We Might Just Be

90: Can’t Quite Believe It

“You look beautiful” Gerard murmured as he held Imelda’s body close to his, his blue eyes adoringly scanning the dress that she had put on to replace her wedding dress. He was a little disappointed, he had been in love with the gown since he had seen Imelda step up the aisle wearing it, but he understood why she had changed. It was an overly warm day and the gown would have seen her get too warm.

Imelda smiled. “You’ve said that a lot” she murmured, her fingers lightly brushing through his hair.

“Perhaps because you’re the most beautiful girl in the world” he murmured his lips gently brushing hers “And perhaps because I just can’t stop looking at you. Seriously, I cannot stop myself” he murmured.

Imelda giggled gently. “You’ve been extra soppy since we walked down the aisle together” she mused as she rested her head against his shoulder. It was going to be the last moment for a while, after the ceremony, the couple had retired to a private lounge for an hour before the commencing of the reception, and Imelda wanted to enjoy the few moments she had left alone with her new husband before they were bombarded by relatives and friends that would be desperate to offer their congratulations and ask questions.

“That’s because I still can’t quite believe it” Gerard mumbled as he placed his arms around her, hugging her slim figure to him “I still feel all giddy about the fact you agreed to marry me, let alone the fact that you are now my wife” he mumbled gently.

Imelda giggled. “Well, you should probably get used to it. You’re wearing this now” she mused as she lifted up his hand, showing off his wedding band to him “That means you’re officially mine” she added with a grin as she dropped a little kiss on his skin. Gerard grinned and ducked down to press a kiss against her lips, only to pause as the door that had been keeping them away from the impending party swung open, allowing Aiden, who had Theo in his arms, to step inside.

“Someone is hoping for a couple of seconds alone with his mama and papa before the party” Aiden mused as he gently set Theo on his feet, allowing the toddler to take a couple of shaky steps before he was lifted into Gerard’s arms. “Mama is looking to start the speeches in five minutes. Leo’s going to do the introduction in three” Aiden mused before he backed out of the room, leaving the couple and Theo alone.

“You were such a good boy” Imelda murmured as she gently smoothed out Theo’s little shirt “You didn’t cry or anything and mama is very proud of you” she smiled before she dropped a kiss on the toddler’s head. Theo squirmed against it for a moment before he lifted his head, his blue eyes looking right at his mother.

“Mama” he chirped.

Imelda’s eyes widened. “Theo?” she poked, her eyes glancing at Gerard who looked equally as surprised to hear a coherent sound come out of their son’s mouth.

“Mama” the little boy repeated, a wide grin appearing on his face.

“He’s really doing that, isn’t he?” Imelda murmured as she watched Theo clap his hands together.

Gerard smiled. “We’ll call it a wedding present” he mused before he set Theo on his feet, his large hands holding the little boy up as they took small and tentative steps towards the door.

Imelda followed along and took one of Theo’s hands away from Gerard, a smile appearing on her face as Lionel moved to take the microphone from its spot on the table. “Good afternoon” he mused politely “Now, as best man, it is my duty to introduce for the first time, along with Theo, Mr and Mrs Piqué” he grinned before a chorus of applause echoed and camera flashes filled the air.

“Say it again, Theo” Imelda cooed as she sat at a table with her friends, Theo sat happily in her lap. The little boy looked at the group of gathered women before he spared his toothy grin, repeating the one word he knew. “Mama” he grinned, earning coos from the surrounding women.

“Are you making him do it to show off?” Gerard pressed as he stepped up behind Imelda’s seat, pressing an affectionate kiss to her forehead.

Imelda startled at his touch and shook her head. “No. He just repeats it over and over. If you say his name, he replies with a cute little ‘mama’” she explained “Watch” she added before she guided her eyes back to Theo’s. “Theo” she cooed.

“Mama” he repeated, causing his father to shake his head.

“Of course he would learn ‘mama’ first” he scoffed playfully.

“What are you doing over here?” Imelda posed “I thought you and your teammates were loitering by the open bar” she added, gesturing to the group of men who stood beside the bar, ordering a plethora of drinks. Gerard smiled.

“I was doing that, but then your mother came over and said that I should invite you to share our first dance and I couldn’t help but agree. So, if you’re feeling up to it Mrs Piqué, can I have this dance?” he poked, extending his hand to her. Imelda bit her lip gently and passed Theo over to Antonella, allowing her to follow Gerard towards the dancefloor that had been set up in the vast room.

“Did you pick out a song?” Imelda murmured as she watched guests gather around the edge of the floor, something which made her a little nervous. It had been a while, she and Gerard hadn’t danced together since Thalia and Cesc’s wedding almost two year previous, and she was worried that she would trip up or tread on him, something which would serve to embarrass them both seeing as there a video being made of the day.

Gerard nodded his head. “It was one of the elements you left me in charge of” he commented.

“I know. It doesn’t mean you did it though” Imelda replied smartly.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I picked a song, one you like" he murmured as Lionel appeared once more, the microphone in hand.

Imelda shook her head. “Can you quite believe this?” she murmured as the soft sound of the music moved around them, leading Gerard to start moving her tentatively around the floor. Gerard shook his head.

“No” he mused “I keep thinking I am going to wake up any moment and realize that it isn’t real” he smiled.

Imelda nodded before she gently lifted her hand, pinching the underside of his arm, drawing a small hiss of pain. “What was that for?” he grumbled, his eyes watching as other people began to dance around them.

“You’re not dreaming” she smiled.
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