “When I married Ash, I must have walked 3 laps around the church before I went inside. I spent 20 minutes writing down phone numbers just in case she didn’t come” he noted.

“I remember” Imelda smiled, helping Ellis into a chair beside her “Ma thought you were going to pass out” she added.

Aiden chuckled. “But then I married my lovely wife and I never looked back” he mused softly.

“Do you worry about Ashely waking up one day and realizing that you’re not enough?” she posed shyly.

Aiden shrugged. “Occasionally, especially when she comes home with guys she’s met at work, but then I realize that she’s not go a malicious bone in her body and that she couldn’t do it to me. You don’t have a thing to worry about in regards to Gerard. He adores you Im” he assured her gently.

“Cesc loved Lia. Antonio loved Maria” Imelda pointed out.

“That’s different” Aiden noted gently “Antonio was always an ass, he still is now, and Cesc is clearly a moron if he thinks some 21 year old puta is better for him that Lia and Ella, but Gerard’s face says it all Im. I’ve watched him, like any good big brother would, and I can see that even when someone just says your name, he smiles. I know he loves you, that he loves being with you and Theo, and I don’t think you will regret this. He’s good” he smiled.

Imelda shook her head. “He does not smile when someone says my name” she muttered.

Aiden grinned. “He totally does, he tries not to do it around you, but he does” he noted before Gloria stepped into the room, greeting her son and daughter with a smile.

“How are you feeling, Immy?” Gloria cooed as she moved to pour some coffee for her and Elias who had sleepily followed her into the room.

Imelda smiled. “Good” she replied “Aiden was just trying to calm my nerves” she noted.

“And?” Gloria smiled.

“He’s done very well” Imelda noted before her phone buzzed, causing her to excuse herself from the room.

“Immy?” Gerard mumbled as he peeked through the kitchen door, his eyes keeping a keen look out for Lionel who was likely to slap the phone out of his hand if he caught him using it.

“Gerard?” Imelda’s voice replied “I am amazed you’re up” she noted gently.

“I had to be. If Leo catches me on the phone, he’s likely to hit me” the defender murmured. It was silly, his desire to hear her voice, but he hadn’t been able to resist it. He missed her and even if he couldn’t see her, there was no rule against him talking to her.

“I am sure he’s not that bad” Imelda giggled gently “Leo’s always been so nice” she added.

“That’s because you’re his wife’s friend” Gerard muttered “If you were his friend, you’d know that for a short guy, he can do some damage” he added, earning a soft laugh on the part of Imelda who muttered something about him over exaggerating. “How are you feeling?” he murmured, resting back against the counter.

“Excited, nervous, but Aiden and my parents are already up and trying to make me feel better. What about you?” she posed.

“Like I am about to throw up” he admitted gently “We really should have done a rehearsal or something” he mumbled.

Imelda giggled. “You told me that you thought they were stupid” she mused.

“Well, I regret that now” he mumbled, earning another soft laugh.

“You will be fine. As you told me when Cesc and Lia got married, it’s walking and words, not rocket science” she mused.

“You remember me saying that?” he teased.

“You say a lot of stuff, some sticks, some doesn’t” she noted.

Gerard smiled. “I can’t wait to see you” he mused softly.

“Me either. I am going to the venue in a little while to finish setting up but after that I have the hairdressers. What are you, Leo and the boys going to do?” she posed.

“Eat breakfast” Gerard replied “Perhaps take the kids to the park for a little while and then to the venue where I will put on my suit and wait to see you” he noted.

Imelda hummed. “I will see you up there” she cooed, her voice slightly muffled by the calls of her mother.

“I hope so” Gerard replied “I love you” he muttered.

Imelda repeated the phrase back to him before she hung up the phone, something which led to him placing it on the counter just as Lionel stepped into the room, a slightly irked look on his face.

“You ready?” Gloria smiled as she collected the dress bags from the side.

Imelda nodded. “Ready” she confirmed gently.

Gloria smiled and moved to press a kiss to Imelda’s cheek before she pulled the door open.

Imelda took a little breath and nodded.

Nervous or not, she couldn’t wait to see Gerard again.
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