We Might Just Be

95: What Would You Say If There Was?

Sipping on his mug of coffee, Gerard smiled softly, his blue eyes watching as Imelda quietly attempted to dress Theo. It was the little boy’s first birthday and to celebrate, Imelda had opted to throw a small birthday party, something which had led to her trying to dress Theo in a neatly pressed shirt which he seemed insistent on screwing up. “Why are you trying to dress him up?” Gerard commented, snickering slightly as Theo managed to get the shirt off once more “He’ll only be covered in cake and stuff later” he added.

Imelda sighed. “I was trying to ensure that he looked half decent for some pictures that my madre wants to take, but clearly someone has other ideas” she commented, her green eyes peeking down at Theo who offered her his cheekiest smile in return. “Why would you pick today to be fussy?” she mumbled, straightening out the pair of shorts she had managed to get him into with only a small fight.

“He’s excited” Gerard commented as he set his mug down atop the dresser, his hand taking the shirt out of Imelda’s hand “He’s seen presents outside and he knows they are for him, plus, you pouting seems to make him laugh” he added with a little shrug. Imelda rolled her eyes and scooted out of the way, allowing Gerard to take her spot. “Come on, Theo” he mused, undoing the buttons that Imelda had managed to get halfway done before the toddler had gotten out his shirt “Put this on, and papa will let you have a little chocolate before people get here” he mused.

“You realize you’re bribing a one year old right?” Imelda commented.

Gerard nodded “I know, but it worked, look” he smiled as he turned Theo around, showing off the neatly dressed one-year-old to his mother.

Imelda shook her head gently and padded back over to the little boy, gently lifting him against her hip. “Happy birthday, Theo” she murmured as she pressed a little kiss against his cheek.

“Can you quite believe he’s one yet?” Gerard noted as he moved to collect his drink once more “It seems like only yesterday you went into labour” he added.

Imelda smiled. “Those were the worst 24 hours of my life, but from that came the most beautiful little boy and someone I wouldn’t trade for anything” she cooed, trying to flatten out some of Theo’s wayward hair.

“He is pretty cute” Gerard teased.

“He’s wonderful” Imelda noted “And you love him too, even if you did freak out when I first told you we were expecting. You’re great with him” she cooed.

Gerard nodded his head and leaned towards her, taking Theo into his arms. “I do love you” he mumbled “Even if you can’t quite say papa yet” he added with a little smile that made Imelda roll her eyes. In the week since they had gotten home, the defender had still been trying to teach Theo to say ‘papa’, something which the little boy seemed reluctant to do. Other than ‘mama’ and ‘baba’ which they had learnt referred to his bottle, he didn’t really say all that much, something which was starting to irk Gerard. All Theo did was chirp ‘mama’ at him and giggle.

“He’s getting there” Imelda quipped as she heard the doorbell echo “Just stop worrying about it. Baba is almost papa” she teased before she stepped out of the room. Gerard shook his head and peeked down at Theo who grinned impishly up at him. Gerard smiled at the look on his face.

He couldn’t quite believe that he was a year old.

“Immy’s in her element, isn’t she?” Lionel teased as he sat down beside Gerard, nudging the tall defender’s ribs. It had been a nice morning, the small group of children had kept the majority of their parents’ busy, but as the children settled down to eat, it gave their parents a break, something which Lionel had taken as an opportunity to speak to his friend. He hadn’t seen him in a while, since the defender’s wedding day, almost all of his time had been devoted to Imelda and Theo, and Lionel couldn’t help but smile. He had never seen his friend so made up before.

Gerard, who had been observantly keeping an eye on Theo, nodded. “She does love to plan a party” he commented softly “Even if they majority of this is just soft foods for the children to eat and a few balloons, she wanted to go all out for his first one” he added as he watched Imelda wipe what appeared to be chocolate off of Theo’s face.

“Have you noticed that she is steering clear of wine?” Lionel poked, a small smile at the corner of his mouth.

Gerard frowned. “She is?” he posed.

“Yeah, Anto offered her a glass earlier but she turned it down and she just did it again when Thalia tried. Is there something you’re not telling us all?” he teased.

Gerard shook his head. “Not that I know of” he mused “Perhaps she just wants to keep her wits about her whilst she is with Theo. For a one year old, he’s a handful” he quipped, smiling slightly as Theo tried to pull away from his mother, desperate to toddle after Ella who had just wobbled her way past.

Lionel shook his head. “When did you get all soppy?” he teased.

Gerard chuckled. “About 5 minutes after I met her” he commented as Imelda made her way towards them.

“Can I borrow him for a moment, Leo?” she smiled.

The argentine nodded and stood up, leaving the couple alone. “What can I do for you, Mrs Piqué?” Gerard mused as he rested back against the grass slightly.

“I need you carry the cake out” Imelda noted “Theo’s starting to get a little cranky and I want the chance to sing to him before he falls asleep” she added.

Gerard nodded. “Alright, but I will require help up. I have just gotten all comfy down here” he teased, stretching his arm up towards her. Imelda rolled her eyes lightly and wrapped her hands around his, lightly tugging him back to his feet. Gerard dusted the grass off the back of his shirt before he padded into the kitchen, collecting the cake that he and Imelda had had made for their son’s first birthday. Smiling at it for a second, he looked out of the door again before he stepped out onto the patio, quickly being joined by Imelda who had recaptured Theo. “Guys, we want to sing happy birthday to Theo now” Gerard announced gently as their guests gathered around.

Imelda, who stood beside her husband, smiled a little as the singing started. It all felt a little odd, the idea that she was there with Gerard and holding Theo, but it was definitely a good kind of odd. She adored the pair of them and wouldn’t have traded them for anything. Smiling as the song came to an end, Imelda held Theo over the cake and helped him blow out the candle before Gerard pulled them both into a hug, dropping his lips to Imelda’s ear. “Leo said that you’re not drinking” he murmured as the party guests dispersed.

Imelda blushed. “I haven’t had anything” she commented.

“Is there a reason for that?” he replied with a little look down towards her stomach.

Imelda looked at him for a second. “What would you say if there was?” she posed gently.

“I would say that I was very happy” he replied “And that the only thing that could make this day better is him finally saying ‘papa’” he added with a little smile towards Theo who was quietly resting against Imelda’s shoulder.

Imelda blushed. “2 weeks” she murmured “Probably the wedding night” she added.

Gerard smiled. “You’re sure?” he posed.

“Sure enough that I have an appointment made with Marcos tomorrow. You want to come?” she posed gently.

“I wouldn’t miss it” Gerard smiled back at her.

Imelda grinned and leant up to kiss him gently. Gerard held her in place for a second before Theo placed his little hand against his father’s cheek. “Baba” he mumbled tiredly.

“Papa” Gerard corrected gently “Say papa” he noted.

“Pama” Theo mumbled.

“Close. Papa” Gerard enunciated.

Theo looked at the defender for a second before he yawned. “Papa” he mumbled.

Gerard’s eyes widened a fraction. “Did he just…?” he squeaked.

Imelda smiled. “Look, your day just got better” she teased.
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