We Might Just Be

09: The Type Of Girlfriend That No One Wants

Staring around the dance studio that she had been directed to, Imelda sighed, ruing her decision to accept the position of maid of honor. She had known what it would be like from the outset, Thalia was giddy and often a little ditzy, and Imelda’s job was to steer her back on track, something she already regretted agreeing to. She didn’t like weddings, especially not ones that involved her family in any sort of capacity and that, twinned with the entire Gerard situation, had led to Imelda wishing she had just stayed away from it all. It would have saved her a lot of time and trouble.

“You’re early” Gerard mumbled as he padded up towards her, a slightly nervous look on his face. It had been days, Imelda and he had barely spoken since the lunch incident that Thalia had instigated, and it unsettled him. He didn’t blame Imelda for being wary of him, he was just out of a relationship that he had admitted he wasn’t over, but he had hoped she would react a little better to his awkward admission of feelings than to run away from it. As far as he knew, they were still in their fake relationship and they weren’t going to be overly convincing if Imelda couldn’t even bring herself to look at him.

“Lia said to be here for 1:15” she muttered, not looking up at him.

Gerard nodded. “Lia and Cesc aren’t here yet?” he noted.

Imelda shook her head. “She just texted. They got stuck with the cake tasting, but they should be here soon” she explained, her green eyes still looking down at her feet, a sight that made Gerard sigh.

“Imelda” he murmured, his voice carrying a sigh.

“Immy” she replied “Why do you always call me Imelda?” she poked.

Gerard smiled. “Immy is what everyone calls you. I like Imelda” he noted with a little shrug.

Imelda shook her head. “You’re weird” she murmured, her green eyes flashing up to his momentarily.

“Because I call you Imelda?” he posed.

“Because you keep coming back” she returned, her teeth chewing on her lower lip softly “After our first meeting, I thought for sure that it would be the only time I really saw you. You were supposed to be the best man and nothing else” she noted.

“Are you saying you would like me to leave you alone?” Gerard posed gently, his hand moving to rest against her arm which sat in her lap, her hand fiddling with her shirt aimlessly.

Imelda sighed. She had given it a lot of thought, it had been five days since their talk, but still she didn’t quite know what to make of it. He was being honest, he had wanted to kiss her in the carpark after the dinner, but still she was scared. She had thought the world of the last man who had won her heart and he had treated her like crap, something she was concerned Gerard would replicate. He was recovering, even if he didn’t think that he still was, and she didn’t want to get involved until she was certain, something she wasn’t sure she would ever be.

“Imelda?” he murmured gently “Do you want me to leave you alone?” he added, his eyes looking down at her.

“I am saying that…”

“Sorry we are late” Cesc breathed “Thalia couldn’t decide between vanilla and lemon” he added before he turned his eyes to the other couple, noting the tension that was around them. “Guys, are you OK?” he poked.

Imelda looked at Gerard for a moment before she nodded. “We’re fine. We had a little bit of a fight, but we are ok now, aren’t we Geri?” she poked, her green eyes looking up at him. Gerard returned her look hesitantly but quickly smiled, nodding his head.

“Good” Cesc mused “If not, the next hour of your lives was going to be awfully awkward” he noted.

Imelda smiled at her sister’s fiancé before she pressed a little kiss to Gerard’s cheek, excusing herself to talk with Thalia who was chatting with the instructor.

Gerard watched after her and sighed a little, worried that he had done more damage than he had anticipated.

“Ok, boys, you need to hold your girl close” the instructor explained, clapping his hands together.

Gerard nodded and moved to hold Imelda close to him, something which made his heart thump a little. “Gerard, hold her” the instructor muttered “Right now, you look like you don’t want to touch her” he added. The defender rolled his blue eyes and moved his arms, mirroring the hold that Cesc had on Thalia.

Imelda shifted a little before she helped him, shifting her body a little closer. “Don’t be scared” she murmured “It is just a dance” she added.

Gerard nodded. “I know, but we’re not exactly in that sort of place right now” he whispered, following the steps that the instructor was yelling out awkwardly. “You were seconds away from telling me that you didn’t want me around anymore before Cesc appeared, I just didn’t want to make things worse” he rambled, quickly swaying her in time with the music.

“I wasn’t going to say that” she muttered, shifting her hands a little.

“Really? Because you had a look on your face that suggested it” he explained.

“I was going to admit that I was scared” she muttered “Way to step all over that though” she added a little sarcastically.

Gerard blinked. Scared was not what he had expected her to say.

“Scared?” he murmured.

“It doesn’t matter” she muttered, following his movements whilst the instructor yelled “The moment if gone. Let’s just focus on getting out of here” she murmured.

Gerard shook his head. “Talk to me” he murmured.

“Gerard” she muttered “Now is not the time or the place” she added.

“What are you scared of?” he pressed, regardless.

“It doesn’t matter” she replied.

“It does if it is the reason you cannot look at me right now” he replied determinedly “Imelda, I like you, you know that. I just want to know why you ran away from me like you did” he muttered, ensuring that his voice was low enough to go unheard by Thalia and Cesc who were giggling to themselves as they tripped over on another’s feet.

Imelda shook her head. “Gerard, it isn’t relevant right now” she muttered “Just focus on the dancing” she added.

“Imelda, I just want to know” he replied.

Imelda sighed. “Fine” she muttered “I am scared of relationships. I am scared that every man that I like will just turn out to be another dickhead like Antonio and I don’t want to think that of you. You’re so sweet, so funny and handsome and I don’t want to contemplate the notion that you could hurt me like, but in a relationship, it is all I would be able to think. I would be overbearing, suspicious and the type of girlfriend that no one wants, so that is why I am scared, because you are still getting over Shakira and I am so emotionally scarred by Antonio and Maria that I cannot be in a relationship that is more than just one night of sex without becoming the type of girlfriend that no one likes or wants. You’re great Gerard, wonderful, and too good for me” she hissed before she pulled herself out of her arms, storming away.

Gerard watched after her for a second before he sighed. “Idiota” he muttered.
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