We Might Just Be

89: I Now Pronounce You

“So?” Imelda mused as she stepped out of the small room where she had been getting ready “What do you guys think?” she mused, her green eyes watching as the group full of women and her father turned to look at her, their jaws dropping one by one. She knew that she looked good, as soon as the stylist had pulled the zip up on her dress, she had felt pretty, and she could tell by the looks on people’s faces that her assumption had been correct. “Guys” she giggled shyly “I am going to need actual words” she added, her hands gently running down the soft white material of her dress. It wasn’t extravagant, Imelda had hated the way she looked in the overly puffy dresses, but still she loved it. The white material hugged her hips and waist whilst not putting too much emphasis on her legs or chest.

Gloria, who sat beside Elias, shook her head. “You look angelic” she whispered as she stood up, slowly walking in circle around her youngest daughter “Seriously, Imelda” she cooed, earning a bashful laugh from the bride. It was strange to Imelda to hear Gloria refer to her with her full name.

“I don’t look stupid, do I?” Imelda prodded gently.

“Not at all” Thalia smiled “You look perfect” she added as she tried to calm Ella down. The little girl, like Theo, had recently taken her first steps and was anxious to toddle around the room.

“Really?” Imelda squeaked, jumping a little as Antonella and Anna moved to attach her veil to the delicately curled hair that the stylist had left her with.

Elias, who had been watching his daughter for a second, stood up. “Imelda, you look fantastic” he whispered as he padded towards her “I have never seen you so beautiful before” he added, gingerly brushing a loose curl away from her green eyes. “I am so proud of you” he added before he gently placed his arms around her, hugging her gently. Imelda froze at the feel of it, Elias had never been the most affectionate father, but after a couple of seconds, she hugged him tightly, murmuring a small ‘thank you’ in his ear before the door swung open, allowing Gerard’s brother Marc to step inside.

“We’re waiting for you, Immy” he mused with a small smile.

Imelda smiled and nodded her head, accepting a few more last minute hugs from her friends and relatives before she was left in a room with just her father for company. “You’re sure about this one, aren’t you?” Elias mused as he moved to find the bouquet of flowers that Imelda would carry down the aisle.

Imelda nodded. “I am certain, papa” she mused “Are you OK with him?” she added, taking the flowers from him and adjusting the one that was fixed onto his suit jacket.

Elias thought for a moment before he nodded. “I am now. He makes you happy, Immy, and he is not the worst man in the world. Your sisters found them” he mumbled.

Imelda nodded her head a little before she turned to face the exit, her green eyes peeking through the screen door which led outside to the garden that they had chosen to get married in. “Ready?” Elias mused.

Imelda nodded. “Ready” she mused.

“She’s here right?” Gerard muttered as he kicked his feet, his blue eyes staring up at the blue sky that sat overhead.

“Yes” Lionel mused “How many more time do you need to be told that? She’s here, Marc’s seen her, your parents have seen her, Antonella has seen her” he mused with a little shake of his head. He couldn’t quite believe how nervous his friend was.

“And she’s calm?” the defender poked, taking a quick look over his shoulder.

“She’s fine” Lionel smiled.

Gerard nodded his head slightly before the sound of the wedding march started up, causing him to stand up, Lionel dutifully at his side. “You’re going to be OK to do this aren’t you?” the argentine teased as he watched the bridesmaids move up the aisle, before Thalia appeared, Theo and Ella taking tentative and tiny steps at her side.

Gerard looked at his friend for a second before out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Imelda arm in arm with Elias, a sight that instantly removed any nerves or doubts he had had. She looked beautiful, better than he had ever envisaged, and just looking at her made him smile. He had made the right call and seeing Imelda pacing up the aisle made him all the more sure of it. “I am taking that look as a yes” Lionel teased before he stepped to the side, allowing Imelda and Elias to come to a halt ahead of Gerard.

“You’re in charge of taking care of her now, Gerard” Elias muttered, his voice firm “If you put a foot wrong like the others, I will not hesitate to ensure that you regret it” he added before he placed Imelda’s hand into Gerard’s. The defender offered her a quick smile before he turned to Elias.

“I would give my life before I hurt her, Elias” he mused firmly.

Elias offered a slightly stiff nod before he retreated to his seat at Gloria’s side.

Gerard smiled and turned back to Imelda, his fingers gingerly lifting the veil over her head. “You look spectacular” he mumbled.

Imelda blushed. “You think?” she poked.

Gerard offered her an earnest grin before the official spoke up, beginning the ceremony.

“It is my pleasure to now pronounce you man and wife. Gerard, you may kiss the bride” the official smiled as he closed the book, offering the couple a soft look. Gerard nodded his head in thanks to the official before he turned to Imelda, his blue eyes staring straight into her greens.

“How do you feel?” he murmured as he stepped a little closer to her.

Imelda smiled. “Fantastic” she whispered “You?” she added, her hand gently moving up to cup his cheek.

“A little sick” Gerard replied, earning a small laugh “But mostly, like I am the luckiest guy in the world” he mumbled before he leant towards her, pressing a light kiss against her lips which was greeted with applause.

“I love you” he mumbled as he pulled back slightly.

Imelda smiled. “I love you too, Mr Piqué” she giggled before she took his hands in hers, starting the walk down the aisle with him at her side.
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