We Might Just Be

91: Say My Name

Rubbing her eyes a little, Imelda pressed her back against the headboard of the hotel bed, her green eyes silently surveying the room that was around them. It felt a little strange, the idea that Gerard was more than just her boyfriend, but she couldn’t have envisaged a better day. Their wedding day had been wonderful, from the walk up the aisle to the departure to their hotel for the night, and Imelda wouldn’t have traded it for the world. Things had gone off without a hitch and to Imelda that was the most amazing thing. She had been convinced that something would go wrong.

Smiling a little, she peeked at Gerard who was happily snoring at her side before she quietly climbed out of the bed, retrieving his crumpled shirt from the floor. It was still early, Imelda had spared a look towards her phone which sat silently on the end table, and she knew that Gerard wouldn’t be up for a little while yet. After their first dance, he had returned to taking full advantage of the open bar and had been more than a little tipsy when the taxi had driven them to the quiet hotel that they were staying in for night.

Offering him another soft look, she padded towards her suitcase and retrieved her book before she quietly opened the sliding door which led out onto the balcony, allowing her the chance to escape the slightly stuffy room.

“Im?” Gerard mumbled as he rolled over against the mattress. He could tell that it was a little late, the sun was high in the sky outside of the window, and he was amazed that Imelda had let him sleep in for so long. They were due to head to the airport the following morning ahead of the flight to Egypt and he knew for a fact that Imelda would want to head home pretty soon in order to pack and get things in order. She could be incredibly organized when she wanted to be. Stretching, he noticed the absence of his wife from the bed and frowned, wondering just where she could have gotten to. She had been gone for a while, the mattress was cold where she had once warmed it, and it momentarily confused the defender, at least it did until he spotted the slightly ajar door. Yawning, he quickly pulled his clean t-shirt from his bag and pushed the door open, smiling softly at the sight of Imelda who was curled up on the balcony seat, her book perched in her lap and her headphones in her ears.

For a second, he thought about calling her name, alerting her to his presence in the doorway, but he opted against it, instead focusing on just how perfect she looked. She wore his shirt, one that was a good two or three sizes too big for her and hung down to her knees, and Gerard couldn’t help but smile at how good she looked in it. To his mind, she looked wonderful in anything and everything she wore. “Immy?” he posed as he gently stepped into her eye line, causing her to look up.

“You’re awake” she mused as she pulled one of the headphones out of her ear “I thought I had at least another hour before you started stirring” she added.

“Why didn’t you wake me up sooner? It’s nearly 11” he mused, sitting down beside her.

“You were snoring” Imelda smiled “And you only really do that when you’re tired, so I left you for a little while. I called my madre who is happy to keep Theo for another hour or so, so I let you sleep in. The wedding is over with and I thought you deserved a little chance to recuperate before we head home to pack and what not” she noted, setting her book on the wooden table ahead of her.

Gerard smiled. “Gracias” he mumbled “I may have over done it with the drinks last night and thanks to you, I feel a little better than I would have done if you’d woken me up” he noted as he set his arm around her, gently pulling her into the space beside him, hugging her gently.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Imelda mused, toying with the hand of his that sat on her thigh.

“About us?” he poked, earning a small nod “Still a little strange. I mean, it feels a lot more permanent now that you are my wife, which brings me to my next question. Are you taking my name?” he posed, his blue eyes gently looking down at her. It didn’t matter, Imelda Torres or Imelda Piqué was fine by him, but he just wanted to know. A lot of people had taken to addressing her with his surname and he wanted to make sure that she was alright with. He wanted her to be comfortable.

“Would you like me to?” Imelda posed, a little teasing smile on her face.

“I think we both know what I want” Gerard replied “But this is about you and you being comfortable. You can be Mrs Torres is you want to be, just as long as people know that you’re a Mrs now” he smiled. It was still a little odd, the idea that they were married, but he was sure that it was going to be like that for a little while to come yet. It was a pretty big step and it was going to take a little getting used to.

Imelda smiled. “Say it” she murmured.

“Say what?” Gerard posed, his fingers gently brushing away the dark hair which had fallen out of the loose knot she wore it in.

“You call me Mrs Piqué and I will see if I like it” Imelda encouraged gently.

“Really?” he pressed.

“Yes” Imelda noted “Say it” she mused, a wide smile on her face.

Gerard shook his head. “You’re a strange woman, Mrs Piqué, I certainly hope you know that” he mused with a little laugh.

Imelda blushed. “It gives me butterflies” she confessed gently.

“It does?” Gerard posed, his eyebrow lifted a little.

Imelda giggled. “It does” she mused.

“Enough that you want to take it permanently?” Gerard pressed, his hand skilfully lifting her and settling her small frame in his lap.

Imelda blushed gently and nodded her head. “I think it has a nice ring to it” she murmured as she looked up at him, their eyes meeting for a brief second before Imelda ducked her head.

Gerard chuckled gently and placed one hand beneath her chin, tilting her head back. “I like it too” he confirmed gently “I like it an awful lot” he mumbled before he moved to kiss her. Imelda shied away from it a little, still feel a little shy, but Gerard quickly eased her into it, a wide smile fixed onto his face.
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