We Might Just Be

92: Head Over Heels

“Look at this place” Imelda whispered as she peeked around the hotel room that Gerard had booked for them, a timid smile on her face. She wasn’t used to it, fuss and extravagance had never been things that she had found herself used to, but she could see that Gerard had gone all out for their honeymoon. The room was vast, it was more of a suite than it was a room, and Imelda could see that she was going to enjoy spending time in it, something which Gerard had pre-warned her was going to be a frequent occurrence. He wanted another baby, something which Imelda shared in, and he had decided that their week long honeymoon was the perfect excuse to start trying. He wanted Imelda to be pregnant sooner rather than later.

“It’s beautiful right?” the defender murmured gently “When I saw the brochure online, I knew you would like it. It meets your standards, yes?” he posed gently as he placed his arms around her waist. He was a little sleepy, the flight had been longer than he had anticipated, and part of him couldn’t wait to curl up beneath the sheets with his new wife.

Imelda smiled. “I would stay anywhere if I was with you” she mused as she rested her head back a little “Though, this room is wonderful. I was going to take a shower before we call my parents. What about you?” she mumbled.

“I will order room service. I don’t know about you, but the stuff they served on the plane was disgusting and I am starving” he grumbled, gently tossing their luggage beside the door and padding towards the bed in search of the menu.

“I didn’t see you objecting too much when they kept bringing you food” Imelda teased as she padded towards her bag, finding a more comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt to wear.

“I had to eat something” he mused “You made me skip breakfast” he added.

“We were running an hour behind schedule because someone lost his passport” Imelda teased.

“I hadn’t lost it” Gerard replied, his hands gently moving to her hips and pulling her a little closer “I had momentarily misplaced it. Besides, we were also running late because someone started crying when we left Theo with her mother” he noted gently.

Imelda shook her head. “I don’t tend to leave him for days at a time” she murmured gently “I already miss him” she added.

Gerard sighed. “I am sure he is fine, nena. Gloria and Elias are experienced with children and you know that Theo loves them” he mused as he tugged her into his lap “We’ll call him after you’ve showered and you will see that he is fine. It’s only 7 days” he murmured.

“7 days is a long time” Imelda noted.

“Well, I will try and not make it feel so long. I will endeavor to keep you entertained” he smiled gently.

Imelda blushed. “And how do you propose that you do that, Gerard?” she posed softly.

The defender smirked. “I can come up with one or two ideas” he murmured gently.

“I am sure that you can” Imelda teased “But first, I am going to take a shower. We were on that plane for too long” she added as she pushed herself up. Gerard watched her and stood up beside her, offering her another slightly devious smirk that had Imelda’s cheeks pink in a second.

“How about I join you?” he mumbled, his hand making light work of the loose fitting shirt she wore.

“I don’t think you are leaving me much of a choice” Imelda teased, her eyes peeking down at her feet.

“You’re right” he smirked, moving to pull down her shorts “I am not” he added before he placed his arms around her waist, lifting her over his shoulder with little to no problem.

Imelda squeaked and slapped his shoulder, something which only served to make the defender smirk. He intended to enjoy the seven days that he had Imelda alone for.

“How much food did you order?” Imelda teased as she looked at the tray of plates that had been set on their dining table, an amused smile on her face. It had been a pleasant day, after her little moment worrying about Theo, Gerard had moved to calm her down, and she was pleased. It felt like forever since she had him alone and to herself without anything else to worry about.

“I ordered enough to satisfy me for a little while. I ordered you something too” Gerard noted as he stepped back into the room, a towel placed around his shoulders as he looked vaguely for a shirt.

“And what exactly is that?” Imelda poked, trying to decipher which plate wasn’t meant for her husband.

“That one” Gerard noted pointing to a plate of seafood and salad “I remember how much you said you were craving seafood so I ordered some. Aren’t I great?” he teased, pulling the chair out for his wife who took it gratefully, gifting him a light kiss on the cheek in thanks.

“I don’t know about great” she mused softly.

Gerard scoffed. “How dare my wife speak to me like that?” he quipped, a teasing smile on his face.

Imelda smiled. “You’re pretty good” she murmured.

“Good at what?” Gerard teased, sitting down opposite her.

“Being you” Imelda noted, poking some of her food with her fork.

“That’s a good thing?” Gerard smirked, placing a forkful of food into his mouth.

“Well, yeah” Imelda quipped “If this isn’t you, then you’re the best liar in the world or I am the biggest idiot. I love you for being this guy and that to me is a great thing” she smiled shyly.

Gerard shook his head. “When you are going to stop being so shy around me?” he posed gently “We’ve been together for 2 years, we’re married and we have a son. Im, I have seen you at your best and your worst and I don’t want you to feel nervous” he explained gently.

“You give me butterflies still” Imelda murmured “And whilst that is the case, I am going to be shy and nervous sometimes. Is that Ok?” she smiled, eating another prawn.

Gerard shook his head. “More than Ok” he assured her gently “I can’t believe I still give you butterflies” he added.

“I don’t give them to you?” Imelda teased.

“Of course” he noted “But I always thought that out of the two of us, I was more head over heels for you than you were for me” he noted.

Imelda shook her head. “Impossible” she grinned “I feel lost when you’re not with me” she added.

Gerard shook his head. “I am sure we could debate this all night, amor” he cooed “But how about for now, I pour you a glass of wine, we eat our dinner and then we go to bed, agreeing that both of us are truly and stupidly in love with the other” he explained with a little grin. Imelda caught it and nodded, knowing that he was right.
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